Have you ever wanted to get into golf but been put off by the price tag? No doubt that anyone with an interest in golf has looked at some of the clubs and thought: there’s no way I’m paying that for a lousy lump of metal! But hold on there, there’s much more to it than that…

Not only are you paying for the metal alone, but you are paying for the cost to manufacture that metal. Golf clubs have a very specific design that requires almost microscopic levels of precision, so you are paying for the skill as well as the labor.

Why Are Golf Clubs So Expensive

But why do you have to pay so much for a golf club? How do improvements in golf club design lead to hikes in the price? Are golf clubs an investment? Why do golf companies need to make so much of a profit?

Well, if you want answers to these questions before forking out a few hundred dollars on your next club, then we would suggest that you read on.

We’ve got a list of several reasons why you should buy golf equipment, as well as what your money is being spent on. After this, you might not feel so bad about parting with your wages for a new club.

1. It costs a lot to market golf clubs

The problem with golf is while there is a larger appetite for golf as a casual game, there are rarely any hardcore players. This means that when TaylorMade produces a new club, there won’t be as much of a rush for them as when there would be for a brand new pair of Nike sneakers.

This is why golf companies spend so much on advertising. They want to target their market and make the new club look as appealing as possible.

Also, the less that the golf companies spend on their advertising, the more likely they are to raise the prices of their clubs. They know this because they trust that there will be a hardcore – albeit rich – market that is willing to spend thousands of dollars on the new Calloway model.

2. They are made from precision-engineered materials

You might have dismissed the golf club as just an overpriced lump of metal, but the fact is that these clubs are actually made from the much sturdier graphite.

Graphite is far more expensive than metal, which is why the club costs so much more. But then again, why make them out of the more expensive graphite?

Graphite is much more flexible than metal, which is needed for the club to be responsive off the ball. If your club was too stiff, that it wouldn’t have that necessary give that you need to drive the ball far down the fairway.

Graphite will also absorb a lot more of the force from the swing and the ball striking the clubhead itself. You can expect your graphite club to drive the ball an extra 10 yards further than a solid metal club. This is all due to flexibility and responsiveness.

3. They are made to last

You might have noticed that golf clubs can hang around the house for decades, even after repeated use. Golfers often get used to their favorite club, which can last them up to 17 years if they treat it well.

However, as with all things, clubs do not last forever. You can be certain to have, on average, around 15 years of life out of your average golf club. Drivers and woods have an even shorter lifespan, usually lasting you around 7 years to the infrequent golfer.

Stainless steel is probably the toughest metal that is used to make golf clubs, however, you can expect it to be a lot heavier than graphite golf clubs, and this will definitely affect your swinging ability.

You will always have to weigh up the pros and cons of a heavy club over those of a lightweight club.

4. Golf companies need to make a profit

If your average golf club costs around $100 to manufacture, then you can expect the distributor to buy it from them for around $300 so that the makers make a profit. The distributor then has to sell that club for around $500 to make a profit themselves.

This might not seem fair to the consumer, but it is ultimately how these businesses make a vast portion of their wealth. You would hope that the gold companies then take that money and plow it into making better golf clubs at a more reasonable price for the average golfer.

5. Golf clubs take a long time to engineer and process

There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into making a set of golf clubs. From woods to five irons to drivers, each club comes with a certain set of features that makes them ideal for different portions of the course.

Golf club makers are coming up with new and ingenious methods for improving their golf clubs. This all takes a lot of time and, sadly for the consumer, money. Thankfully, the more you pay for a golf club, the better you can expect it to function.

6. Golf clubs are getting better

In much the same way as computer technology, golf clubs are improving all the time, making older versions more obsolete. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t any good. You can pick up what might have been the best driver on the market 10 years ago for less than $100 now.

Obviously, some pros will stick to the tried and tested clubs that they are used to. However, there are some golf junkies who are simply desperate to try out the latest set of clubs.

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