Best Irons for Beginners

Let’s face it — beginners often have a tough time hitting the ball with irons. I was a beginner once (and sometimes I still play like one). If I could go back and change one thing, it would be the set of irons I started playing with. My initial set of irons consisted of several brands of varying lengths, and none of them were beginner-friendly.

If you’re a beginner, or shopping on behalf of one, you need to pick up a set of irons designed specifically for your newness to the game. These irons are sometimes referred to as “super game improvement irons.” Super game improvement irons have a wider sole, a larger offset and a low center of gravity. Simply put: these types of irons will improve your consistency and give you good distance even on mis-hits.

Best Set of Irons for Beginners, Ranked from Highest to Lowest Price

Adams Idea Tech Irons

Best Irons for Beginners - Adams Idea Tech Cost: $329 online (originally $1,099)

Summary: The Idea Tech irons support one of the most important goals for a beginner — hitting the ball straight. The sole slot included on clubs 6-PW extends graciously around the toe, where many beginners tend to hit. The long irons are hybrids, which some beginners will feel more comfortable hitting. Adams engineered the Idea Tech to offer generous forgiveness and reliable distance. From a style standpoint, the black finish sets these irons apart from the other clubs I’ve included in my list.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • External 48-gram Weight (increases launch and distance)
  • Progressive Shaft Design (promotes higher launch)

Summarized Reviews

  • “In spite of trying many different iron sets, these Adams Idea Tech seemed to perform the best.”
  • “Such a great value.”
  • “A nice set of irons for beginners.”

See the Adams Idea Tech on Amazon

The Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons

Best Irons for Beginners - Cobra Fly-Z XL Cost: $399 online (originally $499)

Summary: Cobra’s Fly-Z series consistently makes the cut in reviews for clubs that offer better distance and forgiveness. At this point, Cobra has demonstrated that their clubs will improve your game. The oversized Fly-Z XL irons make the list as a result of carefully integrated features that help beginners build early confidence. Expect better-than-expected distance in spite of common beginner swing flaws.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • Speed Channel Face (increases ball speed)
  • Hollow Cavity Design on Long/Mid Irons (more forgiveness thanks to a lower and deeper center of gravity)
  • Perimeter Undercut on Short Irons (more forgiveness and accuracy)

Summarized Reviews

  • “Can’t beat the clubs and the price.
  • “Increased distance and better hits on the ball – I’m very happy with the Cobra Fly-Z XL.”
  • “These clubs look as good as they perform.”

See the Cobra Fly-Z XL on Amazon

Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons

Best Irons for Beginners - Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons Cost: $449 online (originally $699)

Summary: Mizuno claims the JPX-EX Irons will improve your odds for a successful round of golf. In golf, the odds are rarely in your favor, so Mizuno’s proposition is tempting from the get-go. So how did Mizuno create these irons to be friendly to beginners? The key elements: a Max Pocket Cavity (on irons 4-7) and a Deep Pocket Cavity (on irons 8-Gap Wedge). These engineering features boost accuracy, launch and distance. If you’re considering this set of irons, watch Mizuno’s promo video first.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • Hot Metal Face (increases distance)
  • Harmonic Impact Technology (creates a unified feel and sound)

Reviews from

  • “I traded in my RBZ Max irons and I’m so glad I did. The JPX EZs are really nice clubs with fantastic craftsmanship.”
  • “I will cut to the chase and say to the world that these JPX EZ irons are the ones for me.”
  • “These clubs are the best irons I have ever used.”
  • “They are super forgiving, so the bigger sweet spot is no joke. Even on mishits, I still got plenty of distance and landed close to my target.”

From Tomo Aoki, a Mizuno Golf Club Engineer

  • “You’re going to hit shots that you’ve never been able to hit before.”

See the Mizuno JPX-EZ on Amazon

Wilson Staff D200 Irons

Best Irons for Beginners - Wilson D200

Cost: $499 online (originally $599-$699)

Summary: The Wilson D200 are a super-forgiving set of irons that will boost a beginner’s confidence. The clubs feel solid, and beginners will benefit from increased swing speed without increased effort. The Wilson D200 are designed for efficiency. Their premium components promote energy transfer on contact. And for what’s it’s worth, the larger head design has a fun aggressive look.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • Speed Sole Technology (increases ball speed)
  • Weight Pods (create a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness)
  • Right Light Technology (increases swing speed)

Summarized Reviews

  • “Really happy that I purchased a great set of irons.”
  • “Switched from Ping irons to the Wilson Staff D200. Happy with my decision.”
  • “Added significant distance to my game.”

See the Wilson Staff D200 on Amazon

Callaway Big Bertha Irons

Best Irons for Beginners - Callaway Big Bertha Cost: $849 and up (originally $999 and up)

Summary: The Callaway Big Bertha Irons are probably the longest hitting beginner irons on my list. The Big Bertha utilize an Internal Standing Wave which carefully places all the weight right where you want it for a lower center of gravity and maximum forgiveness. Expect high flying shots and superb distance. These irons were Gold Medal Winners on Golf Digest’s 2015 Hot List (if you’re into that stuff) and they have a classy brushed nickel finish.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • 360 Face Cup Technology (increases ball speed)
  • Hollow Body Construction (creates a larger sweet spot)

Summarized Reviews

  • “The Big Bertha give me better distance and accuracy. Very easy to hit.”
  • “These irons are great.”
  • “Worth every penny…can’t say enough good things about these irons and what they’ve done for my game.”

See the Callaway Big Bertha on Amazon

How did I select the Best Irons for Beginners?

As with most of my golf club recommendations, I spent a great deal of time and energy compiling my list of recommendations. I hate spending money on products that fail to deliver, so I did my best to help you avoid buyer regret.

When it came to selecting the best irons for beginners, I:

  • Consulted numerous reputable golf sources who tested beginner iron sets
  • Sorted through tons of online reviews
  • Offered options in the low and higher price ranges

In the end, I identified 5 sets of irons that are well-suited for beginners.

In addition to purchasing a good set of irons for beginners, I would strongly encourage you to take a few lessons from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Some simple guidance will help you avoid common mistakes and develop a reliable swing.

Do you own any of these beginner-friendly iron sets?

If so, please share your thoughts with others who may be looking for the best irons for beginners.

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