Unique Golf Gifts for Her

I won’t exaggerate, I’m not a huge golfer, but I know a few women who are. I am a good shopper, and I love finding unique gifts for friends and family. This write-up focuses on unique golf gifts for her.

When it comes to golf gifts, you might be thinking golf balls, golf shirts, golf clubs, bags, tees, and…oh my! Those are all great and necessary items, but most golfers likely have these, and finding unique versions might be a challenge. There are many golf gifts out there, especially for men, but what about unique golf gifts for women?

Don’t worry; if she loves to golf, you will love the unique gifts listed here. The gift ideas are listed in no particular order and offer a variety of price ranges. Happy Shopping!

Unique Golf Gifts for Women

For: The Golf Gear Splurge
Try: Garmin Approach S40

A lightweight and stylish GPS golf smartwatch with touchscreen display.

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02/24/2024 10:42 am GMT

A GPS golf watch’s primary functions should include shot tracking and pre-loaded golf courses from around the world.  Amazing technology when you think, not that long ago, we were playing ‘video golf’ on bulky PC monitors and raving about the graphics. Those days are gone, and golf GPS watches are in.

I like this watch in particular for a couple of reasons. First, it’s relatively attractive in color and style with interchangeable bands. Secondly, it has a touchscreen, multiple features and lasts 15 hours in GPS mode; 10 days in Smartwatch mode. There is a litany of other functions, including shot counter, hole views, and pin placement. This golf watch also tracks daily steps and sleep.  The Garmin name already has a good reputation in the GPS industry, so it would be reasonable to trust they understand details and utilize the correct satellite data. All this on a screen a bit more than one inch. This golf watch is still a delightful splurge for an avid golfer in the mid-price range compared to other golf watches.


  • Instruction Manual
  • Limited Warranty
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Easy to Read Even in Sunlight


  • Expensive
  • Time Spent to Learn Features

For: The Girly Girl Golfer
Try: Thinking Pink

There are lots of pink golf gifts to choose from, and the Bridgestone e6 Lady golf balls are a great place to start.

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Pink colors brighten golf greens, and a trio of pink golf accessories are sure to please a lady golfer.

Start with a dozen pink golf balls. Match them with a bag of Martini Pink golf tees and the WINN Dri-Tac AVS Grey/Pink Grips, and she will be good to go. The WINN grips are soft and comfortable to hold, tacky in the best way. If you want to, add an extra surprise: the Callaway Tri-Fold Pink Towel.

The color pink represents good health; it must be all the fresh air and sunshine. Golfing with a parade of pink golf gear is sure to make her smile.


  • Variety of Golf Items to Choose From
  • Practical and Pretty


  • Must like Pink

For: Golfing in Style
Try: Glamorous Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Flex Coastal will help her look great and feel great during each round.

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I don’t wear golf shoes, but if I did, I would wear the FootJoy Flex Coastal Women. Machine washable, lightweight mesh, and foam cushioning…what more could a girl ask for? There are a bazillion golf shoes out there for her; these stood out for their style, durability, and cost. FootJoy has several colors and styles, all within a close price range.

The Ecco Golf Ladies S-Lite Spikeless is Danish designed for durability, comfort, and fit. They are a bit higher in price, but this includes a two-year waterproof warranty, and they are specifically made to increase stability on the golf course.

I chose spikeless shoes because they are multipurpose; great for golf and other outdoor activities. Golf shoes might not be a unique gift per se, but ‘stylish’ golf shoes are indeed a gift the avid golfer will appreciate. Some say a girl can never have too many shoes…


  • Attractive
  • Comfortable


  • Spikeless (Preference)

For: The Holiday Golf Gift
Try: Ladies Giggle Golf Box

Tis the season...for this gift box.

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02/24/2024 10:50 am GMT

I love this golf gift. The box is jam-packed with all kinds of golf items, each embraced with the holiday theme. I’m pretty sure she’ll be sold at the Gingerbread ‘Oh Snap” flask, or at the very least, the holiday socks. Snowmen, gingerbread, and reindeer are all included; there is even a tissue pack so you can dry your tears when you miss the most straightforward putt ever. There are golf balls and tees, a glove too—an excellent way to give the little golf items in a big package and reasonably priced under fifty dollars. Cheers!


  • Comes Right or Left Hand
  • Festive


  • Whimsy over Practicality

For: Artsy Golfer
Try: Golf Club Fruit Bowl

This one-of-a-kind bowl is a unique golf gift for her.

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This is a personal favorite.

Every day is not going to be a golf day. On the days you aren’t on the golf course, take time to sit and admire a beautiful, made in the USA piece of art that doubles as a fruit bowl. I love the look of the golf club bowl alone as itself. Each bowl is individually handcrafted 15 x 15 inches; made from recycled golf clubs. No two are ever the same.


  • Unique conversation piece
  • Functional


  • Tad Pricey

For: The Wardrobe
Try: Antiqued Pewter Golf Clubs and Ball Earrings

Cute and affordable golf earrings.

