DIY Golf Bag (2 Easy Options)

I can already tell you’re one of those people who lives on the edge. You’ve ignored all of the constraints that society, ad agencies and fancy country clubs try to put on you.

A DIY golf bag is for the real ones out there and now is the time to take your rebellion a step further by building your own golf bag.

I’m here to point you in the right direction.

How to Make Your Own Sunday Golf Bag

DIY Golf Bag Option 1 – Use a Pair of Pants

How to Make Your Own Golf Bag Photo This option requires a bit of sewing knowledge and an old pair of pants.

Step 1: Cut off one of your old pant legs. This should result in a rectangle shaped piece of fabric.

Step 2: Trim the pant leg to 30-34”

Step 3: Use the other pant leg to cut a strip of fabric that you’ll use for your bag carrying strap. This strip should be the same length as you make your bag (30”-34”) and about 3” tall.

Step 4: For this step, make sure the bag is “inside-out.” In other words, you want to be looking at the inside of your pant leg as you get ready to sew. You will turn the whole bag inside out when you’re finished and see the more desirable fabric on the outside of your bag.

Step 5: Place the strap you cut inside the folded rectangle, then double-stitch the entire pant leg, including this strip (see illustration). Don’t stitch the top, that’s where you’ll put your clubs, but make sure you stitch the other two sides (length of rectangle and bottom of bag).

Step 6: Turn this whole thing inside out (again, the show off the nice fabric) and you’ve got yourself a homemade sunday bag.

If you hate reading, you can watch this Golf Digest video for some inspiration.

Download the DIY Golf Bag Instructions (PDF)


DIY Golf Bag Option 2 – Using a PVC Pipe

DIY Golf Bag Photo This is the DIY lightweight golf bag I see most often. This may have something to do with the fact that most of the homemade bags I’ve seen are carried by guys who are:

  • Less likely to spend money on a fancy bag
  • Less likely to own a sewing machine
  • More likely to have a piece of PVC pipe lying around

Step 1: Purchase the following:

  • PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe end cap
  • Rope (for carry strap, though you can just opt to have a handle)
  • Drawer handle (optional carry handle, make sure its at least 4” wide so you can fit your hand in there)
  • Brackets, rivets or some other clever way to attach carry strap
  • Spray paint if you want to customize the look of your carry golf bag

Step 2: Start building the bag. This isn’t rocket science. Cut the PVC pipe to length (use your golf clubs as a guide for how long you want this “bag” to be).

This is also a good time to spray paint your PVC pipe and end cap (otherwise you’ll be painting over your carry strap and handle later)

Step 3: Cut the carry strap to length (30-34 inches or 800-850mm should work) and attach the carry strap using brackets, rivets or bolts. You want a solution strong enough to hold up over time and you need a strap that can handle you flinging your bag into a pond when the round goes bad.

Step 4: Install drawer handle (optional)

Step 5: Put the end cap on this study but cheap golf bag. Secure with glue or cement.

Step 6: If you’re a stylish person, paint this beautiful creation of yours and launch a sunday bag business on Etsy (be sure to share some of the profits with me).

There’s a good tutorial for the PVC bag on Instructables (search for lightweight golf bag).


No Longer Interested in Making a Golf Bag?

No worries. We’ve put together a Sunday Golf Bag Buying Guide that you can check out instead.

We cover everything you need to know from entry-level sunday bags to premium leather options. Prices, features and reviews are all included to help you make the best decision.

Did you make your own golf bag?

We’d love to hear about it. Please share your experience or instructions in the comments below.

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