You might be finding it difficult to get the distance on a lot of your shots on the golf course with your current driver. This is because when you have a mis-hit, the quality of your overall shot is affected negatively.

A forgiving driver will still maximize the shot hit, even when you have struck it slightly off-center.

A lot of these clubs have a thick head with a wide face, which will increase your chances of hitting the ball dead-on. These clubs are bulky but also lightweight, making them easy to swing, which is important for getting that distance.

A forgiving driver will also give you a more controlled shot, which will narrow the bandwidth of your shot and make sure that nine times out of ten you get to the green without issue. These clubs have great technology in the head, which is perfectly adapted for mis-hits.

10 Most Forgiving Driver

This type of club will help you to keep your ball central on the fairway, meaning that you won’t find it going in the rough too often.

You can also change the center of gravity with your club, meaning that the speed at which it swings will be perfectly weighted to give you that ultimate control.

But where can you find the most forgiving drivers on the market? What features does a forgiving driver have to give you that consistent swing nine times out of ten?

What materials does a good golf driver need to be made from? How much can you be expected to pay for a forgiving golf driver?

Well, if you want answers to these questions and a whole lot more, we would suggest that you keep reading, as we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 golf drivers that you can currently find on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you differentiate the decent drivers from the bad ones, as well as some frequently asked questions from golf aficionados.

10 Most Forgiving Drivers

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver 

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This first golf club will give you incredible distance, with a lightweight feel in the head and a forged ring construction that gives you that reliable hit with every single drive.

This has the outer appearance of an amazing sports car, with a ridged head that will improve your address with the ball – introducing the TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver.

This driver is really fast, it will practically sing through the air when you swipe it. This is great for getting that clipped sound when you strike the ball, making it one of the best drivers in terms of aerodynamic capabilities.

This has a wide face hitting area, giving you everything that you need for a solid whack.


  • The solid ring construction gives you a faster and more solid hit on the face, which is great for driving the ball far and straight.
  • It has a Speed injected Twist face that you can use to increase the chances of hitting your golf ball harder and more accurately.
  • This has split weight dynamics in the head that are designed to increase the forgiveness and allows you to customize the head so that you can achieve the trajectory that you want.
  • This comes with amazing technology such as the Thru-Spot speed pocket, which reduces the drag on your club when you swing it and increases the accuracy of your hit.


  • The price – this is probably one of the most expensive clubs on the market, so probably not the model for anyone who is new to the sport.
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TaylorMade M6 Driver

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This driver is one by TaylorMade, which is a fantastic golf manufacturer that makes sure each club is of the highest quality.

This club, in particular, is molded to accommodate mis-hits, making sure they stay fairly central even when you are striking at the edge of the club – introducing the TaylorMade M6 Driver.

This gold club is great for people who like to hear that sweet clink when they hit the ball far across the fairway.

This driver reduces the amount of sidespin that you’ll experience, as well as enhancing the accuracy of the shot overall. This has a great response and will reduce the levels of drag in your swing.


  • This club has one of the best swings that you can imagine on the course, giving you everything that you need for a solid drive and a great response off the face.
  • This is a great driver for low handicappers, as it will give you that added advantage, especially useful if you are new to the game and you need that wider head to guarantee you more successful shots.
  • When it comes to having high control and distance, this club is really hard to beat. Not only is it good for getting you far down the fairway, but you can also chip your way out of many a sand trap.
  • This has a carbon fiber construction, which means that it is both resilient and lightweight, perfect for carrying around the course and getting that decent swing.


  • Some newbie golfers have complained that this club is a little bit unwieldy to use and even more difficult to stow in your bag.
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Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver

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This next driver is one manufactured by Callaway, which is another world-renowned golf club maker, with a club that gives you very precise drives time and time again.

This will give you clear hits every time, giving you an incredible distance, easily getting you from the fairway to the green in one or two shots, increasing your handicap significantly – introducing the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver.

This golf club comes with an X-face XFT technology that gives you more forgiveness on the face, using the same technology that they use in airplanes to give you zero drag when you are swinging the club.

