The Best Deals on Golf Equipment

I love finding golf deals.

So I decided to take that passion and use it for the greater good.

This little corner of the website features some of the best deals on golf equipment, some of which are specifically tailored to par 3 and executive golfers. The deals list will grow over time, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Sunday Golf

Sunday Golf Deal
About this Deal

Sunday Golf offers some of the best golf bags currently on the market. Its flagship product, the Loma Bag, is perfectly designed for a day at your local par 3 or a quick trip to the driving range. Clever features, lots of color options and a lifetime warranty make this a bag worth owning.

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The Q

The Q Golf Club
Why this Deal Rocks

Try imagining a world where you could play an entire golf course with just one club. Q Golf is turning that vision into a reality.

The Q is a modern adjustable golf club that offers 11 different loft settings. Built by experienced club designers, this unique offering is perfect for par 3 and executive courses.

  • Save $30 using code par3nearme

Rival & Revel

Silo Golf Club Carrier
About this Deal

Rival and Revel’s award-winning golf club carrier is perfect for golfers who only need a few clubs and don’t want to carry a golf bag.

I love this club carrier and use it on a regular basis. You will too.

  • Save $5 off retail price
    (plus buy 2 or more, get free shipping)

Gimme Golf Co

About this Deal

Its time to say goodbye to your white sterile golf glove.

Gimme Golf Co has some of our favorite golf gloves on the market, including The Breakfast Ball, The Lucky Charm, and The Ugly Sweater.

Save some money and add some color to your game!

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Polara Golf

Polara Golf Balls Deal
About this Deal

Polara sells several unique, non-conforming golf balls that will help you hit the ball straighter (for real).

Thanks to a unique dimple pattern, these golf balls can reduce hooks and slices by up to 75%. If this sounds too good to be true, you should read my Polara golf balls review.

  • Save 20% using code PAR3NEARME

Orange Whip Golf

Orange Whip Trainer
About this Deal

The Orange Whip Trainer is the best swing trainer on the market, hands-down. This device will help train your swing to stay on plane, balanced, and in rhythm.

If you’re looking to improve your golf swing, start with the #1 swing trainer (as voted upon by PGA and LPGA professionals).

  • Save 10% using code Par3NearMe

Craftsman Golf

Craftsman Golf Cart Charger
Why this Deal Rocks

Craftsman Golf specializes in replacement golf cart chargers. We did a full Craftsman Golf Cart Charger review that’s worth a read, but some of their other accessories may be of interest to you as well. Options include:

  • Golf club head covers (can be customized)
  • Sunday bags
  • Golf towels and golf gloves
  • Save 15% using code P3NM

Goldenmate Lithium Batteries

Goldenmate Lithium Batteries
Why this Deal Rocks

LiFePO4 batteries can power golf carts, campers, trolling motors, and more. The problem is that these batteries tend to be pricey up front.

Goldenmate is a brand that offers affordable lithium batteries for a variety of applications. We tested the Goldenmate 12v 200ah Lithium Ion Battery and we were impressed.

  • Save 15% using code PAR3NEARME

Stix Golf

Stix Golf Deals
Why this Deal Rocks

If you want to lower your scores, you might need to get rid of your garage sale golf clubs. The only problem? You can expect to pay over $1,500 for a new set of clubs from the major brands.

That’s where Stix Golf comes in. Stix makes modern club sets and sells them directly to the consumer. This business model allows them to keep costs down while still offering an excellent product.

  • Save 10% using code PAR3NEARME

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