The Q - The Newest Adjustable Golf Club

The Newest Adjustable Golf Club: Does The Q Club Deliver?

I’m a minimalist at heart. Less is more, especially when it comes to golf equipment. I prefer to play golf with just a few clubs, taking only my Sunday Golf bag or my Silo Golf Club Carrier on the course.

So you could imagine my excitement when I first discovered the Q Club by Q Golf. The Q is an adjustable golf club that offers the possibility of what the company calls “lighter golf.”

My interest was piqued: did a world exist where I could play golf with just one golf club?

I had to find out.

A Brief History of Adjustable Golf Clubs

Adjustable golf clubs aren’t a new thing. In fact, the first adjustable loft golf club patent was issued in 1895. 

Even though over 100 patents have been issued since then, it’s taken quite some time for adjustable loft clubs to gain mainstream acceptance.

The Q Club

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  • Quality materials and construction
  • Solid feel on each shot
  • Super-easy to adjust
  • Eliminates the need for a golf bag
  • Speeds up play
  • Slight learning curve
  • Stinger setting can't match the distance of a well-hit driver
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

The Time is Now

In the past, many golfers critiqued the feel and performance of these clubs. They claimed that an adjustable golf club didn’t match the performance of the actual club it tried to replace.

But if I’ve learned one thing in my life, it’s that I should never place limits on human perseverance and ingenuity (unless we’re talking about the American health care system).

The technology for adjustable golf clubs has dramatically improved in recent years.

Adjustable drivers are now a staple for many golfers, including myself. With a simple adjustable hosel, I can modify the loft setting of my driver in 15 seconds.

Pretty cool!

The Swiss Army Knife of Golf Clubs

So here’s what we’ve covered so far:

  1. Adjustable golf clubs aren’t new, but they’ve had limitations in the past.
  2. Technology has improved greatly, as evidenced by the popularity of the adjustable golf driver.

…but there’s still a gap in the market.

Yes I can buy an adjustable driver. Heck, I can even find an adjustable fairway wood.

But where’s the club that does it all?

Q Golf has thrown its hat into the ring.

The Team Behind the Q Club

I’m not an elitist by any means, but if I’m tossing my minimalist golf bag and my favorite Cleveland sand wedge, I need to replace it with a legit club.

Simon and Jamie Moore, the founders of Q Golf, have real experience in the club design space. 

In fact, Simon’s golf technology company was responsible for the adjustment technology used in the Nike Covert driver and fairway wood.

This father/son team is more qualified than most to tackle this epic task. You can see them play a hole of golf together below.

Best of all, they’ve hired other team members with club design experience at Taylormade and Titleist.

Introducing the Q Club

I first laid my hands on the Q Club in fall of 2023.

First impressions:

  • Quality materials and solid construction
  • Sleek looks overall
  • Larger grip than expected (14″ vs the typical 10.5″)
  • Club head is slightly bulky (this makes sense for all the included lofts)

But looks are just that.

The big question still remained: could I play an entire course with just one club?

The Q Club Head View from the Top

Putting this Adjustable Golf Club to the Test

Let me start with this disclaimer: I have no chance of playing on the PGA Tour, and I never played Division 1 golf.

So am I qualified to write this review? 

I actually think I fit the demographic quite well. 

I’m your typical right handed golfer with good rounds and bad rounds. I understand the basics, I have a decent swing speed, and I know what my ball flight should look like.

Here’s what Q Golf has in mind for their customers:

We just believe a full golf experience can be had with a club and a few balls.

That works for me, and I imagine it works for some of you as well.

My Test Drive

I decided to take the Q Club to my local par 3 course. This adjustable golf club offers 6 different settings, but I was most curious to see how it performed in place of my irons and wedges.

After 9 holes, here are my takeaways on the club itself:

  • Solid feel on each shot
  • No distance lost on wedges
  • Shaft worked well for my swing speed
  • Super-easy to adjust

What about the putter?

