The Best Golf Cart Batteries of 2024

Electric golf carts are great…until the batteries need to be replaced. Thankfully, battery technology continues to improve and careful maintenance can extend a battery’s service life.

I bought an old Club Car DS about a decade ago for just $500. I thought I had scored a major deal until I realized that the golf cart batteries had to be replaced. My $500 “steal” quickly became a $1,500 “investment.”

My First Golf Cart
My first golf cart. Little did I know that the batteries were dead…

When the day comes to replace your golf cart batteries (and trust me, that day WILL come), you should look for the best golf cart batteries that money can buy. Choosing the right battery will help you save in the long run.

This golf cart battery buying guide is designed to save you some time and energy on your research so you can get back on the road or hit links in style.

So let’s jump into it.

Who Makes the Best Golf Cart Batteries?

The Trojan Battery Company makes some of the best golf cart batteries, hands-down. In fact, they invented the first electric golf car battery back in 1952!

There are other great options out there, but a Trojan battery is backed by nearly 100 years of research and development. This is the brand I recommend first.

The Best Golf Cart Batteries (Lead Acid), Ranked

Before we get start, I want to give a few quick notes on battery type and voltage:

  • Find replacement batteries that are compatible with your current system. This will make your life easier.
  • This section of the buying guide is focusing on deep cycle battery — lead acid battery options. I’ll talk about lithium ion battery options in the next section
  • Make sure you choose the right voltage for your cart (a 6 volt battery is not the same as an 8 volt battery, etc).

#1 – The Trojan T-125 (6v) & T-875 (8V)

Highest Quality Replacement
Trojan T-105 Plus 6V Deep Cycle Battery Set

These are the best flooded lead acid golf cart batteries.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

A Trojan golf cart battery is backed by 80 years of experience. No other golf cart battery has that claim to fame.

If you’re a golf cart owner looking a replacement solution, this rechargeable deep cycle battery is one of the best options on the market.

Ask a golf cart dealer who makes the best batteries…I guarantee the Trojan Battery Company is either first or second on their list. If not, you should be suspicious.

Golf car batteries are expensive to begin with, and the Trojan T-125 (if you need 6v battery replacements) or the Trojan T-875 (8v replacements) are on the high end of the price spectrum.

That being said, you usually “get what you pay for” and in this instance, the old saying is spot on.

If you want an expert lead acid power solution for your electric golf cart, this is the way to go.

You can lead about Trojan’s list of awards on their website, but here are a few highlights:

  • Ranked as the highest flooded batteries in sustained capacity and total ampere hour performance (2011)
  • Recognized as one of the most admired companies by Golf Course Industry readers (2012)

In other words, if you want the best battery life, Trojan is a reliable name.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, but you still want decent quality, here are a few other lead acid battery options.

#2 – Crown Battery BCI Group GC2 (6v) & T-1275 (12v)

Solid Mid-Range Choice
Crown Battery BCI Group GC2 6V 220AH Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery

Please note: Price is for a set of six, 6v batteries.

02/21/2024 01:05 pm GMT

Crown Battery is another key player in the world of electric golf carts. Their track record in the industry isn’t quite as expansive as Trojan’s, but they have a solid reputation for their lead battery performance.

The buzzwords for a Crown Battery are durability, convenience, and low-maintenance — three attributes that are sure to appeal to most golf cart owners.

If you’re looking for a good mid-range electric golf cart battery, Crown Battery fits the bill.

These batteries are made in the USA and available at popular retailers.

#3 – Duracell Ultra BCI Group GC2 (6v) & GC8 (8v)

Best Budget Option
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Duracell is a name that’s well-known in the world of batteries.

At the beginning of this post, I told you about the first golf cart I ever purchased. After hooking up my new purchase to a battery charger, I was disappointed to find that the old batteries had long since entered the retirement phase.

Well now the story comes full circle. Duracell was the first brand that I turned to for a full golf cart battery replacement.

Best Golf Cart Batteries (replaced)
My first golf cart, post battery replacement and renovation.

Why did I go with Duracell?

  • Brand recognition
  • Lower cost
  • Local pick-up option

Max battery life and battery capacity weren’t my main priority…I just wanted to get my cart up and running at the best price possible. Duracell and Energizer were brands that I’d used since my childhood, so they seemed like a good place to start.

Duracell had an affordable battery replacement option (more than $100 less per battery as compared to the alternatives), so I bought 6 of the Duracell Ultra BCI Group GC2, drew up a fancy little diagram, and put my series of golf cart batteries back together.

The result? My cart was up and running and I gave myself a nice pat on the back.

…Little did I know I would be replacing all of the golf cart solenoids a few weeks later.

I have firsthand experience with these Duracell batteries and the Trojan T-125.

