Back in 2016, Costco took the golfing community by storm when releasing their own Signature golf balls, this may not seem like a big deal to some, but these golf balls have a urethane cover which is typically found on high-end golf balls and is sought after by both amateur and more skilled players.

These golf balls are sold at a ridiculously low price but have a surprisingly good performance rating for a non-high-end ball. So we thought we’d finally try them out and see if the hype is worth it

We’ll be giving an in-depth look at the Costco Kirkland Signature golf balls and settling the debate about if they are as good as they all say.

Costco Kirkland Signature golf balls


Whilst these balls might have caused a stir in the golfing community, you won’t be seeing any pro-golfers rushing out to their local Costcos to pick them up.

For the budget-friendly price, there is a ceiling when it comes to performance, which is well suited for amateur golfers but not for those playing competitively with the top players. 


These Kirkland Signatures also comply with the USGA and R&R regulations so you won’t be called out by your golf buddies when out on the green or even embarrassed if you rock up with these to your next competition. 


Costco didn’t waste their efforts or resources trying to make these golf balls look good.

To the untrained eye, these make look like quality golf balls, which they generally are when it comes to performance, but they don’t look as fancy as some high-end ones like Callaways or Titleist Pros.

The Titleist Pros seem to have a whiter sheen compared to the Costco golf balls that we tried, not that this makes a particular difference to your performance, but it’s always nice to have bright fresh looking golf balls when out on the course.

If we’re being honest, they do look pretty cheap compared to premium brands, which they are, but if you’re seeking a box of balls to impress on a corporate golf trip with your work, then these won’t be it. 

The dimple pattern of the Signatures is similar if not the same as the Pro V1s, so we can see where Costco has gauged their inspiration from here. 


These golf balls have been heavily compared to the Titleist Pro V1 and one of the main reasons why is that they have around the same average compression and feel firm.

However, the firmness could be due to the noticeably thicker cover that it has whereas other urethane balls like this have a similar compression but thinner cover. 


Costco Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

The Costco K-Sigs feel pretty good on all types of shots on the green and for pitch shots, however, you can notice that the ball is slightly firmer than the usual balls you’d used and this is due to the thicker urethane cover. 

If you’re loyal to a particular branded premium ball, then you may be able to notice minor differences between those and trialing out the Signature golf balls, but if you’re just learning the ropes as a beginner these will feel just fine for you and may see you through until you begin improving your handicap. 

Ball speed

Ball speeds with these Kirkland Signature golf balls are pretty comparable to top-tier alternatives like the Titleist Pro V1s. 

Spin Control

There are some budget balls that may go further than the premium brands and even further than these Signature balls by Costco, however, the difference in them is the spin control which makes them a more complete golf ball. 

You’ll be able to get a good level of check and spin on full shots due to the super-fast mantle which can be compared with a premium golf ball. 


You don’t have to be a bomber to consistently get good distance with these balls. You’ll be able to comfortably hit around 250 to 260 years each time off the tee without any major gains or losses in the distance when swapping through your clubs in your bag. 


For such affordable golf balls, we can’t speak ill about their durability. After a full round, the covers managed to retain their white finish and visually displayed minor scuffs at the end when we checked, but this didn’t seem to affect their performance.

For around a dollar per ball, there’s hardly room to complain about average durability when comparing them to high-end golf balls. 

If you’re a golfing beginner, then these balls will be ideal for you as you won’t be too concerned about losing them or scuffing them up as you can always just swap one out for a new one when it looks too noticeably scuffed up and unusable. 

However, more amateur golfers or those who play numerous rounds throughout the week will opt for something of higher durability that’ll be able to last them several rounds on the course before they need to change it.

We’ve heard strange stories about these Signature balls turning yellow from prolonged UV exposure but we didn’t experience any of this and think people may mistake the coloring for staining from the green or even some pesticide that the club has put out onto the golf course. 


Not always a factor when we do these sorts of reviews, however, as these are Kirkland golf balls, it means they’re only readily available to buy currently at Costco. 

You’ll need to buy a membership in order to get your golf balls from there. A basic annual membership is only $60 but if you’re only looking to buy these golf balls from their store then it won’t justify the annual price. 

In saying that, Costco does have a good selection of more affordable golf gear and equipment, from clubs to gloves so you’ll be able to stock up on your essentials for a fraction of the price that you’d pay at your local golf store. 


  • Decent all-round performance
  • Durable urethane cover
  • High compression ball that’s good for distance
  • Good for all handicap levels
  • Conforms to golf ball regulations
  • Good value for money
  • Responsive putting


  • May accumulate more scuffs than premium golf balls

Comparisons To The Big Brands

It’s difficult not to draw conclusions about these Kirkland Signatures unless you compare them to the popular premium golf balls from the big brands out there that amateurs and pros are normally drawn to. 

Often these are compared to the Titleist Pro V1s or referred to golf enthusiasts as the ‘Number One Ball In Golf’ and for good reasons as there are minor comparables between them. 


We’d most definitely give these golf balls a thumbs up and recommend them to any curious golfers out there who have been debating whether to try them.

If you’re already loyal to a brand, then you’ll probably feel it’s not worth trying these unless you’re looking to cut down your budget for golf equipment.

They’re a great contender as golf balls for beginners and amateurs who may not have tried out some of the more premium brands of balls. The performance of the Signatures will be enough to carry you through your rounds of golf with minor issues.

These are good alternatives to recyclable golf balls if you’re looking to save money but still have quality new balls to take out on the course.

Luckily all the fanfare regarding these Costco Kirkland Signature golf balls has died down now and you’ll probably be able to find a box at your local store.

For a while, you were unable to even get a sniff at them as all the golfers must have rushed out and bought 10 dozen of them for all their buddies before we could even show our Costco card to the guy on the door.  

If you’re unable to get to your local Costco, or you’re just not willing to sign up for a membership to buy a dozen golf balls, then you can also get them available at Amazon

So who would’ve thought you pick up some quality golf balls from Costco at the same time as bulk buying your toilet paper and a 5-gallon tub of mayonnaise.

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