Golf Club Distance Chart

Can you go the distance? This write-up will help you answer that question once and for all.

The Par 3 Near Me Team has compiled a golf club distance chart for a variety of skill levels. We highlight average distance for the average golfer all the way up to the tour player. We also have golf club distance charts specifically for men and women.

If you live for data or you just want a distance chart that you can reference on the golf course, you’ve come to the right place.

That being said, golf is a game played in real life. That means humidity, wind, the quality of your clubs, loft, swing speed, turf type and other factors all have an effect on how far your golf ball will actually go.

All that to get to my disclaimer: These charts aren’t an exact science, but they can be a helpful guide for what to expect in terms of club distances.

So without further ado, let’s dig in.

Golf Club Distance Chart for a Male Golfer (Organized by Skill Level)

This table offers some helpful yardage numbers for male golfers of different skill levels. There can be a broad range between the swing speed of an absolute beginner and a more experienced amateur golfer, so I tried to reflect those variations with a range instead of a precise number.

Driver190-220 yards250 yards295 yards
3 Wood170-210 yards225 yards260 yards
5 Wood150-195 yards205 yards250 yards
Hybrid145-180 yards190 yards240 yards
3 Iron135-170 yards180 yards230 yards
4 Iron125-160 yards170 yards220 yards
5 Iron120-155 yards165 yards210 yards
6 Iron115-145 yards160 yards200 yards
7 Iron105-140 yards150 yards185 yards
8 Iron95-130 yards140 yards170 yards
9 Iron80-115 yards125 yards160 yards
PW70-100 yards110 yards145 yards
GW60-90 yards100 yards135 yards
SW50-80 yards95 yards125 yards
LW40-60 yards80 yards115 yards

Download the Golf Club Distance Chart PDF

Golf Club Distance Chart for a Female Golfer

Women golfers should consult this chart to get an estimate for average golf club distance. This chart isn’t quite as detailed as the first, so if you’re a better player, you can assume your numbers fall somewhere in between the average distance and the LPGA Tour distance.

If you are a beginner, it’s safe to assume that your distances will be lower than the average. Don’t be discouraged, as you get more comfortable with your swing your ball speed will increase along with the distances you can expect on the course.

Driver200 yards260 yards
3 Wood180 yards230 yards
5 Wood170 yards215 yards
Hybrid170 yards210 yards
3 Iron160 yards200 yards
4 Iron150 yards190 yards
5 Iron140 yards180 yards
6 Iron130 yards170 yards
7 Iron120 yards160 yards
8 Iron110 yards150 yards
9 Iron100 yards140 yards
PW90 yards130 yards
GW80 yards120 yards
SW70 yards110 yards
LW60 yards95 yards

Download the Golf Club Distance Chart PDF

The Bryson DeChambeau Distance Chart

Bryson is still one of the longest hitters in golf, so golfers always want to know about his driving distance and other metrics. His club selection will be much different than yours, but it’s still fun to compare.

  • Driver: 325 yards
  • 3 Wood: 295 yards
  • 4 Hybrid: 275 yards
  • 4 iron: 255 yards
  • 5 iron: 235 yards
  • 6 iron: 220 yards
  • 7 iron: 205 yards
  • 8 iron: 190 yards
  • 9 iron: 175 yards
  • Pitching Wedge: 160 yards
  • Gap Wedge 47°: 145 yards
  • Sand Wedge 53°: 127 yards
  • Lob Wedge 58°: 110 yards

Let’s say you hit a 325 yard drive. That’s great…enjoy it! But don’t confuse yourself into thinking you have distance control or can hang with the big dogs. These are average numbers, not Bryson’s longest distance by any means.

See if you can hit that same shot over and over again during the course of a year. If you have the club speed and the consistency, then you have something to talk about.

*Chart is based on 2020 statistics for Bryson DeChambeau

What About Senior Golfer Club Distance?

As casual and talented golfers age, their club head speed will inevitably decrease along with their ball speed and thier carry distance. Calculating an average distance for seniors is a difficult task, due to the broad age and health factors that need to be considered. However, if you still want numbers, here’s a chart using some of the data we found.

  • Driver: 195 yards
  • 3 Wood: 175 yards
  • 5 Wood: 165 yards
  • Hybrid: 160 yards
  • 3 Iron: 150 yards
  • 4 iron: 145 yards
  • 5 iron: 140 yards
  • 6 iron: 130 yards
  • 7 iron: 125 yards
  • 8 iron: 115 yards
  • 9 iron: 105 yards
  • Pitching Wedge: 97 yards
  • Gap Wedge: 90 yards
  • Sand Wedge: 80 yards
  • Lob Wedge: 75 yards

How Can I Improve my Golf Club Distance?

Lessons can obviously be a huge help, but they can also be costly and intimidating for some golfers. If you don’t want to invest in lessons or you want to start small, there are some easy first steps that you can take.

Start by making sure you’re using a golf ball that’s tailored to your game. We’ve written a number of articles on this topic.

Throw out the wrinkly golf glove that’s been in your bag for a decade and go buy a new one so you focus on the best golf grip possible. Swing speed makes a huge difference, but solid contact with the ball is more important to start.

From there, if money allows, get fitted for the best golf clubs for your swing speed. Playing with old yard sale clubs won’t help you maximize your distance. A few years back, one of our staff members was fitted for new iron clubs along with a new hybrid club. This new set of clubs added 20 yards to his game right away.

Whether you’re looking for some guidance with your hybrid golf club or trying to dial in your fairway wood distances, we hope you’ve found our golf club distance chart to be useful.

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