The Best Adjustable Driver

Golf club technology has changed drastically in the last twenty years. Thanks to engineering and functionality improvements, golfers now have the luxury of purchasing clubs tailored to their particular swing. This write-up is designed to highlight the best adjustable driver, an club option that would seem totally foreign to golfers of yesteryear.

Before I give any recommendations, I want to quickly address the question, “How do adjustable drivers work?”

Adjustable drivers take the club personalization concept one step further, allowing golfers to open/close the driver face or slide movable weights in the club head with a simple 30 second club modification.

Golf Digest did robot testing (for consistency purposes) of adjustable drivers and found that many common swing flaws could be easily corrected by making the proper adjustment. The video below highlights some human testing of these drivers as well.

So if you’re interested in purchasing an adjustable driver, here are some options for you to consider.

Best Adjustable Driver, Ranked

When ranking these sets, I tried to take a number of factors into consideration including:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Company reputation
  • Customer reviews

Those factors basically left me with four sets that were worth mentioning.

#1 – The Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Best Golf Set for Beginners - Callaway Strata

Cost: $219 (originally $275)
Bag Included: Yes
Total Number of Clubs: 9

Pros: Callaway is one of the most trusted names in golf, so even though this is an entry-level set, it comes from a company who cares about its reputation in the golf community. Beginners can be confident that the Strata set will hide some of their swing deficiencies and help improve distances on each shot.

I tested this set myself and I was impressed with how well it performed.

Cons: As with nearly all golf sets for beginners, this is a “one size fits all” purchase. This set will serve you well if you are 5’6″-6’1″, but if you are on the taller side of things, you might find this set to be a bit short. The Palm Springs Set (ranked #3) offers a taller club set for purchase).

Also, the set does not include a sand wedge. Golfers looking for more clubs can purchase Callaway’s Strata Plus Set ($271 at time of posting – includes a sand wedge).

Summarized Reviews

  • “A solid set of clubs for a beginner”
  • “An amazing set for the price.”
  • “A good gift for someone who’s new to golf or wants a forgiving set of clubs.”

See the Callaway Men’s Strata on Amazon


#2 – The Wilson Ultra Package Set

Best Golf Set for Beginners - Wilson Ultra Cost: $156 (price varies)
Bag Included: Yes
Total Number of Clubs: 10

Pros: Wilson is considered to be one of the value brands in golf, and this set makes a strong case for that label.

The Wilson Ultra includes everything a beginner needs to get started, and the added 4 hybrid will be helpful for newer golfers.

Cons: As with the Callaway Strata listed above, Wilson’s Ultra set does not include a sand wedge, so golfers will have to use their pitching wedge or purchase a sand wedge separately.

This set is ideal for golfers who are 6’1″ or shorter. Not a good set for a taller golfer, but the Palm Springs Golf set listed below does offer a tall beginner golf set worth considering.

Summarized Reviews

  • “This set of clubs makes me look good.”
  • “A good set for learning to play golf.”
  • “Incredible price for a set of new golf clubs.”

See the Wilson Ultra Package on Amazon


#3 – The Palm Springs Golf VISA V2 Graphite Club Set

Best Mens Golf Clubs for Beginners - VISA V2 Cost: $179-$199
Bag Included: Yes
Total Number of Clubs: 12

Pros: Palm Springs Golf isn’t one of the big names in golf, but they’ve put together one of the best set of clubs for beginners. Highlights include a nice color scheme and an oversized driver with a huge sweet spot that will help beginners get good distance from the tee.

The VISA V2 also includes two hybrids (a 3 and a 4), which gives beginners good options to choose from. The sets mentioned previously only include one hybrid choice.

These clubs have graphite shafts (learn more about why this matters here).

Cons: Some golfers might be hesitant to play with anything other than a big name. But let’s face it, beginners really just need a set that will help them hit further and straighter — the Palm Springs Golf VISA V2 are designed to do just that.

The set does not include a sand wedge, but unlike other sets I’ve highlighted, there is an option for taller golfers here.

Summarized Reviews

  • “These clubs hold up well.”
  • “Best bang for your buck.”
  • “Can’t go wrong for the price.”

See the Palm Spring Golf VISA V2 Set on Amazon


#4 – The Top-Flite XL Complete Golf Set

Best Mens Golf Clubs for Beginners

Cost: $179
Bag Included:
Total Number of Clubs: 10

Pros: Top-Flite is another well-known value brand in the golf world, so beginners can shop confidently knowing that this club set has solid research and development behind its construction.

The blue and black color scheme looks professional and two hybrids are included in the set.

Cons: Top-Flite’s set does not include a sand wedge or a 5 iron. This beginner club set is designed for golfers 5’6″-6’1″, so taller golfers will need to look elsewhere.

Summarized Reviews

  • “For the price, I’m happy with the performance.”
  • “Great product for a new golfer to grow into.”
  • “I love this set.”

See the Top-Flite XL on Amazon

Other Golf Sets for Beginners to Consider

Some of these golf sets were discontinued and can be tough to find, but I know of some beginners using the

  • Knight XV Clubs
  • Adams Idea OS Clubs (a bit pricey but good clubs)
  • Nextt Golf Z One Elite

A Cautionary Word

I know there are cheap golf sets at yard sales, on eBay, etc. but it is worth noting that an incomplete or mismatched golf set can stunt a beginner’s development. Instead of thinking only about dollar signs, focus on the long term goal — getting beginner clubs that will help you learn to golf. has some helpful thoughts on golf equipment for beginners that you may also want to consider before making a purchase.

If you don’t need a full set of clubs, but are looking for specific club suggestions, I’ve put together some great posts that highlight the most forgiving irons , the best irons for beginners, the easiest driver to hit, and the longest driver on the market.

Do you own any of the best golf set for beginners?

If so, please tell us what you think below.

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