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02/24/2024 11:20 am GMT

There are a few golf items we’re likely to not know existed.  Cute golf earrings? Golf ball facemask? These lead-free pewter earrings are adorable. Each earring dangles two clubs and a golf ball and arrives in a gift box. The earring back is silver-plated for those with metal sensitivity.

Another steal is the 4 pack golf facemasks. Photo finish prints in a variety of styles will add to a new wardrobe necessity. The masks are washable, adjustable on the nose and ears, and they come with fifteen filters.


  • Price
  • Practical


  • Shipping Charges

For: The Golf Enthusiast Both On and Off the Green
Try: Anatomy of Golf Coasters

These sandstone/cork coasters feature fun whimsical illustrations paired with golf facts.

These cork and sandstone coasters put the ‘fun’ in functional. Creative designs on each of the four coasters feature a putting green, golf ball, golf tee, and the putter. Each coaster has four or five golf facts in a lovely black and white print.

This is a great stand-alone golf gift or perfect to pair with a favorite bottle of sparkly something. Golf coasters aren’t exactly novel, but after looking at 30 different types (many suited for man caves and bar counters), this set had great golf gift appeal written all over it. This gift is a perfect conversation starter, and, likely that you won’t know another golf girl who has them, giving them their one-of-a-kind status.


  • Functionality
  • Creative Design


  • Shipping Cost
  • Stock Availability

For: The Bookworm
Try: Scotland Home of Golf

The golf lady in your life may not have a chance to play in Scotland, but this book will take her on a journey.

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02/24/2024 11:30 am GMT

Golf books are abundant, and topics are varied. There are golf pro biographies, instructional golf books, golf picture books, women in golf, golf courses, golf rule books, everything golf books. Scotland Home of Golf takes the reader on a journey to a place where golf began. Stunning photos and historical facts make this book a favorite. Reviews are positive, a book that even a non-golfer would enjoy. This book will take her on a journey to Scotland and some of its most iconic golf courses.

If you prefer a different book, Amazon will have it all, something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Have fun shopping here because it really is Ye Old Book Store ‘Golf’ section.


  • Highly Rated
  • Hardcover


  • Availability

I’ve been carrying around my YETI for years now. Yes, literal years. The same blue color that you can’t even buy without paying the retired color price. The YETI Rambler has not failed me once. Cold stays cold, and hot stays hot. The HotShot cap keeps it all in, and it is dishwasher safe. Colors include chartreuse, coral, and pacific blue. Staying hydrated and cool can only help your game, and when the day is done, the YETI is a gift that keeps on giving.


  • Leakproof/ No Sweat Design
  • Durable (dropped mine many times, no dents)


  • Color Limited
  • Small Investment

FOR: DIY Project
TRY: Golf Bouquet

For a few dollars and with a handful of household items, you can make a Golf Bouquet. Hop on Amazon (you know you want to) order plain white golf balls, some Sharpie markers in a variety of colors, tissue paper, and floral tape. You can do this! Our cheap golf gifts post or our golf gift bag ideas may give you some other materials to work with.

Follow the instructions, be creative, and add personal touches. This is a great project to recycle old golf balls and get the kids involved.


  • Handmade
  • Inexpensive
  • Smile Worthy


  • A Bit of Craftiness Required

For: The Feet
Try: PGA Tour Socks

Few women will make it on Tour, but you can get them close to the experience with the PGA Tour Socks.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

The PGA Tour 3-pk Striped No Show with Heel Pad sock bundle is a perfect deal. These socks have moisture-wicking and a reinforced heel, something her feet will surely enjoy while golfing. Socks don’t rate high on the unique gift list unless they have some special qualities; these do. The colors are soft and feminine, with the PGA logo on the toe. Her feet will be dry, snug, and wrapped in a hug.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Practical


  • Limited Colors

FOR: Playing it Safe
TRY: Gift Card

A gift card to a golf shop can be a good option when you can’t decide on a unique golf gift for her.

Maybe she needs a new shirt, club, or bag, and you don’t even know it. Gift cards specific to the sport of golf that she enjoys show her you know her, and you know her enough to let her pick out something special.

There is about as much golf merchandise as there are daily lost golf balls, and finding a gift could be overwhelming; in that case, let the gift card do the talking.


  • Stressless Shopping
  • Practical


  • Not a unique golf gift for her, but it does let the recipient choose something unique

For: Every Girl
Women’s Golf Accessory Bag

You can't beat this price for a unique golf gift.

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02/24/2024 12:09 pm GMT

Women love their handbags, and like shoes, some women can never have too many. This stylish little purse can be used to carry around necessary things on and away from the golf course. The under $20 price tag is perfect, and with all the money you save from this purchase, you can store a little gift in the zipper pocket.

There are several styles to choose from in a variety of colors and prints. There’s classic black, some florals, and geometric designs, each with a detachable strap.


  • Affordable
  • Style Selection


  • Size

Other Unique Golf Gifts for Women

Did we miss a unique item? Share it in the comments below.

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