Honma is one of the most popular Japanese manufacturers and is among the most expensive brands for golf clubs. Often favored by professionals and avid golf enthusiasts, Honma clubs are made from well-forged steel that boasts a luxurious feel and durability that isn’t often found in cheaper clubs.

However, lots of golfers wonder why they cost so much. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about Honma clubs and why they cost the amount that they do.

Honma Golf Clubs

Honma was started in 1959 by the Honma brothers who were keen to create the perfect golf club. Believing that making golf clubs is an art form, it took them three years to create their first test club with the first Honma brand golf club being released in 1963.

Following on with the philosophy to produce clubs that are made using the best materials at the highest quality, Honma remains one of the leaders in the market.

Why are Honma clubs expensive?

Honma has garnered a reputation for the high-quality products it produces as well as the high prices which have often left golfers wondering if they are worth the money. However, there are a variety of reasons why Honma clubs are among the most expensive on the market which can help players improve their performance.


The first factor that makes Honma clubs so expensive is the materials used in producing them. Made from special steel that has been specially treated, these clubs boast a much higher quality than standard industrial steel.

Honma clubs are made from softer steel which is more durable and has a better feel and provides a unique experience for the player. The main reason why Honma clubs cost the amount that they do is due to the soft steel used in production.

Hand-forged irons

The second reason why Honma clubs are so expensive is that they are all hand-forged when possible. One of the most important aspects of the Honma history is viewing golf club production as an art form and this goes hand in hand with how they are made.

Forged by people who are specially trained to do so, the hand forging process is more complex and expensive which immediately drives the price up. Some of their golf clubs such as the TW747 V iron can be made from one piece but a lot of irons are made from two pieces which means that they are partially forged.

Either way, Honma ensures that as much hand forging is incorporated into their manufacturing process as possible.

Handmade shafts

The third factor that contributes to the high price is the handmade shafts. Following on from the hand-forged irons, the shafts are all handmade by the best club designers in the industry who create shafts that fit beautifully into most club heads.

Boasting a mild and gentle design, the shafts provide brilliant torque value which is one of the biggest deciding factors that players look for when deciding which club is best for them.

The Honma Beres is one of the most popular ranges and this is thanks to the ArmRQX shafts which are among the best in the industry. A lot of players find that their performance improves greatly when they choose a Beres club.

Are Honma clubs any good?

An understandable question that players ask is whether Honma clubs are any good at all. If you’re paying a lot of money for your equipment, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Honma clubs in particular are great for those with a slower swing speed and in need of a draw bias thanks to the quality feel of the club and the softer steel.

Compared to how much they used to cost, Honma clubs have gone down in price while still maintaining the quality that has helped to maintain a loyal fanbase.


If you are wanting to invest in some Honma clubs, be prepared to spend well into thousands of dollars. The price varies depending on the range and what kind of clubs you are looking for. In 2013, the company made headlines when it released one of the most expensive sets ever produced.

Costing $75,000, Honma released a bag’s worth of clubs which included 14 clubs in total with a range of woods, irons, and more from the Five Star Series which is their high-end line. This set was made to order and is decorated with premium materials such as platinum and 24 karats gold.

For those who don’t want to splash out that much cash but still want a Honma set, the average steel set costs around $8,000 and comes with everything you need.

With a huge celebrity following as well as professional affiliations, Honma has garnered a fanbase who are adamant that their performance has greatly improved.


Overall, the prices of Honma clubs may be jaw-dropping to some but there are several reasons why they cost the amount that they do.

With every step in the design and manufacturing process being among the most costly to produce clubs that are of the highest quality, Honma charges so much because of their alternative production methods.

By incorporating handmade elements as much as possible, the price reflects the hard work that goes into making each club.

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