Silo Golf Club Carrier Review

Carry Your Clubs in Style: The Silo Golf Club Carrier

I spent 7 years as a par 3 clubhouse manager, and during that time, I saw all sorts of random golf gear.

Most of the golf accessories I encountered were unhelpful or unnecessary, so it was pretty rare for a piece of golf equipment to catch my attention.

One day, this father/son duo came in to pay for their rounds. Each golfer had a unique golf club carrier in his hand.

I had never seen anything like it, so I played it cool and calmly said: “Tell me more about your club holders.”

[I was genuinely intrigued.]

Both of the guys went on to tell me about their Silo Golf Club Carriers and how much they loved them.

As soon as they left the clubhouse, I went online and ordered one for myself.

Silo Golf Club Carrier
  • Holds 6 clubs and 3 tees
  • Integrated ball marker included
  • Water/weatherproof
  • Multiple color options
  • Some club shafts (woods, drivers) don't fit well
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Why I Love the Silo Golf Club Carrier

I’m a minimalist, so I prefer to keep things simple.

When I go to play a par 3 or an executive course, I just need a few golf clubs, some golf balls and maybe a tee or two.

There’s absolutely no need to carry an entire golf bag with a full set of clubs, so that often means I’m taking my Loma Bag from Sunday Golf.

Sunday bags are great (I still use mine on the regular), but the minimalist in me was intrigued by the possibility skipping the bag altogether.

That Silo Club Carrier makes that possible.

Does it Work?

It’s fair to ask: “Does the Silo actually get the job done on the golf course?”


This club carrier can hold:

  • 6 clubs
  • 3 tees
  • A magnetic ball marker

These are all the essential elements I need to play a round of golf (minus a snack so I don’t get hangry).

How it Works

Here’s a helpful illustration from the designers:

Silo Golf Club Carrier Instructions

When/Where to Use this Golf Club Carrier

On a Short Course

I often I just bring my putter, SW, PW and an 8 for a par 3 round.

As long as I have three clubs inserted into the carrier (with the club heads facing the same way), I can stand everything up straight and keep my golf grips from getting wet (this is a huge plus when I play in the morning).

Silo Golf Club Carrier on the Golf Course

At the Driving Range

The carrier also works well for the driving range.

I can choose a handful of clubs that I want to focus on and leave the entire golf bag in my car.

Again, my life has been simplified.

On Cart Path Days

How many clubs do you actually pull from your bag during a given round? 

I have my go to clubs, and as fate would have it, there’s only 6 or 7 of them.

If I show up to the course and it’s a cart path only day, the Silo is one of my go-to options so I don’t have to carry multiple clubs in my hand.

It also keeps me from leaving my precious Cleveland sand wedge on hole 6.

Style Points

Silo Units in Different Colors

Let’s be honest – most of us want to look cool on the course – myself included.

The Silo club carrier is available in more than 10 different color schemes, and the unique profile of the unit gets people’s attention.

You’ll get at least one question about the Silo, I can almost guarantee it.

Product Specs

The golf club carrier from Silo consists of two materials, Santoprene and ABS.

Overall, the unit has a grippy/rubbery feel. It can stand up to water and temperature extremes without any issues.

Best of all, it weighs a measly 0.4 lbs. 

[If you can’t handle that weight, please sign up for a gym membership.]

The total length of the unit is 2.3″ x 5.7″ which means I can easily store the unit in my golf bag or take it with me when I travel.

What are the Downsides to a Club Carrier?

The biggest downside to a portable golf club carrier is storage space.

Most golfers like to have extra golf balls and plenty of accessories on hand. The Silo can help with clubs, tees and a ball marker, but after that, you’re on your own.

The only other downside is that certain larger club shafts (fairway wood, driver, etc) don’t always clip into the unit well.

This varies depending on the golf club shaft, but not all clubs fit into the unit as well as the irons and wedges.

Customer Reviews

You’ve heard my thoughts. Here’s what other golfers have to say about the Silo Golf Club Carrier:

  • Very convenient!
  • Incredible product!
  • Way better for my back than a golf bag or push cart.
  • My go to option for carrying clubs into Top Golf.
  • I love it.

Add yourself to the list of happy customers using the link below.

Silo Golf Club Carrier
  • Holds 6 clubs and 3 tees
  • Integrated ball marker included
  • Water/weatherproof
  • Multiple color options
  • Some club shafts (woods, drivers) don't fit well
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

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