This driver can slice through the air like a hot knife through butter, much to the pleasure of high and low-handicappers.


  • This set of golf clubs has a wonderful construction, made from solid carbon fiber that you can be sure will give you a reliable swing every single time.
  • This has been designed specifically to keep your driver swing smooth and aerodynamic. This is perfect for golfers who want to up their handicap.
  • This has great forgiveness, which will equate to amazing distance, which is exactly what you need to make sure that your golf ball lands exactly on the green.
  • This golf club manufacturer has a great capacity for distance and accuracy, which makes it a great club for amateurs.


  • This does not have too many adjustable features, which might be problematic for golfers with a low handicap that are struggling to keep their margin of error low.
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Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

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This is another golf club by the manufacturer Cleveland, who has taken great pains to establish themselves as one of the premium manufacturers of golf clubs and various other accessories.

This club has wonderful forgiveness that will up your driving distance and makes you excel from a low to high handicapper – introducing Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver.

This one can give you a great angle off the launch tee, which is ideal if you need to get your golf ball as close to the green in one shot.

Having the right club that works for you will be very important for increasing your trajectory and ultimately your handicap. This driver is amazingly forgiving.


  • This has a very accommodating clubface that you can be certain will give you a good solid strike on the face and will reduce the number of mis-hits.
  • This club gives you a higher center of gravity, which means that you’ll be able to strike the ball a lot harder and a lot faster.
  • This will help high handicappers gain even higher scores when they are on the course. Not only does this one give you distance, but it also gives you accuracy too.
  • This has a weighted back, which means that you’ll be able to feel the weight of the clubhead better from the peak of the backswing right the way up to the follow-through.


  • Some low handicappers have described this golf club as being too unwieldy, which might prevent you from scoring crucial hits.
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TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Fairway

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Next up we have another TaylorMade model, with an added boost of power with added control, making it the number one golf club for getting you from the tee to the green.

This has speed injected technology that you can be certain will reduce drag on the clubhead and give you everything you need for great ball control – introducing TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Fairway.

This will give you great ball speed, reducing backspin that can often be the cause of a ball falling slightly wide of its mark.

You can keep this ball on the target line, making sure that it reaches the line that you have intended for it. Time and time again, this club has proved that it has amazing accuracy.


  • The speed injection components are what marks this club out as being amongst one of the best in the business, giving you everything that you need for a punchy and direct shot.
  • The ball speed from this club will be second-to-none, it will give you the ability to be able to whack the ball a decent way before hitting the green.
  • This club minimizes the drag that you will experience when you are swinging your club, which will help low handicappers to improve their stance and swing.
  • This has Twist Face technology that will ensure that your golf ball connects with your clubface every single time. Not only will this give you more accuracy, but it will power the ball from tee to green with complete ease.


  • The price – this is another one of the more expensive clubs, which will certainly put off some newbie golfers.
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TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver

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This next golf club is another one by TaylorMade, this time with an improvement to the club’s slicing capabilities as well as the driving power.

This has outstanding forgiveness that will allow you to drive it for miles down the fairway and sink it into a hole – introducing the TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver.

This club, in particular, emphasizes side spin, salvaging off-center strikes and making sure that your ball will stay as near to the green as possible.

This will improve the quality of your shots, which is great for a mid-handicapper who is looking to increase their overall driving speed and accuracy.


  • This has been described as the sledgehammer golf club, with a meaty head that will help you to power the ball down the fairway and onto the green.
  • Limiting the number of side-spins, you can be sure that this golf club will get your ball more or less within putting distance of the green.
  • This comes with plenty of patented enhancements, including a narrower shaft and a more aerodynamic head, both of which are crucial for that spot-on shot.
  • This comes with a lightweight carbon design that you can be certain will give you everything that you need for a resilient and consistent shot.


  • The price – this is another very expensive driver, so you should only pick up one of these if you are a committed golfer.
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PGX Offset Golf Driver

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Next up we have a golf club made by the mighty Pinemeadow golf manufacturer, which has won various awards for its fantastic set of golf clubs.

