8 Benefits of Personalized Golf Lessons

Want one piece of advice that will take your golf game to the next level? Invest in a package of personalized golf lessons from a teaching professional in your area. You will notice an immediate improvement in your overall game and will have more fun on the golf course.

Do Golf Lessons Work?

Definitely. Many golfers are shocked when, after a few weeks of professional instruction, they can shave as much as 5 to 10 strokes off their handicap. If you want to learn more, here are 8 benefits of taking personalized golf lessons.

Do Golf Lessons Work?
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1. You’ll Learn Proper Swing Mechanics

Despite what you may hear on TV or read online, very few successful golfers are self-taught. Most PGA Tour pros continue to work with personal swing coaches, even after they’ve achieved a high level of golf stardom. This is because they have an established amount of trust with their instructors.

If you are just starting to learn golf, a few personalized lessons with an instructor can help you learn the proper swing mechanics such as grip, stance, and setup. This will save you from developing loads of bad habits while trying to learn the game yourself. Bad swing habits are the source of lots of heartache and frustration on the golf course.

2. Lessons Will Help You Build Confidence

Golf is a complex game and it’s difficult to navigate for newcomers. Teeing it up on the golf course or even heading to the driving range for the first time can be incredibly intimidating. Keep in mind though, that everyone feels this way when they are first learning to play golf.

When you work with a PGA teaching pro like the ones at Bird Golf Academy, this intimidation factor is kept to a minimum. Trying anything new can be scary, but having a mentor to guide you along the right path greatly lessens that fear.

After just a lesson or two, you’ll notice an increase in your confidence level. The confidence in your swing will continue to grow as you get more lessons under your belt. In the game of golf, having confidence and shooting low scores on the course go hand in hand.

3. You’ll Get Immediate Feedback

Sure, you can spend hours on the driving range hitting countless buckets of golf balls by yourself. You can try to judge which of your shots were good by analyzing the distance and trajectory. However, it’s impossible to know how well you are swinging the golf club without a second set of eyes.

When you invest in personalized lessons with a golf pro, you’ll get immediate feedback after each swing. Your instructor will be able to provide you with encouraging words to reinforce good swings or slight tweaks to improve your incorrect ones. This is invaluable to your development as a golfer.

4. You’ll Learn the Rules of the Game

Golf has a ton of rules!

Have you heard of the one ball rule in golf? What do you know about golf etiquette?

Some seasoned golfers don’t even know all of the rules. This is another added benefit to working with a teaching pro and it will save you lots of unnecessary penalty strokes on the golf course.

Your instructor will be able to teach you all of the game’s little intricacies, like when you get relief from a bad lie or the difference between all the hazard lines on the course. This way, when you run into some sticky situations on the course, you’ll know the proper way to handle them.

5. You’ll Get Better Acquainted With Your Golf Clubs

According to USGA rules, golfers are only allowed to carry 14 clubs in their golf bags. It’s vitally important to know the ideal times to use each club. It can get a bit confusing because you have so many choices.

Sure, you probably know not to bring your driver to the putting green. However, it can be tough to understand when to use other clubs like hybrids, irons, and fairway woods. During your lessons with a teaching pro, you’ll learn not only how to hit each of these clubs, but when to hit them as well.

6. You’ll Learn the Little Nuances of Golf

Golf has a lot of unwritten rules and it’s impossible to know every last detail of proper golf course etiquette without a teacher. A teaching pro will teach you things like what to wear on the course, how early to arrive for your tee time, and how to keep the proper pace of play during a round.

All of these little nuances may not sound overly important, but learning them can save you some awkward moments while playing with others for the first time. This will help you feel more comfortable on the golf course and you’ll be more likely to enjoy the experience.

7. You Could Gain a Lifelong Friend and Mentor

Have you ever noticed how tons of stars of the PGA Tour still thank their very first professional instructors? This just goes to show the type of lifelong bond that you can create when you take personalized golf lessons.

Once you get more comfortable with your swing, you may choose to no longer take lessons. However, many golfers take comfort in knowing that if things go south for them on the course they can always sign up for another lesson with their instructor. In golf and in life, it always helps to have a mentor in your corner.

8. You Can Learn More Advanced Techniques

Most folks falsely assume that personalized golf lessons are just for beginners. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Lots of average golfers have been able to trim their handicaps down into the single digits by working with a teaching pro.

A golf instructor can teach you how to hit certain shaped shots on command like draws or cuts. This can be incredibly helpful, especially when playing on difficult golf courses. Not only will this help you shoot lower scores, but you’ll also be able to make your friends a bit envious of your new skills.

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