Golf club prices are climbing all the time as more technology is released onto the market, supposedly that will make our game better and handicap lower. Cheaper clubs don’t include this technology to save costs, or simply fail you on quality to account for the cheaper price.

However, does expensive always mean better, or is that just a ploy to get us to spend more money on the golf club market? Today we’ll be looking at whether or not expensive golf clubs are worth the extra money or not so that you’re only spending your money on clubs that are actually worth it.

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Does a higher price mean higher quality?

There are certainly times where a higher price equates to higher quality because the higher cost allows the manufacturer to spend more money on the materials used to make the product. However, this isn’t always the case.

Some golf clubs on the market are well worth their asking price, such as the PXG irons. They take your ball miles off in the distance and make shots a breeze, even for beginners. Once you use these clubs you’ll understand the astounding price point and perhaps won’t be so mad at it.

However, there are also clubs that have a high price point for seemingly no reason. So, you shouldn’t blindly trust the price of your golf clubs to determine the quality of your golf clubs.

On the other hand, there are also clubs on the market that have an incredibly low asking price despite their excellent value and quality. For example, the Ben Hogan clubs have a great price that might put some people off due to the fact that they think it’s too low to mean the clubs are any good. However, these clubs are well worth the low cost – trust us.

Do expensive clubs improve your golf game?

If you’re a beginner golfer, expensive clubs won’t be enough to improve your game to a higher level. Instead, you’ll need to spend your money on golf lessons to learn about the game. It might benefit you to rent your clubs when you’re a beginner so that you can test out a range of clubs to find the best for you.

As you improve your game; however, a higher-priced golf club set might improve your game thanks to better technology and quality. If you play with both expensive and cheaper clubs, you should be able to tell the difference between the two.

There will be a distinct difference in the feel of the clubs as well as the quality of your shots. While many think that you can still play a good game with cheaper clubs, there is no denying that expensive clubs help you in a number of ways.

What’s the difference between expensive and cheap clubs?

Of course, the main difference between these two types of clubs is the price point. After this; however, the next biggest difference is the build quality of the clubs. If you search for cheaper golf clubs you’ll often see that the reviews are filled with disappointed comments talking about the build quality and how easy the clubs broke.

Premium golf clubs will come with better construction, materials, and build quality. You’ll also be able to enjoy the newer technology that is just emerging on the market.

Cheaper clubs don’t always mean that the clubs are going to be of poor quality, but the manufacturers are more likely to have cut corners in a bid to reduce the price point as much as possible. They might also fail to check the quality control of their clubs, leading to clubs breaking easily and after only a few uses.

Are these expensive clubs worth your money?

There are many different types of clubs in your set that all feature different technologies and properties. So, while an expensive driver might be worth your money, you could be able to save some money by purchasing a cheaper putting wedge. Let’s take a look at the individual clubs.


Expensive drivers are worth the money as this is the first club you’ll use and therefore will set the tone of your game. However, modern drivers are adjustable and therefore you can just purchase a new shaft rather than a new club. This will save you some money and allow you to spend more on the shaft upgrade.


Irons are used for the majority of your game and therefore should be invested in. We’d make these your most expensive clubs as you’ll be using them for longer. Expensive irons can last longer, which is important when you’ll be using them so much, and the additional technology will help you get more shots on target.


Wedges are often forgotten about when it comes to golf clubs as they’re used only at the end of the game or when you’re in a bunker. Many don’t bother upgrading their wedges from the ones that come with their beginner set.

However, more expensive specialist wedges all have a specific purpose and therefore can enhance your game much more than generic wedges. We would advise you to spend more money on your pitching wedge and sand wedge.

You might be able to get away with the manufacturer’s lob wedge and gap wedge as they’re not always used as much. However, for the best results, we recommend opting for more expensive clubs for all of the wedges.


The putter is actually used more than you might think in your golf game, so we think that you should spend the extra cost on your putter to allow for all of this use.


Overall, expensive clubs are worth it as long as the quality is improved and the manufacturer is reputable. Check customer reviews to ensure that the additional cost is actually worth it before spending more money on your clubs. Otherwise, you might have spent too much money on your clubs for nothing.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to upgrade all of your clubs, we think that the irons are the most important clubs and therefore are the ones you should be investing in the most.

Bear in mind that there are still cheap clubs out there that offer excellent value, but it might take you longer to find them on the market.

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