Are All Golf Cart Keys the Same? (Universal)

Golf carts are composed of many parts, and as the key is the component that gets removed the most, it can easily get misplaced. Whilst losing the key to your golf vehicle can spark a lot of initial panic, there is a resolution to the issue.

If the key is not found shortly after it disappears, you will have no option other than to purchase a replacement. However, before you do this, you of course need to know whether it is going to be compatible with your golf cart.

Golf cart keys are universal so long as they are made by the same manufacturer. Therefore it is not simply a case of purchasing a key from any well-known manufacturer and hoping that it works with your cart.

For this reason, if you do happen to lose your golf cart key you need to ensure that your replacement is purchased from the same manufacturer. There are a few exceptions to this.

For example, the design of the key could differ between models, and because of this, it may not be quite right for your exact vehicle.

Factors that Influence the Compatibility of the Cart Key

Aside from the model of the cart and the manufacturer, there are a few other factors that will determine whether the key is suitable for your golf cart.

A key that is made for an older cart, may be designed differently to keys that are made for newer models. Because of this, if you own an old cart and you purchase a replacement key that is originally intended for a newer version, you may find that it is incompatible.

Furthermore, some manufacturers make carts that can share the same key so long as they were all made after a specific date.

Some owners are inclined to make changes to their cart to introduce more upgraded elements to the design. As a result of this, a different type of key may be required because the original style is no longer suitable.

To determine which type of key is going to be right for your golf cart, you must recognize all of the changes that have been made.

Manufacturers of Golf Keys

As mentioned, one of the main factors that will decide whether the key is universal is the manufacturer. Attempting to use a Yamaha key for a Club Car golf cart isn’t going to prove successful.

The majority of EZGO carts will work with a key that has the following serial number: 17063G1. However, those from the RXV range made from 2008 onwards will work with a key that has 606993 as its serial number.

As such, if you currently own a 2020 model, you will not be confronted with any challenges when trying to use a replacement key for a 2008 model to start it. This key is also compatible with carts that are powered by gas or electricity.

Keys for Club Car vehicles are compatible with all models manufactured from 1982. If you have a golf cart that is older than this, you will struggle to find a key that is going to work with it.

As a result, you will need to upgrade the ignition system so that it matches the specs of newer keys. This standard replacement key works with both gas and electric models.

Yamaha has two different keys available that are suitable replacements. The first type of key has a serial number reading J17-82511-yy and can be used for the following models: G1, G2, G8, G9, and G11. The second key is suitable for G14, G16, G19, G22, and G29 models regardless of whether it operates via gas or electric.

The part number of this key is 1012505, 1920, ELI80-0194. As there are 2 different keys available, it is important to pay attention to the type that you choose. You don’t want to select a key only to find that you have purchased the wrong one.

Starting Your Golf Cart Without a Key

Now if you have lost the key to your golf cart and are not going to be able to get your hands on one as soon as you would have liked you will need to look for alternative ways of starting the vehicle.

You may be fortunate and have the same golf cart as a close friend so you will be able to borrow their key until your replacement has arrived.

Another option is to use a flat-bladed screwdriver to trigger the lock. To do this, you will first need to insert it into the lock mechanism until it comes into contact with some sort of resistance. You will then need to apply pressure to the screwdriver before starting to turn it clockwise.

If your cart is quite old and the manufacturer no longer has a key available that will work as a replacement, one of the only options left may be to remove the current ignition switch and insert a new one. A newer version is going to be compatible with the modern keys.

Although this option is going to require more effort on your behalf, the task isn’t overly complex and will provide you with a more practical long-term solution.

Finally, if any of these methods have not worked for you, the only option may be to hotwire it. You must do this cautiously to avoid any accidents and eliminate any dangers to your safety.

There are many tutorials that will lead you through each step of the process so if you feel as though you currently have the knowledge required, you are likely to benefit from watching one of these. Hot wiring involves connecting two points in the circuit via a piece of wire and two alligator clips.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the answer to this question isn’t simply a yes or no response. Golf cart keys are only universal if they are from the same manufacturer and share the same serial number. It is important to pay close attention to the type of key that you choose.

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