It makes sense that amateur golfers would want to know what a golf professional has in their bag. After all, if you’re an amateur with the equipment of a pro, you’re going to play like a pro, right? Although it’s a bit more complicated than that, getting some insight into how pros play is not a bad idea to improve your game.

It may come as a surprise, but pros do use hybrids in their golf bags. Although it’s not common for a pro to replace their five or six iron with a hybrid, it is common for a pro to use a two and sometimes a three iron with a hybrid.

Pros like hybrids because they like having a good go-to-option out of the rough on a longer hole. Even if a pro finds themselves in trouble off the tee, they will still be able to hit a green with a hybrid on occasion. But pros do find that irons are more convenient and workable than a hybrid, and that’s why some pros don’t use them.

Professional golfers have very fast swing speeds, after all.

These fast speeds help them to hit long irons brilliantly. For amateurs, the slower swing speeds make it hard to launch a long iron at the correct angle, and they don’t achieve as much distance.

When amateurs use a hybrid they start hitting it long, and this feels effortless compared to the long irons.

How far can pros hit with hybrids?

How far a pro can hit a hybrid will depend on what club they’re using. The lower the loft, the further the ball will fly. A lower lofted hybrid will fly well over 200 yards for a professional golfer. Some golfers on the LPGA and Champions Tour are more likely to regularly use hybrids.

This is most likely because their swing speeds are slower, or they need a hand to get out of an awkward lie or to reach a long par four in two shots.

These players’ distances may be a bit slower than those on the PGA tour but they are also probably playing three and four hybrids as opposed to a two-hybrid. The golf ball will travel further the faster a pro swings.

But we can’t be sure how far a pro can hit with hybrids as hybrids vary so much when it comes to loft.

Why do some pros choose not to carry hybrids?

There are a few reasons why some pros don’t carry a hybrid.

Firstly, some pros may not have room in their golf bag – with all their wedges, irons, and fairway woods it often leaves no room for a hybrid.

Another reason is that a hybrid can be difficult to use if you’re trying to work the ball. Professional golfers usually like to hit a lot of shots that fly left to right or right to left.

These shots make it so the ball will land in a specific location on the green as opposed to just going directly at the pin.

Since a hybrid is a bit heavier (as well as being more forgiving) it’s harder to control the golf shot. Pros prefer to hit certain shots high and other shots low.

If you have an iron, this gives you more options for different types of shots you may want to hit. With an iron, you can control not only the direction of the shot but the trajectory it takes as well. You can control a trajectory much more with an iron than you can with a hybrid.

Another reason professional golfers will keep irons in their bag is because of how they feel, and pros tend to be pretty particular about what their golf clubs feel like!

With the iron set, they can keep things more consistent from one club to the next. Of course, the angle of the club and the length will change, but the transition from a hybrid to an iron is a lot different.

Best Set of Irons for Beginners

Can you use hybrids in windy conditions?

Yes! In fact, hybrids can be a great club in any weather conditions.

The hybrid is particularly good in windy conditions because it’s powerful and has a penetrating ball flight.

However, as good as hybrids can be, long irons do have them beat.

For one, it’s a lot easier to slightly deloft a long iron and get the ball to run up to the hole. This is harder to do with the hybrid, as it has such a low center of gravity.

The hybrid helps you get the ball higher up in the air, even when you are trying to keep the ball flight down. However, with some time and practice, you can learn how to control the trajectory of your hybrid a bit more.

Is a five wood easier to hit than a hybrid?

Not exactly, as five woods and hybrids have similar strengths and weaknesses.

A five wood will sometimes have the same amount of loft as a hybrid. Five woods usually have about nineteen degrees of loft, and three hybrids also have nineteen degrees of loft.

A common query among golfers is the ability to have both clubs at this 19-degree loft angle, but a better question to ask is what makes more sense to have in your bag.

A five wood and a hybrid are equally as difficult to hit and are both very forgiving. However, the five wood is more likely to travel further. A hybrid is also easier out of the rough and will stop on a green with much less effort than a five wood.

It’s common to sweep the golf ball with your golf swing, while some are better at hitting down and through their shots. If you’re a sweeper, we recommend a fairway wood rather than a hybrid.

If you hit down and through your shots, however, then you should try a hybrid.

Some golfers carry both a five wood and a three hybrid that have the same lofts but serve different purposes.

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