One important aspect of golf are the small details that can make or break your performance. One such detail is how much distance there should be between the player and the ball at address.

When you are playing golf, especially if you are a beginner, you are probably thinking about other things which can cause you to forget about the distance. However, making sure that you are standing at an appropriate distance from the ball will ensure that you are playing to the best of your ability.

Correct distance to the golf ball (how far should you stand from the golf ball)

In this article, we’ll be taking you through how far you should stand from the ball at address as well as some tips on what to avoid so you can better your performance. 

What difference does distance make?

Standing too close or too far away from the ball can actually be hindering your performance and cause more problems. If you’re experiencing an issue but don’t know what that issue is, try altering your distance and see if this makes any difference to your hit. 

If you are standing too close to the ball then you may feel crowded as you won’t be able to hit the ball properly. This is because your hands are going to be too close to your body before you start your swing and it’s likely that your posture will be upright with little to no chance of movement.

When you start your swing, you’re likely to lift the club high in the air because there won’t be any room to turn with your shoulders. Because of this, your club will approach the ball from a steeper angle which is more likely to slice the ball. Not only is this likely to damage your ball but it isn’t going to produce any good results. 

On the other hand, you may be standing too far away from the ball. This doesn’t pose as many problems as standing too close to the ball but there are other problems nonetheless. You’re more likely to be hunched over at address which means that your shoulders will be slumped with your arms reaching out to place the club head behind the ball.

When you start your swing, you’re more likely to stand out of your posture which then makes it hard to hit the ball cleanly as you won’t have the same level of accuracy. By standing too far from the ball, it’s also harder to rotate the body naturally through the course of the swing which means you won’t have as much power when you strike the ball. 

How to calculate the proper distance

Now that you’ve identified whether you are standing too close or too far away from the ball, you want to calculate the distance that you should stand when striking the ball. Despite golf being a game that requires great detail, there is no need to be too mathematical with your solution.

There isn’t an answer that suits all golfers because every golfer is different which can alter the distance requirements. Factors that can influence the distance include height, ability and swing speed among many others, so it is a case of feeling what distance works best for you that allows you to move your body naturally and comfortability whilst also hitting the ball with maximum potential. 

How to hit the ball correctly

The most important part of hitting the ball correctly is posture which also serves as the starting point to a successful hit. A solid posture will not only make you feel more comfortable when you swing but will also give you more power and accuracy when you hit the ball making you a better player overall. Here are some tips to help you improve your posture:

  • Keep your back straight

Keeping your back straight from the waist up to the neck as much as possible will allow you to generate more power in your swing as it is easier to rotate smoothly through your swing. 

  • Flex your knees

While your upper body is as straight as possible, slightly flex your knees which will help you to rotate your body while maintaining control of your upper body. 

  • Tilt yourself forward slightly from the hips

When you are positioning yourself over the ball, you need to make sure that your upper body is out. A lot of golfers slump their shoulders to do so which is a huge mistake.

What you should do is tilt yourself forward slightly from your hips while keeping your upper body as straight as possible which is the final tip to help you get your posture in prime position for hitting the ball. 

Following these tips will put you in a natural stance where you can perfectly swing and hit the ball with more power and accuracy. Of course there are factors such as ability and height that can affect your performance but having a suitable posture will save you from any muscular pain or injury in the long run. 


Overall, golf is a game that always changes depending on the style of course which means that you will have to adapt depending on the circumstance. This means that you won’t be able to replicate the exact same distance at every hole so it’s important to take your time to get a feel for each hit.

Not only is this going to ensure that you are giving a maximum performance but it will also make you a better player. Knowing what can happen if you are standing too close or too far away is the first step to becoming a great player because you’ll be able to gage what is a comfortable stance for you.

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