Cheap Golf Gifts Under $10

So you’re looking for the cheap golf gifts under $10?

I can’t really blame you. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, I spent a good chunk of time rounding up a list of cheap golf gifts under $10. The gifts I’ve highlighted below meet several criteria. They

  1. cost less than $10 (at the time of posting – please note that prices change regularly)
  2. are readily available through a trusted retailer (like Amazon)
  3. have favorable reviews (if most golfers approve, that’s a good sign)

To make your choices easier, I’m splitting the best golf gift options into two categories—the essentials and the novelties.

Also, if you’re a person who doesn’t like to read, I’m including some of my suggestions in chart form so you can skip the actual content.

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The Golf Gift Essentials Category

In this category I highlight golf gifts under $10 that satisfy a golfer’s basic needs. Think along the lines of balls, tees, etc.

With these gifts, you can’t really go wrong. A golfer will need them at some point along the way, and they’ll be happy they don’t need to buy these items on their own.

Wilson Staff F.L.I. Golf Ball

Best Golf Gifts Under $10 - Wilson FLI Golf Balls Golfers lose more golf balls than they’d like to admit, and unless that special someone in your life is a semi-pro golfer, they’re going to need a small stockpile of golf balls to sustain their hobby.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • An excellent entry-level ball designed to help golfers hit further and straighter
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Includes a dozen golf balls

What Golfers Have to Say

  • You can’t ask more from a 50 cent golf ball.
  • I’ve had plenty of long and straight drives with these golf balls. Worth the purchase.

Get these Wilson Golf Balls on Amazon


Pride Professional Golf Tees

Best Golf Gifts Under $10 - Pride Professional Golf Tees Every golfer needs tees, and the Pride Professional Golf Tees are some of the best reviewed golf tees on the internet.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Golfers don’t want to spend their money on golf tees
  • These tees feature a convenient color bar to help gauge tee length and consistent tee setup
  • These tees are designed to maximize a golfer’s drive

What Golfers Have to Say

  • The marks on the tees help me set the ball at the right height.
  • Best golf tees.
  • Fair price for a good product.

Get the Pride Professional Tees on Amazon


4 Yards More Golf Tee

Best Golf Gifts Under $10 - 4 Yards More Golf Tee Golfers are always looking for a way to hit the ball further, and 4 Yards More Golf Tee claims to help them do just that. These are a bit of a deviation from a standard golf tee, so if you’re purchasing for someone who likes to be different or someone likes to have an edge, they’ll appreciate this gift.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • The only tee proven to improve distance in both robotic and field testing
  • Variety pack lets golfers experiment
  • Money-back guarantee

What Golfers Have to Say

  • You can use the tee over and over again which is pretty cool.
  • These tees have helped me strike the ball better.

Get the 4 Yards More Tee on Amazon


Pop Up Golf Chipping Net (note: price has gone up on this)

Nothing will help a golfer’s game more than the ability to chip a ball with relative accuracy. This super-affordable pop-up chipping net will give the golfer in your life a convenient way to practicing one of golf’s crucial skills.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Includes 3 targets of varying heights
  • Weighs 1lb and folds for portability
  • Can be used to set up a friendly competition

What Golfers Have to Say

  • Perfect for practicing in the yard.
  • A true bargain.
  • Easy to setup.

Get the Pop Up Golf Chipping Net on Amazon

Greenkeepers Line M Up Putt Positioning System

Best Golf Gifts Under 10 - Greenskeepers Line M Up Putting is one of the crucial skills needed to score well in golf, so any tricks golfers can use to improve their consistency is worth it in the long run. One trick that golfers often employ is “marking” their ball. The Greenkeepers Line M Up is designed to help golfers do that quickly and consistently.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Makes precision ball alignment easy
  • Helps golfers sink more putts

What Golfers Have to Say

  • Every golfer should mark their balls to help them align their putter and body.
  • Easy to use, sturdy product.
  • I gave this to a golf friend as a gift. It was well-received.

Get the Greenskeepers Line M Up on Amazon


Other Cheap Golf Gifts in the Essentials Category


The Golf Gift Novelty Category

In this category I highlight golf gifts under $10 that are unique, helpful, or downright ridiculous. These would make good cheap gifts for golfers who are quirky or already own the essentials, but would still appreciate golf-related gifts. This is the fun golf gift category, and if you’re unsure about some of the essentials, I would go this route.

Exploding Golf Ball, 3 Pack

Best Golf Gifts Under $10 - Exploding Golf Balls One of the best golf gag gifts ever. The ball explodes and vanishes into thin air upon impact. Great for pranking friends (and enemies) on the course.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Classic gag gifts
  • Ships free
  • Designed to look just like a real golf ball

What Golfers Have to Say

  • These balls are so much fun.
  • Fun ball to trick your friends with.

Get Exploding Golf Balls on Amazon


Stainless Steel Keychain Drinking Flask

Best Golf Gifts Under 10 - Stainless Steel Drinking Flask Golf and alcohol often go hand in hand, so this mini drinking flask will be well-received for both its functional and humorous value.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Leak-tested stainless steel
  • Keychain sized, but actually holds 2 fluid oz.
  • Conveniently detaches from keys/golf bags

What Golfers Have to Say

  • Worth the price. Unique gift.

Get the Stainless Steel Flask on Amazon


Golf Ball Shaped Shot Glasses

Golf Shot Glasses Photo

This sleeve of golf shot glasses continues the drinking theme, as each screw top golf ball shot glass can hold 1.5 oz of your favorite liquid.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Fun novelty item for golf enthusiasts
  • Easy way to sneak beverages onto the course
  • Unbreakable

What Golfers Have to Say

  • A great funny golf gift!

Get the Golf Shot Glasses on Amazon


Toilet Golf Game

Best Golf Gifts Under 10 - Toilet Golf Game This one-of-a-kind game includes a putting green, putter, flag, golf balls, and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ door sign.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • Hilarious golf game for someone who wants more time to “practice” their putting
  • Packaged in a full color gift box
  • A memorable gift, to say the least

What Golfers Have to Say

  • Perfect gift for golfers with a sense of humor.
  • Great gag gift.
  • Even the box is funny.

Get the Toilet Golf Game on Amazon


Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel

Best Golf Gifts Under 10 - Way 2 Cool Microfiber Towel Have you played 18 holes of golf during the summer? If so, you know how miserably hot it can be. These cooling towels are a favorite for golfers who despise the heat.

Why This is a Good Gift

  • UPF of 50 blocks 98% of radiation and serves as an alternative to sunscreen
  • Helps golfers stay up to 30 degrees cooler in intense heat
  • 90 day, 100% money back guarantee
  • Many color options to choose from

What Golfers Have to Say

  • This towel really helps take the edge off of the heat.
  • If you want to stay cool or get cool, pick up one of these towels.
  • This product works!

Get the Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel on Amazon


Other Cheap Golf Gifts in the Novelties Category

Obviously there are other cheap golf gifts I could have included, but I thought this list would give shoppers a good starting point. If you find any clever gifts that you think others should know about, feel free to share them in the comments section below. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you may want to check out our Gifts for Golfers Under $50 or the most forgiving golf ball options.

Here’s the best golf gifts under $10 in chart form one more time.

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