This delivers you a quality performance, with a 460cc head that gives you a clear offset and a great sightline from the tee to the green – introducing the PGX Offset Golf Driver.

This is the perfect golf club for the beginner golfer, an inexpensive and dependable club that is one of the best that you can buy out there on the market.

Not only is this club good at slicing through the air, but the head will provide you with sufficient coverage across the ball, reducing the likelihood of mis-hits.


  • This comes with a very solid head, which is great for getting that ball as close to the green as possible. This is great for mid- to low-handicappers.
  • This is the perfect starting driver for players who have played 50 games or less. This will definitely improve a modest player’s abilities.
  • This club head comes with a wide sweet spot that means you won’t have to worry about hitting your ball off to the side of the mark.
  • This gives you a great loft, meaning that you can be sure that your ball will arc well into the air, giving you great speed and trajectory.


  • The cheapness – some pro golfers might find this a little bit too amateurish for their liking, preferring something with a little more weight and dynamism in the head.
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Cobra Golf F-Max Driver

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This next Cobra model is great for providing you with reliable and consistent results. It has a very stable hosel with a massive sweet spot that will make the address from the tee very, very smooth.

This one will certainly increase your consistency and give you the ability to be able to drive the ball home – introducing the Cobra Golf F-Max Driver.

This is a great club for beginners, giving them everything that they need for increased accuracy and power, both of which will improve the quality of their game.

This is also a great club for confidence, another very important and often overlooked asset of your golf game. This has a large sweet spot that will increase your accuracy.


  • This has a very lightweight head with a smooth t-box that you can be sure will strike the ball dead-on time and time again.
  • This contains a very aerodynamic clubhead, establishing it as one of the most capable and forgiving club drivers currently available on the market.
  • This gives you great loft, which is perfect for getting the ball nice and high in the air before it hits the green. This is a good club for both distance and power.
  • This club has an offset in the neck that will allow you to align the clubhead a lot easier than it would with a regular driver.


  • Limited availability – in short, this is a very popular club, so make sure to check that they have it in stock before you get your hopes up.
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Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Mallet Chipper

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This next club is one manufactured by a very impressive golf firm, providing you with shots that hit well off the sweet spot, giving you everything you need to land your ball close to the hole.

This has been used by many touring golfers, so you won’t have to worry about it giving you anything less than top-drawer performance – introducing Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Mallet Chipper.


  • If you have a mis-hit on this club, then you won’t have to worry about it veering off too far from the side, as this will aim to make up for the lack of trajectory with power.
  • This will launch your ball high and far, making it one of the best drivers for reducing your handicap.
  • This is great value for money – no matter what level of golfer that you are, you will definitely get something from this club. Both newbies and pros have raved about its consistency and reliability.
  • This club has a very attractive face, giving you that professional and glossy look and shine.


  • You cannot adjust this club, which will certainly be a problem if you are experiencing weather issues that you might want this club to be able to adapt to.
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Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

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Our final club is definitely a case of saving the best until last and it comes with a hefty clubface that is made from carbon fiber, making it very light and forgiving.

This club will help you to hit straighter, stronger, longer and harder – introducing the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver.


  • This gives you great ball speed across the entire surface of the ball.
  • You can adjust the loft on this golf club, which is great if you are in tough weather conditions.


  • This high quality comes at a very high price – only spend the money on this if you are a dedicated golfer.
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Buyer’s Guide

When buying a forgiving driver, there will be a few features that will be absolutely necessary for improving your golf game:

How Light Is The Clubhead?

This will determine how hard and accurate that you’ll be able to strike the ball. Clubs with a wider face will reduce the chances of mis-hits while sending the ball out far.

How Adjustable Is The Shaft?

Having a shaft that you can amend for every weather condition will be ideal for getting those accurate shots down the fairway.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Driver?

More often than not, you’ll be looking to pay upwards of $300 for a decent golf driver. The more forgiveness in the driver, then the more technology has gone into it, making it more expensive overall.

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