When it comes to golf, we all have questions we want to be answered, don’t we? Especially when it comes to your clubs. You want to know everything you possibly can about when you should use them and how far you should hit them. 

And the 60-degree wedge is no exception. As golf courses have modernized and are full of new and exciting layouts, we want all the help to ensure a good game! After all, no one wants to be the laughing stock of the club, too ashamed to show their face at the bar, do they?

Well, no more! We are here to get the 60-degree wedge in your hand and hit well! Knowing how far to hit your 60-degree wedge can be tricky and leave you reluctant to use it, scared of what your fate might be if you poorly execute the shot. 

Keep reading to find out how far you should hit a 60-degree wedge today. We even have some extra tips that will enhance your golf game. 

How far should you hit a 60 degree wedge

What is a 60-degree wedge?

For those new to the world of golf or just need a little recap, let’s take a look at what a 60-degree wedge is! A 60-degree wedge is a type of golf club that is popular across the country. 

These tend to be modern and stylish clubs that are sure to enhance your game! For example, 60-degree wedges tend to be used on a chip shot, although there are plenty of times when this club can be used! It’s a fairly versatile club and should offer you the confidence to hit the shots on the course.

Commonly it is used on the fairway, rough, sand, good lie, and bad lie parts of the course. However, some golfers use a 60-degree wedge on every shot regardless of the shot and landscape.

When it comes to your 60-degree wedge, it’s best to do what feels comfortable for you, but don’t forget the other fantastic clubs in your caddy!

Now that we have covered what a 60-degree wedge is, let’s look at how far you should hit one and some other factors you should be aware of today. 

How far should you hit a 60-degree wedge?

You should hit your 60-degree wedge between 75 and 90 yards to ensure a good score! Now, there is some room for debate here.

Some golfers will hit 60-90 yards on average; others will fall lower in this bracket. When it comes to your 60-degree wedge, it’s best to hit within your comfort zone. 

It’s all about control

To ensure that your 60-degree wedge hit is a success, you will want to be in control. It’s why many golfers avoid using 100% of a swing. Not only does this shorten the length of your hit, but it keeps you in control and prevents some stray balls. 

Remember, golf is all about precision rather than the power of your hit. So as much fun as it is to send the ball flying through the air, you still want it to land pretty near the hole, if not in there! 

Most golfers will hit their 60-degree wedge between 60 and 80 yards. Of course, some will cruise over the 90-yard mark, but it’s not essential, and without the correct control, it could damage your game!

Now that we have covered how far you should hit your 60-degree wedge let’s look at your positioning and other tips to ensure a successful hit!

How to use a 60-degree wedge

To use your 60-degree wedge, it’s important to learn how to bounce on the club. These wedges are built with a bounce to ensure the c lu doesn’t stub into the ground and achieve a poor shot, maybe only sending the ball a yard or two. 

Practice is your best friend here. Set the club down on the ground and use a consistent back and through swing where you are not digging or lifting on the ball. The club will slide through and toss the ball towards the hole. For success, do not over-hinge the hands or the club. 

For those bigger swings, ensure the ball is in the middle to the back of your stance. It’s best to have some weight preloaded on the front side too. Not doing this and adding loft at the bottom will only send the ball about 30 yards in the sky. 

To achieve a proper and successful shot, you want the shot to be less than 60-degrees. It can be a good idea here to copy the pros and deloft your clubs too! It will give you more control over the launch angle, spin rate, and distance. 

For those wanting to spin the ball, reduce the loft and make sure you hit the ball before the ground! Following these tips will ensure a successful hit of the ball and see it travel a good distance!

If you want more help hitting the ball with a 60-degree wedge, check out some online tutorials. There are loads online that cater to a range of ability levels, so you are sure to find one that can help you. 

Final Thoughts 

And just like that, we have come to the end of our golf club adventure today! As you can see, you should be hitting your 60-degree wedge between 60 to 90 yards, depending on your swing. Of course, you can hit it further or a smaller distance if you wish, providing the correct amount of control is there! 

Remember to ensure you are in the correct position and use your 60-degree wedge when it feels right. Thankfully, the club is versatile and works well on various landscapes and situations, so you are sure to get plenty of use out of it! 

If you have any doubts about your 60-degree wedge, you can consult the instruction manual that comes with your clubs or speak to an instructor at the golf course who can provide you with advice and tips specific to your technique and game. 

Happy golfing! 

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