The Duracells are one of the cheaper lead acid battery options for your cart, and they get the job done for a few years.

However, cart owners shouldn’t expect the same longevity from these batteries as they should expect from some of the more expensive options.

I felt the need to replace my Duracells at the end of the 4 year mark.

Other Lead Acid Options

Before writing this post, I looked at a number of websites featuring the best golf cart batteries. I saw offerings from Universal Power Group, Mighty Max and others.

I even saw a few websites that recommended marine batteries (that’s a big no-no and a sign that whoever wrote the article doesn’t know what they’re talking about).

Dig around and do your own research if you’d like, but the 3 choices above are some of the best reliable options.

The Best Lithium Golf Cart Batteries, Ranked

If you’re looking for a lithium golf cart battery, good for you. This seems to be the trend for the future. Converting from lead acid to lithium ion isn’t an easy project, but it’s not insanely difficult either.

So why make the switch?

Pros to a Lithium Battery

  • 200% more power than traditional batteries
  • 1/4 the weight
  • Charges 5x faster
  • Lasts 4x as long
  • Better long term storage
  • No need to monitor water levels
  • Longer warranties

Source: Dakota Lithium Batteries

If all of those attributes sound good to you, it’s time to find the right lithium golf cart battery for your application. Keep in mind, voltage values and other key specs must be properly aligned with the setup of your golf cart…it’s on you to do your homework.

Most of the aftermarket lithium battery companies want to help you succeed. For liability reasons, I can’t offer you a bunch of conversion tips here. I would encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer for help.

We also have a write-up on lithium vs lead acid golf cart batteries that’s worth reading

#1 – Dakota Lithium

Established in 2008, Dakota Lithium is a brand offering lithium batteries for almost every application you can imagine.

This company deserves your full attention, especially if you plan on converting your golf cart battery setup from lead acid to lithium. See Dakota’s post on “How to Upgrade Your Golf Cart to Lithium Batteries” to get some expert guidance.

So back to why Dakota Lithium offerings rank high on my list:

  • They have 3 great battery sets to choose from (one 36v and two 48v options) that work as drop in battery replacements for electric carts.
  • They feature LiFePO4 battery cells.
  • The include a whopping 11 year warranty along with a number of performance improvements.

As an added bonus, shipping is free (but the golf cart battery charger is sold separately).

#2 – Trojan GC2 Lithium Ion Battery

It makes sense that the longest running golf cart battery manufacturer would find its way onto this list.

The GC2 released in early 2022 and Trojan Battery Company’s CEO Rick Heller called it:

…a beast of a battery designed for golf car owners who demand the most convenience and performance from their driving experience…

This battery offers a longer range, faster charging, and less maintenance than its lead acid counterparts. It even travels 15% further than its lithium ion competitors.

Plus, these batteries are stackable, so the possibilities seem virtually endless.

#3 – The RELiON InSight

Perfect for a 48v application, the InSight lithium battery was carefully crafted to meet the needs of golf cars and utility vehicles.

Each battery is made to the same size as a GC2 battery for easy replacement…this keeps you from having to build spacers or modify the battery trays.

This is a LiFePO4 deep cycle battery that utilizes the safest lithium chemistry on the market.

Owners benefits from a powerful battery management system which puts a premium on durability and an optimized lifespan.

Charger included.

Golf Cart Batteries Questions

Are AGM batteries better for your golf cart?

Although an AGM battery has its perks, generally speaking, an AGM battery is not better for your golf cart. The exceptions would be in cases where regular maintenance of flooded lead acid batteries is going to be an issue or in situations where the maintenance of those batteries would be cost prohibitive. That being said, AGM technology continues to improve, so the day may come when it’s a better solution for a golf course.

Are golf cart batteries lead acid?

If you have an older electric golf cart, your golf cart batteries are probably lead acid. Lead acid batteries are the most cost-effective solution for electric cart manufacturers.

However, if you have a newer or more expensive cart, it could be powered by a lithium ion set. These batteries have a ton of associated benefits but a higher upfront cost.

Where can I buy golf cart batteries?

If you don’t have a golf cart dealer near you, you can buy golf cart batteries on Amazon or at a brick-and-mortar store like Batteries Plus. Interstate Battery is another retailer that carries golf cart batteries.

Which golf cart batteries are best?

Trojan golf cart batteries are some of the best in the industry if you’re shopping for a lead acid battery option. This company has a great reputation, but their golf cart batteries aren’t the cheapest.

Can golf cart batteries be refurbished?

Yes, you can refurbish golf cart batteries (to some extent), but once they show signs of fading, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll need to replace them. The typical life for a lead acid battery set is 4-6 years, so choose from one of the best golf cart batteries above to maximize your investment.

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