Waterproof Golf Shorts

5 Must-Have Waterproof Golf Shorts

We all have those woeful golf stories that start out with a sunny day that quickly shifts into a windy, rainy mess. Nothing’s worse than playing 10 holes in a pair of soaked cotton shorts.

But alas, there is good news: Someone invented waterproof golf shorts.

Technology and fashion have come a long way since golf began, so there is no need to wear the same rain gear your grandparents wore—we’re talking about those oversized windbreakers that were about as stylish as parchment paper or those bucket hats that only belong on the head of an avid adventurer (though this may come in handy when you’re hacking your way through the rough).

While we understand the effect rain has on your game—from decreased grip and inhibited vision to overall discomfort—we also know that you cannot wear a scuba diving suit on the course (if you do, please let us know).

The following options are designed to make those rainy golf days a bit more tolerable, without sacrificing function or overall appeal.

Adidas Ultimate365 Core Shorts

You often cannot go wrong with a surefire athletic brand. Their product is versatile and comfortable, with a bonus of UV protection for the everyday golfer. Enjoy a lightweight feel on those humid, drizzly days, but don’t count on these to get you through hurricane season.

adidas Golf Ultimate 365 Short
  • Performance fabric built for golfers
  • UPF50+ for sun protection
  • 7 colors to choose from
  • Breathability
  • Not designed for heavy rain
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03/07/2024 09:51 am GMT

While these shorts are more multifunctional than rain-designated , check out Adidas’s other rain gear to get the most from cloudy days on the green. 

Zero Restriction Men’s Tech Shorts

Zero Restriction is a specialty company that focuses on the best options for waterproof, windproof, and motion-tuned apparel. In other words, they know how to make a good golf short.

These water-resistant shorts, from a company that specializes in weather-resistant materials, combine style and substance for a timeless and functional fit.

Zero Restriction Men's Tech Shorts
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Built by golfers, for golfers
  • 6 color options
  • Expensive
  • Pockets are a bit on the shallow side
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This company also includes waterproof ratings that indicate a product’s ability to withstand the elements. 

Walter Hagen Perfect 11 Performance Golf Shorts

In addition to their function in the rain, this golf short from Walter Hagen features a comfortable fit that enables you to focus on your swing. And don’t worry about changing for a quick dinner afterwards—these shorts have you covered.

Walter Hagen Men’s P11 Golf Shorts
  • Moisture-wicking and waterproof
  • 4-way stretch for extreme comfort
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Limited colors
  • Expensive
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For related products to ensure your satisfaction on the golf course, check out other Walter Hagen gear, such as their rain jacket.

Lululemon Commission Golf Short

A staple in the uprising luxury performance fabric community, these shorts are the culmination of careful attention to comfort and style.

Lululemon Mens Commission Short
  • Comfortable sweat-wicking two way stretch fabric
  • Hidden back zippered pockets
  • 5 color options
  • Not designed for heavy rain
  • Expensive
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For bargain prices on Lululemon Golf apparel, check out their We Made Too Much section on their site.

FootJoy HydroShorts

Unlike some of the above-mentioned products, the description is in the name of this tour-proven product. Among the few 100% waterproof products listed, the FootJoy HydroShorts are worth the investment.

FootJoy HydroShorts
  • 100% waterproof, including stormproof back pockets
  • Additional protection against the wind
  • 2 year warranty
  • Limited color options
  • Expensive (but worth it)
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From the advanced technology to sealed seams for absolute waterproofing, this product is the result of careful design. It also comes with a two-year warranty against water damage.

Waterproof Golf Gear FAQ

We’ve highlighted our favorite gear, now let’s cover a few important details.

Why purchase golf shorts that are waterproof?

Many of you may wonder what the difference is between your everyday golf shorts and waterproof golf shorts. You may still remain on the fence about buying another piece of clothing for a seasonal sport. Here are some benefits of waterproof clothing to clear your mind:

  1. Ideal materials: While atoms are the building blocks of life, fabrics are the building blocks of clothing. To understand the benefits of waterproof clothing, you must first understand the basic materials. The following shorts are primarily made of polyester and other fabric intended for adverse weather. 
  2. Performance-based: Waterproof does not mean you have to give up performance—you will still have complete range of motion in your golf swing. If anything, the flexible materials of these shorts are akin to everyday golf clothing—just more useful in poor weather.
  3. Multifunctional: Many waterproof products are multifunctional, serving as everyday outfits in both competitive and casual settings. 

Is there a difference between waterproof, and water resistant?

Believe it or not, a significant difference exists between these terms. For simplicity’s sake, consider the following:

  • Resistant: Can only repel water to a certain point
  • Proof: Provides protection from permanent and immediate water damage

These two terms help distinguish what product you may buy—the following products range in their capabilities, from moisture-wicking technology to 100% waterproofing. Consider the area you play in and your personal capacity to play in these conditions.

How do I take care of waterproof fabric?

Thankfully, waterproof fabric does not require much additional care. 

Simply adhere to the directions provided on each respective product. To make your job easier, we took note of how to care for each of the above shorts—machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Pretty straightforward—just throw these shorts in with your other performance gear, and you’re all set!

A Few Closing Thoughts

Like any other product, find what works best for you based on your needs and preferences—nothing beats a positive experience with a certain brand.

These waterproof golf shorts aren’t cheap, but they surpass the good ol’ trash bag poncho in both style and substance. Who knows—maybe they’ll give you just the edge you need against that friend in his waders.

Hopefully you feel more prepared the next time you play a round and the skies open up. One piece of waterproof clothing alone does not provide full immunity against your climate nemesis. Thankfully, many of the above companies have the items to complete your weatherproof collection, including pants, jackets, and other defense mechanisms. You can even shop for an element-resistant golf bag to remain on top of your game and keep your clubs in the best possible shape.

Remember, you can’t control the climate, but you can control your experience. The next time the rain follows you to the course, you will be prepared. Water hazards, however, may require the above-mentioned scuba equipment (also good for retrieving waterlogged golf balls).

Do you enjoy these practical tips? Check out some other apparel advice here.

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