If you’re hoping to shave a few strokes off your game, your choice of irons is crucial. Since you’re reading this article, you already know that some irons are more forgiving than others. My goal is to help you find a set of irons that will improve your performance in spite of the occasional bad hit.

How did I select the Most Forgiving Irons?

Great question. There are three large golf websites (Golf Digest, GolfWRX, and MyGolfSpy) that did extensive testing for some of the most common game-improving irons. Given their budgets, connections, golf knowledge, and various skill-sets, I reached the conclusion that I couldn’t do better testing than what they had already done.

Consequently, I decided to cross-examine each of their conclusions and offer you one definitive article that ranked the most forgiving irons, instead of forcing you to read three (or more) consecutive articles. I also consulted a number of smaller sources that tested these irons. All of their insights are packaged nicely for you below, along with a link to buy the product through Amazon.

Most Forgiving Irons, Ranked

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that there are at least 10 irons sets that would fall into the “forgiving iron” category. However, I’ve narrowed our list to the 5 best. I’ll include several others for you to research at the end of this article.

#1 – The TaylorMade RSi 1

TaylorMade RS1 - Most Forgiving Irons Photo

Cost: Originally $799-$899, but Amazon currently has them in the $549-$599 range
Construction: Cast
Shafts: Steel or graphite (this influences cost)
Summary: TaylorMade’s studies indicate the over 70% of the shots hit by golfers are mis-hits, so they’ve designed a club that forgives the mis-hit.

MyGolfSpy & Golf WRX had the RSi1 ranked #1, and for good reasons. There are face slots in the 3-8 irons (for better consistency) and speed pockets in the 3-7 irons.

You can depend on this club for:

  • better distance
  • higher launch
  • more power all-around

Summarized Reviews

  • “These clubs help me hit the ball further and straighter.”
  • “The large sweet spot helps you strike the ball well.”
  • “I compared clubs from all the major companies and the TaylorMade RS1 felt the best. Lots of pop on the ball.”

See the TaylorMade RSi 1 on Amazon


#2 – The Cobra Fly-Z

Forgiving Irons - Cobra Fly ZCost: Originally $699-$799, but Amazon currently has them in the $300-$400 range
Construction: Cast
Shafts: Steel or graphite (this influences cost)
Summary: A solid performer in all tests. I’ve ranked it #2 because it combines good looks (colors can be customized as well) with a price that’s slightly below all the other tested irons. Why hit your wallet harder when you don’t have to?

The Cobra Fly-Z is generously forgiving and offers a helpful bottom groove for alignment purposes.

You can depend on this club for:

  • extreme distance on center hits
  • consistent distance on mis-hits
  • remarkable feel at impact (no vibration thanks to a thermoplastic urethane insert)

Summarized Reviews

  • “Great clubs at a great price.”
  • “Delivers higher trajectories throughout the set for the ultimate in ‘Easy Distance’ from tee to green.” – todaysgolfer.co.uk

See the Cobra Fly-Z on Amazon


#3 – The Callaway XR

Forgiving Irons - Callaway XRCost: Originally $799-$899
Construction: Cast
Shafts: Steel or graphite (this influences cost)
Summary: It’s no surprise to see Callaway on this list. The XR are reported to be one of the easier clubs to hit, and if improved distances are your goal, these clubs performed consistently in that area. Better for mid to upper handicaps, as low handicappers had some minor criticisms.

You can depend on this club for:

  • great ball speed
  • above-average performance

Summarized Reviews

  • “These are the best Callaway clubs I have ever played with.”
  • “These clubs deliver top-notch performance.”
  • “Very happy with my purchase. Price was worth it. Added distance on every shot.”

See the Callaway XR on Amazon


#4 – The Mizuno JPX-850

Most Forgiving Irons - Mizuno JPX-850Cost: Originally $799-$899
Construction: Cast
Shafts: Steel or graphite (this influences cost)
Summary: These clubs hit the market in 2014 and the reviews have been mostly positive. A well-rounded set of irons with 13 different fitting options, the Mizuno can be carefully customized to match your swing.

You can depend on this club for:

  • great ball speed
  • firm feel
  • consistent height

Summarized Reviews

  • “If you’ve shied away from Mizuno clubs, you need to check these out.”
  • “Out of all the irons I’ve tried, these are my favorite.”
  • “Superb feel and ball trajectory.”

From Mizuno’s Research and Development Team

  • “With the Power Frame we were able to take ball speeds to a completely different level – all while keeping it hand in hand with a nice feel and a level of workability.”

See the Mizuno JPX-850 on Amazon


#5 – The Ping G30

Most Forgiving Irons - Ping G30Cost: Originally $799-$899
Construction: Cast
Shafts: Steel or graphite (this influences cost)
Summary: Most of the online reviews put Ping anywhere from 3-7 in their rankings, so we’re fitting them right in the middle with a #5 ranking.

The G30 strong suits are forgiveness and ease of use. The majority of golfers will like these consistent irons. Delicate shots will require some extra care of the part of the golfer. Look and sound were a minor complaint in the review, but I think the black carbon finish is a nice alternative.

You can depend on this club for:

  • high lofts
  • good yardage

See the Ping G30 on GolfSmith


Other Forgiving Irons to Consider

If you’re the type of person who needs more options, you should take a look at the iron sets below.

Do you own clubs from our most forgiving irons series?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. Ari

    I was just about to purchase the Cobra Baffler irons (not with hybrids).
    They are also reviewed as “super forgiving irons” on other sites. Do you agree?
    You seem very knowledgeable.

    1. JoshListing Owner

      Hey Ari –

      I’ve never played with these irons, but the Amazon reviews are good — http://tinyurl.com/jnmhsz4 — and Cobra seems to consistently rank well in the forgiving irons tests. Seems like a good purchase. If you do buy them, let me know what you think.


  2. Tom

    I’m 65 years old and shoot in the upper 70’s to low 80’s. I currently play Callaway 2013 X-Forged irons. Though I love these irons, I have to work at hitting them and would like something a little more friendly without getting a set of “shovels”. Any suggestions.

  3. calum

    i play with nike v r pro combo irons. they have pocket cavities in the longer irons and feel lovely off of the face. they are a forged iron and i love them. best buy i have ever made. they are quite thin on the topline so are not shovel like. maybe worth a look?

  4. Jure

    Hi, my handicap is 26… bigest problem i have is slice… which set would you recomand, i am so new in golf

  5. arch

    It would be helpful if you listed them by cost as well as your rankings

    1. JoshListing Owner

      Hey Arch,

      I like the idea, but unfortunately the prices for these irons change somewhat regularly on Amazon, so it’s tough to make a list with accurate costs. Thanks for visiting Par3NearMe!