If you have a solid connection with your current golf putter, you may want to bring that along for the ride.

The putter setting is fine, but it would take me more time to build up the confidence I already have with my slant neck putter.

This isn’t a critique of the Q per se, it’s just a different putting experience than what I’m accustomed to.

What about the driver?

I couldn’t test the stinger setting (which is comparable to a driver loft) at the par 3 course, so I took the Q over to a nearby driving range.

Side note: The Q Golf team actually recommends that you take this club to the driving range first, so I did things a bit out of order…

It’s unrealistic to think you can match the performance of your driver with this adjustable golf club. However, if you’re looking to just play a course with one club, the stinger generates enough distance that you won’t be left in the dust. Pair this club with a golf ball that maximizes distance, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the overall carry distance.

Even though the “stinger” setting has an 11° loft, I think I’ll still prefer to use my driver or a fairway wood for longer shots. 

But again, if I were looking to play with just one club, the Q does a nice job.

Read up on what degree driver hits the farthest and driver vs 3 wood distance.

What about the wedges?

All I can say here is solid performance, the Q did not disappoint. 

I enjoyed carrying one “wedge” instead of 3 or 4. 

What about the irons?

As you probably know, a five iron has a longer shaft than a 9 iron, so this part of the Q takes a bit of getting used to. 

The Q ships with a factory length of 38.5″ (98cm), but it includes a larger grip (14″ instead of 10.5″). This setup allows you to shorten or extend the length of your club based on where you grip it. The grip has 3 indicators (long, medium, and short) that are designed to help you choose the right grip position for each club.

Grip Tips

You already know that The Q is an adjustable club, but its not just the loft angle that can be modified. This unique club offers more adjustments in the grip as well. With the oversized grip, you can:

  • Grip up (more golf ball spin, higher ball flight)
  • Grip down (less spin, lower ball flight)

Here’s a video covering the Q grip:

I haven’t mastered exactly where to grip the club for each iron setting, but I’m confident that I will get a better feel over multiple rounds.

How hard is it to switch between lofts?

I was worried that adjusting the Q might be a hassle.

It’s not. The engineering team did a great job getting this right. You don’t need an allen wrench or torque wrench to adjust the club head. The motion required is just a simple push and twist.

The Q - Adjustable Golf Club Head
Up close and personal with the Q club head. A simple push and twist will take you from a putter to a sand wedge (and everything in between)

Can I play an entire course with the Q club?


This is great news for minimalists and short course enthusiasts. I enjoyed my Q testing experience, and I’ll be using this club more in the days to come.

Remember, the Q isn’t a perfect substitute for all 14 clubs (and it doesn’t claim to be).

The Q seeks to offer a less-complicated way to play golf, and with that goal in mind, I think it’s fair to say “mission accomplished!”

Are Adjustable Golf Clubs the Way of the Future?

Golf purists will have a tough time tossing their bag of pricey clubs in exchange for the Q.

As the expression goes, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

But the Q makes a strong case for new possibilities, especially for casual golfers who want to shed the extra gear. I include myself in that list.

The Q is also a great travel companion (have you ever tried to ship a set of clubs?).

Here’s my case for giving the Q a try:

  • Less golf equipment to carry
  • Less up front cost (The Q Club costs $349, vs a $1,500+ set of clubs)
  • Flexible grip
  • Faster play time

Who should consider the Q? Those who:

  • Prefer to play par 3 or executive courses
  • Like to walk the course instead of ride
  • Travel often and like to play golf on the road
  • Are open to a less traditional golf club experience
The Q Club

Use code par3nearme to save $30 on any Q club or Q kit purchase.

  • Quality materials and construction
  • Solid feel on each shot
  • Super-easy to adjust
  • Eliminates the need for a golf bag
  • Speeds up play
  • Slight learning curve
  • Stinger setting can't match the distance of a well-hit driver
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Purchased a the Q? Experimented with another adjustable golf club? If so, please share your feedback in the comments below.

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