I was recently asked “What’s the most forgiving golf ball?”

Since my mind offered no immediate answer to this question, I thought I should do some research and share my conclusions with the rest of the world.

Basically, if someone’s looking for the most forgiving golf ball, I’m assuming they want a golf ball that will…

  • fly straighter or longer than a standard golf ball
  • complement their game better than a standard golf ball
  • help them par more holes or at least eliminate a few extra strokes along the way

Obviously golf ball performance is influenced by key factors such as club choice, ball contact, and swing speed, but there’s no doubt that the golf ball design/construction factors into the equation as well. So what I’ve tried to figure out is what golf ball will bring the greatest number of golfers the greatest amount of happiness (read up on utilitarianism if you don’t get the joke).

If you don’t want to read my full assessment, just check out the table instead.


Most Forgiving Golf Ball, Ranked

My initial rankings are intended for golfers who have a low to average swing speed. Most recreational golfers fall into this category.  However, I did highlight several golf ball options for golfers that have high swing speeds,. Feel free to scroll down if you fall into that category.

#1 – TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

Most Forgiving Golf Ball - TaylorMade Project (a)

Cost: $28-$30/dozen
Construction: 3 piece

The TaylorMade Project (a) is a softer ball specifically designed for amateur/average golfers. This ball continues to receive great reviews, thanks to its excellent distance off the tee and it’s carefully-crafted performance for the short game.

What Golfers Have to Say

  • “Best ball I’ve ever played with.”
  • “I hit longer, straighter shots with this ball.”
  • “This ball feels great and plays better than I expected.”

See the TaylorMade Project (a) on Amazon


#2 – Bridgestone e7 Golf Balls

Most Forgiving Golf Balls - Bridgestone e7Cost: $20-$23/dozen
Construction: 3 piece

The Bridgestone e7 golf balls rank #2 thanks to their consistent performance and reasonable price. These are great golf balls that will increase a golfer’s average distance and hide some of their misses to the left or right. Highlights include a unique 326 dimple pattern that increases ball trajectory and velocity, as well as a ionomer cover for superior durability.

Side note: The Bridgestone e6 are worth considering for forgiveness but the e7 seem to do better with both distance AND forgiveness.

Summarized Reviews

  • “The e7 ball goes further than any of Bridgestone’s other golf balls.”
  • “My game has improved because of these golf balls.”
  • “My new go-to golf ball.”

See the Bridgestone e7 on Amazon


#3 – Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Most Forgiving Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed - Srixon Soft FeelCost: $19/dozen
Construction: 2 piece

The Srixon Soft Feel is a favorite amongst recreational golfers. This ball is nearing 11 years on the market (with technology improvements over the years), so it has a proven track record of delivering on it’s distance promises. The price is right, and most golf experts would tell you that beginners will perform better with a 2 piece ball.

Want more info? Read Golf Digest’s write-up on this ball.

Summarized Reviews

  • “These balls play and putt well for the average golfer.”
  • “A great golf ball…can’t argue with the price either.”
  • “A ball that works well if you have a slower swing speed.”

See the Srixon Soft Feel on Amazon


#4 – Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Most Forgiving Golf Ball - Callaway Chrome Soft

Cost: $39/doxen
 4 piece

Callaway sought to reinvent the golf ball with the Callaway Chrome Soft, and it’s fair to say that they did a pretty good job. Ball highlights include a SoftFast Dual-Core and a Tour Urethane Cover, which means that distance isn’t sacrificed for control around the greens. A Hex dimple pattern creates more stable ball flight as well.

The Chrome Soft could have been ranked higher, but I did factor price into the rankings.

Summarized Reviews

  • “I’ve played some of my best rounds with the Chrome Soft.”
  • “My favorite golf ball of 2016.”
  • “I save these golf balls for bets, and I win big when I use them.”

See the Callaway Chrome Soft on Amazon


Best Golf Balls if You Have a Fast Swing Speed

If you have a fast swing speed, you want to choose a ball that’s going to work well with your talents. My suggestions:

Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speeds - Nike RZN Black  Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speeds - Bridgestone Tour B330-S  Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speeds - Titleist Pro V1

How Did I Choose the Most Forgiving Golf Ball?

It’s pretty simple. I walked into my multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art facility and began testing every major golf ball brand for hours on end until irrefutable data literally fell from the sky.

I’m kidding, of course.

The process took some time. Basically, I let other golf outlets (see references below) with way more time and resources do the heavy lifting on my behalf. Then I compared their results, reviewed their data/recommendations, and factored in feedback from average golfers. This helped me I arrive at my conclusions for the most forgiving golf balls.

Some of the Sources I Consulted

If cost is a prohibitive factor for you, take a look at my write-up on new vs used golf balls. You can always pick up one of my recommendations from a used golf ball vendor and save some money for your side bets.

Do you use any of the forgiving golf balls that I recommend?

If so, please share your feedback below.

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  1. Pete

    Josh, sorry you did not pick the most forgiving golf ball. All the balls mentioned, were based on old school traditional design philosophy of quantity & distance, rather than quality & enjoyment of play.
    This has been the long time problem (over 100 years) where the game has lacked the ability to improve the frustration & difficulty of the golfer, leading to an exodus of millions of participants and a new generation completely not interested.

    We need a More Forgiving Golf Ball…..that distinction belongs to the new Pointfive Hybrid MD Golf Ball, (Meets US Golf Standards) developed for quick, affordable & enjoyable play on shorter golf facilities. This is the only golf ball that “guarantees” golfers an improved playing experience….the only ball that enhances the par, play & design of the shorter golf course…the only ball developed for eco-responsibility of water & chemical resources.

    Things change – It’s a new world and trying to sell old ideals of an earlier golf era, where bigger is better has proven folly…so let’s try thinking inside the shorter course box… for efficiency & economy.

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