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Try Out My Golf Team Name Generator

We’ve all heard about the advent of AI and how it is just a matter of time before computers become sentient and take over our lives.

Since we’re still in the in-between phase (where we have *some* control over this stuff), I thought it would be fun to put AI to work.

My first idea?

Build a golf team name generator.

Some would use AI for higher purposes, but not this guy.

I saw a few clever golf team names during my years as a par 3 owner, but I also saw groups struggle to come up with a solid team name.

Struggle no more. This problem is now solved.

Golfer reading a green
Pictured: Nick S. of the Shooter McGavins. 99% sure Nick went on to miss this putt.

Did you get a team name thanks to the generator?

Please post it in the comments below.

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