If you are thinking about selling your old clubs but you aren’t quite sure what they’re worth, then we would certainly recommend having them identified and valued by a collector or consulting with a guide that you might find online.

It all comes down to how much demand there is for the distinctive style of golf club that you have. You can get rare clubs that are actually very common and won’t be worth more than $50 on the market.

However, there have been very rare clubs that have sold for as much as $80,000 (although this is not as common).

So how much can your old or antique golf clubs fetch at auction? Is it worth hunting for them online? How much can you expect to pay and then sell them on for? What is the difference between your common vintage golf clubs and the rare vintage golf clubs?

Well, for all your answers to your vintage golf club question needs, then you should keep reading this article. We’ll shine a light on the dusty corners of golf club history, as well as giving you an in-depth idea of what your golf clubs will be worth once they have been placed on the market.

What Is the Difference Between Common Golf Clubs And Rare Golf Clubs?

The difference between a common golf club and a vintage one is very simple – how many of them are there? A common vintage golf club will be worth only slightly more than a regular type of club that you can pick up at your local golf store.

A rare golf club only really accounts for 5% of all vintage golf clubs. This will be the type that will fetch a fairly hefty price at auction. However, the other 95% really won’t be worth that much beyond being purely decorative or even for playing.

However, that’s not a reason why you shouldn’t go hunting in the attic for a vintage pair of clubs. You’ll just need to find the right place to be able to value them, but more about that later in the article.

Vintage Golf Clubs

These types of golf clubs are worth around $10-$20 in today’s market, which is actually a decrease, as they would have been worth $40 when they were first made. This is because the demand for these types of cubs was a lot higher back then.

The fact that these have depreciated is also because of the internet. This has brought an influx of vintage golf clubs onto the market, which explains why their value has gone down so drastically.

If you are a serious collector or antique dealer, then you’ll probably have zero interest in this type of club. In the mid-1900’s, there were plenty of these vintage golf clubs being manufactured, which is also why they are not that much valued.

You can identify a common vintage golf club by several traits. They have aluminum caps on the handles, nickel and chrome-plated heads, they have dots, lines and scorings on the clubface and they also have similar phrases on the back.

In terms of advertising, they used very ordinary sounding names. So if your golf club has words such as accurate, superior and aim-rite on the handle or the club-head, then this means they are probably a common vintage type.

Rare Golf Clubs

These types of clubs have far less common printings on the body. Most of these are made from wood and come with unusual-shaped heads, shafts, facial markings and patented improvements for the player.

You can also get wooden necks on clubs that are very thick and wrapped in a kind of string whipping. If your wooden club head also has deep grooves in the head, this could also be a sign that this is a very rare club.

Clubs that come made by the companies Army & Navy, Dunn, Forgan, Gray, White, Carrick and Anderson are also very rare and could be worth a pretty penny.

Where Can You Get Rare Golf Clubs Valued?

You can go on websites such as golfweek.com and that will be a good place to start for valuing your golf clubs. Most rare golf clubs have been manufactured around 1900 and are made from vintage wood.

They are also a lot smaller than the golf clubs that we use today as the average height for a man was a lot shorter.

You can sell your average vintage club for around $100. This trading of vintage clubs can be a fun and educational pastime, as you learn various things about how vintage clubs were made and who might have owned them.

Comparing Your Golf Clubs With Rare Ones You’ve Sold Recently

A good method of valuing your club will be to compare it to similar models and see what price they have fetched. Try looking on eBay for vintage clubs. However, remember that just because a similar club has sold for a certain amount, that doesn’t mean that your club will necessarily sell for the same.

If you are lucky, you might get an avid vintage golf club collector that is looking to buy your club for more than the original stated price.

Why You Should Take Time To Value Your Old Clubs?

As we have stated above, your clubs probably won’t be worth much more than what they were originally bought for. Chances are that if your clubs belonged to your father or grandfather, then they probably have more sentimental value than they do monetary value.

However, you can always try making inquiries with collectors online, although be careful that someone isn’t trying to scam you out of a valuable club.

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