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What is Par 3 Near Me?
Par 3 Near Me is a directory of par 3 and executive golf courses throughout the world. We are the #1 resource for short course enthusiasts.

If you’re a golfer, use the convenient geolocation feature to find a par 3 or executive golf course in your area.

If you’re an owner, please add your golf course to our database. We serve thousands of golfers every day, and I’d love to send them your way.

Whether you’re planning a vacation, relocating for a new job, or exploring golf for the first time, Par 3 Near Me is ready to help you find that perfect golf venue.

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Why par 3 golf courses?

Shorter. Sweeter.
Easier on the Wallet.

Sometimes less is more.

You might be wondering why we built a website dedicated to short courses. Simply put, big golf courses get most of the attention.

We fall into the category of people that believe short courses offer several advantages. To that end, we built a website that helps connect golfers to courses that tend to be budget-friendly, less time-consuming, and more welcoming to their patrons.

Our staff consists of par 3 enthusiasts who research each golf course individually and write a course description that includes pricing, amenities, and key contact information all in one place.

If you’d like to learn more about Par 3 Near Me, read the full story.


Ready to connect with more golfers? Add your Short course to the directory.

What is a par 3 golf course?

Simply put, a par 3 is a golf course where each of the holes should be completed in 3 strokes (hits) or less.

Generally speaking, par 3 courses feature:

  • Shorter distances
  • Cheaper greens fees
  • Less hazards
  • Friendlier staff

That being said, the par 3 experience can range widely from course to course. Some courses are well-kept, others not so much. Some courses are dirt-cheap, others ask you to sell your soul to play a round.

Our directory highlights the full spectrum of these short courses. We also include executive courses (they’re sort of like the par 3 course’s older brother).

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