How Much Bigger is a Midsize Golf Grip?

As a young lad, I never imagined that my list of life achievements would include an article on standard vs midsize golf grips, but hey…not all legacies look the same.

Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world in his twenties.

I’m giving you the inside scoop on midsize golf grips in my thirties.

Who has the greater legacy? Time will tell.

Most of the world doesn’t have to worry about golf grip questions, but a golfer who wants to take his or her game to the next level has different priorities.

A golf club does its best work when its paired with a proper golf grip.

In this detailed write-up, I’ll cover:

  • The size difference between a standard and a midsize golf grip
  • How to choose the right grip size (standard grip, midsize grip, oversized grip, jumbo grip)
  • Who makes the best golf grips

So let’s start with the question that probably brought you here in the first place…

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How Much Bigger is a Midsize Golf Grip?

A midsize golf grip is 1/16″ larger in diameter than a standard golf grip.

That doesn’t seem like much, but golf is game of precision and every detail matters.

How do I know if I need a midsize golf grip?

That’s a great question. A standard set of clubs will most often be equipped with a standard size grip. If you are currently using a standard set of clubs, here are some guidelines for determining what size golf grip you need.

Generally speaking, you want to take the grip in your top hand and pay close attention to how your ring finger and small finger wrap around the grip.

  • If your fingers don’t make any contact with your palm, you may need a smaller grip size (an undersized grip).
  • If your fingers are pushing into your palm, you may need a larger grip size.
  • If your fingers barely touch your palm, your grip size is correct.

If you have large hands, you might quickly assume that you need a mid size or an oversize grip.

My suggestion would be to run that test first or have a club fitter take a look at your setup before making any big moves.

Replacing grips will cost you some money and time (if you do it yourself), so there’s no reason to act on a whim.

How Much Bigger is a Midsize Golf Grip?

Who should use midsize golf grips?

Another great question. As I mentioned above, seeing a professional club fitter is the best way to determine who should use midsize golf grips. However, there are two methods you can use on your own to help guide your grip decisions.

The first method, mentioned in the previous section, is determined by how your fingers wrap around the club and where they land in relation to your palm.

The second method is a bit simpler (and maybe less accurate), but it can help.

Use the size of your golf glove to help determine the right grip size. Again, this isn’t perfect, but it can offer some insights.

If you wear a Men’s Small or a Women’s Small or Medium…

  • Recommended Grip Size: Undersize

If you wear a Men’s Medium or Women’s Large…

  • Recommended Grip Size: Standard

If you wear a Men’s Large…

  • Recommended Grip Size: Midsize

If you wear a Men’s XL or 2XL…

  • Recommended Grip Size: Midsize or Jumbo

Golf Grip Size (Illustrated)

If you’re a visual learner, this illustration will give you a reference for golf grip size.

Golf Grip Sizes Illustrated

You’ll see thicker grips as you move up the chart.

How important are golf grips?

Proper golf club selection and making good contact with the golf ball are the key to hitting a successful shot, but playing with the right grips can determine whether or not you hit the ball straight.

Most golfers have standard-sized hands and are well served by standard-sized grips.

If you’ve tried standard-size grips and they feel right, hop on your golf cart and move along.

However, if you think you need a different grip, larger grips and smaller grips are available.

Exploring a Midsize Golf Grip

If you’re still here, I assume you’ve tried standard-size grips and found them to be less than ideal. It’s OK, you can admit it here, this is a safe space.

If you’ve want to try a midsize or oversized golf grip, I’m here for you.

Having the wrong size grip, be it too large or too small, can impede your golf game. Getting the call wrong on grip size can interfere with your ability to keep control of the club through the moment of contact and into the follow-through.

So how do you know which size of grip is right for you?

I gave you two options for figuring out your grip size above, but proper sizing is actually more complicated than you may have imagined.

Grip size is not just equivalent to hand size. You also have to factor in swing mechanics, which is one more reason to see a club fitter or get golf lessons from a professional.

I know, I know…that requires work, time and energy.

Who wants that?

If you need a workaround, here’s my suggestion.

Go buy one midsize golf grip and some grip tape.

How much bigger is a midsize golf grip? It’s 1/16″ larger in diameter than a standard golf grip, but purchasing one will allow you to see and feel the difference.

Once your order arrives, replace the grip on a club that you don’t hit as well. See if it makes a difference.

If having a thicker grip feels right and you’re striking the ball better, it may be time to upgrade all of your golf clubs.

Exploring all the Golf Grip Options

There are only a handful (pun intended) of grip sizes to choose from, but unless you’re a professional club fitter or a Golf Pride employee, you need a few details to talk intelligently on the topic.

How to Choose Your Golf Grip Size

Standard golf grips fit golfers with hands measuring between 6.6-7.5 inches from the crease of the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. Grab your measuring tape or a ruler and take this measurement. If that distance falls anywhere between those two boundary lines, congratulations! You qualify for a standard grip.

An undersized grip is typically for junior golfers or those with smaller hands. If that measurement from above is less than 6.6 inches, this option is probably your best choice.

But when should you use midsize golf grips?

If you measure from the crease of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger and you get a result of 7.6-9 inches, midsize golf grips may be what you’re looking for.

And finally, grips for people whose hands measure more than 9.1 inches are as unflatteringly named jumbo grips. They are a full 1/8-inch larger than standard grips.

These aren’t hard and fast rules, but rather general guidelines to help you in your decision making.

So Who Makes the Best Golf Grips?

Golf Pride makes the best golf grips.

How can I say this with confidence?

The fact that 80% of Tour players use Golf Pride’s grips seems to be a nod to their superiority.

In 2021, Golf Pride Tour players had 91 victories. The nearest competitor had just 8.

With options like the Golf Pride Tour Wrap, the Golf Pride MCC and the Golf Pride CP2, it seems like there’s a reputable grip for every preference.

There are plenty of other brands and less expensive options to choose from, but if you’re looking to play with the best golf grips on the market, start with Golf Pride.

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The Bottom Line

If you have a good golf club set and a golf ball matched to your game, the next step is getting the size of your grip right.

This fine detail can make all the difference in the flow of your swing and the quality of your shots.

Common Golf Grip Questions

Are midsize golf grips better?

Midsize golf grips are better if they match your hand size properly.

Who uses midsize grips on tour?

I don’t have a full list of who uses midsize grips on tour, but here are a few of the tour players using midsize grips.

  • Paul Casey
  • Tony Finau
  • Gary Woodland
  • Vijay Singh
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Kelly Kraft

Where are golf grips made?

Golf Pride makes their golf grips in Thailand and Taiwan.

What is a Midsize Golf Grip?

A midsize golf grip is a grip that is 1/16″ larger than a standard golf grip.

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