About this Par 3 Directory

Introducing Par 3 Near Me

The Backstory

My name is Josh and I launched Par 3 Near Me in late 2014. The site was born out of a vision to help push more traffic to smaller golf courses, as I believe they offer a number of advantages to beginners, professionals, families, ladies, seniors, and those who have time or budget limitations.

In other words — I built the site for everyone 🙂

This executive and par 3 directory serves two distinct groups.

Group #1

The first group the site serves is golfers.

I built this par 3 golf course directory from the ground up to help golfers find local par 3 and executive courses. The site uses a convenient geolocation feature to help golfers pinpoint nearby courses. An advanced search feature also allows golfers to search for courses by state/region/etc. This is particularly useful for those relocating, planning a getaway or evaluating options for an upcoming trip.

Each executive and par 3 course listing has a description that includes an overview of the course, contact information, pricing, and special deals (where available).

If you’re a golfer, I hope Par 3 Near Me provides everything you need, all in one place.

Group #2

The second group the site serves is golf course owners.

Most golf course owners are too busy to focus on web design, search engine optimization, and all that other fun stuff. I would imagine this situation is even more common among short course owners.

At the same time, neglecting the opportunities to connect with golfers online is a big mistake. The next generation of golfers (the 35 and under crowd) relies almost exclusively on search engines and online reviews to plan their golf outings.

That’s where Par 3 Near Me comes in.

My goal is to push more traffic to golf courses like yours.

Why, you ask? Because I once managed a par 3 course of my own. I know firsthand that pulling in online traffic can transform a struggling golf course into a successful enterprise.

If you’re a golf course owner, I genuinely want to contribute to your success.

Every executive and par 3 course starts with a free listing. This is my gift to you. There are also paid options available that fund site maintenance, improvements and international advertising.