Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive?

Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive?

It’s hard to believe that a set of golf clubs can cost over $70,000, but some sets of Honma Golf clubs can actually hit that price point.


If you’re like me, that leads to a ton of follow-up questions, the first being:

Why are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive?

I don’t want to sound like a company sales rep, but Honma golf clubs are expensive for several reasons.

  1. They are created using some the best materials available.
  2. Each club is hand-assembled and requires several months to build.
  3. They come from a luxury golf brand.

To help simplify this, I want you to imagine a scenario where you walk into a room. There are 4 new cars in that room, and you get to choose one of those cars for FREE. You could pick a:

  • Chevy
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Lamborghini

Which one would you pick?

If you chose anything other than a Lamborghini, you’re an idiot. [I’m saying this as a Chevy guy.]

Why would you pick the Lamborghini?

Well for starters, it looks cooler than most of the cars on the road. It’s also worth way more money than the other options I listed. Those are two shallow (but defendable) reasons to make that choice.

But on a more important note, the Lamborghini is characterized by superior materials and engineering. That car will perform better than all of those other vehicles as a result of how it’s built. A stock Chevy/Ford/Nissan can’t hang with a Lamborghini in any true test of performance.

OK, so what’s my point?

My point is this — A Honma golf club is the golf equipment version of a Lamborghini.

These Japanese golf clubs cost way more because they are in a league of their own. They are a statement piece backed by legendary performance.

Let’s talk about the each of the factors that contribute to Honma Golf Clubs price.

Factor #1 – The Best Materials

A Honma club is constructed using some of the finest quality materials. One of those materials is a special steel that outperforms much cheaper industrial options.

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The average golfer may not really care about the materials used to build their club, but a Honma Club isn’t designed for folks who don’t care.

These golf clubs are specifically geared toward people who a) demand the highest quality and b) have some extra money to spend.

Though Cobra Golf, Wilson Staff and others known brands make good golf clubs, they don’t some of the higher end materials of a Honma offering.

Factor #2 – The Time and Energy Required to Build Each Club

According to Honma, each golf club requires six months to build as it passes through a team of over 100 skilled craftsman. Stringent inspections take place at each step along the way.

If the Honma team finds a flaw in the club, it will never see the golf course.

A few years ago, I wrote an article covering where Titleist golf balls are made. In my research, I discovered that Titleist has about 90 process and product quality checks for each Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.

This attention to detail helps explain why Pro V1 golf balls are so expensive. At the same time, those golf balls are still mass produced. The process is just a bit more labor intensive.

Honma’s superior Japanese golf clubs are hand made, and not just by anyone. There is a long apprenticeship required before an employee reaches the skill level of master craftsman. Many of these craftsman have 30 years of experience!

In a world where many items are quickly and cheaply produced, Honma Golf Clubs stand out from the crowd. You can view a breakdown for Honma iron, wood and shaft production here.

An expensive golf club results from an expensive process.

Honma BERES Aizu Iron
The Honma BERES Aizu Iron

Factor #3 – An Earned Reputation for Luxury

So far we’ve covered Honma’s use of better materials and their strict attention to detail in the club making process.

But let’s be honest here: even those factors don’t necessarily lead to a $75,000 price tag.

This brings us back to the original question: Why are Honma golf clubs so expensive?

Part of the reason for the high cost goes back to simple math. Materials + labor = cost.

But the other factor that plays a role in the hefty price tag is Honma’s decision to be a luxury brand.

Think back to my Lamborghini example at the beginning of this post (or, if you’d prefer, think about a Louis Vuitton or Coach handbag).

Luxury brands charge more and take extra steps to market their products as luxurious.

In the case of Honma’s offerings, golfers can choose from the BERES or T//World lineups. Both are expensive and scream luxury.

Honma knows there is a smaller market of golfers that are willing to pay, and that list includes celebrities like Jack Nicholson and Roger Clemens.

Each of Honma’s clubs can be selected in increments of two, three, four, and five star categories. The higher the star category, the higher the price and the greater the luxury.

A category five Honma club may include 24k gold as well as platinum in part of the construction. [Definitely not a club you want to throw into the pond.]

Common Honma Golf Club Questions

Are Honma clubs any good?

Yes, Honma clubs are good — some would even argue they are superior to other well-known brands. Each club is handmade by an expert craftsman that uses the best materials available, so it’s safe to say that Honma clubs are good.

The problem is that most average golfers can’t afford a $30,000 set of golf irons.

Do any PGA players use Honma clubs?

No PGA players currently use Honma clubs. Charl Schwatzel is a former PGA Tour player who uses Honma equipment, but he now plays under the LIV Golf umbrella. Justin Rose also used Honma clubs for a few years before switching to Titleist.

Do any LPGA players use Honma clubs?

Yes, Lee Bo-Mee is an LPGA player who uses Honma clubs.

What animal is on the Honma logo?

The animal on the Honma logo is a mole. Here is Honma Golf’s explanation for why the mole is a part of their brand:

We adopted the mole as our logo for its spirit of perseverance and uncompromising nature as well as its being at home on golf courses. Like the mole’s determined nature, our master Takumi use their senses wisely to hand craft quality products with a relentless pursuit of perfection, always diving deeper and making headway in new directions.

Where are Honma clubs made?

Honma clubs are made in Sakata, Japan. The company originally began in Yokohama, Japan, but in 1981, the company moved to Sakata, Yamagata, Japan for all production.

Is Honma made in China?

No, Honma clubs are not made in China. All Honma clubs are built in Sakata, Japan.

Where are Honma golf clubs manufactured?

Honma golf clubs are manufactured at company headquarters in Sakata, Japan.

How much do Honma golf clubs cost?

The price for Honma golf clubs varies, but be prepared to spend thousands of dollars to fill your golf bag with a new set. The price varies depending on the clubs you select and how you want them customized.

The Honma Beres set starts at about $40,000 but can exceed $60,000 depending on customizations.

In 2013, Honma made headlines when it released one of the most expensive sets ever produced. This set was made to order and decorated with premium materials such as platinum and 24 karat gold.

The final price tag? $75,000.


Any club from Honma will be an expensive club. This higher cost is a result of the raw materials, hand-crafted process and Honma’s positioning as a luxury brand.

Have you been lucky enough to try a set? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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