How Pros Mark Their Golf Balls

Do you ever wonder how pros mark their golf balls? The answer is pretty simple, they use many of the same markings as the rest of us. Pros mark their golf balls to make them easy to identify and to provide a bit of extra ball alignment. Many use simple lines, but some prefer more elaborate markings for good luck.

When you see multiple golf balls scattered across the fairway, it’s easy to understand why someone would want a golf ball stamp or a distinct ball marker. Golf balls come in a standard style, which means they aren’t easy to tell apart. If your playing partner is hitting a Pro V1x and you’re hitting a Pro V1x, things can get complicated.

This isn’t a big deal for amateur golfers, but hitting the wrong ball as a tour pro leads to a costly and unnecessary penalty. Pros often play with the same top brands (the Titleist Pro V1 is likely to be used by more than one pro), so it would be easy to lose track of a particular player’s ball in the heat of the competition.

No tour player or hacker wants to lose a match because of a simple avoidable error. It’s an embarrassing and careless mistake, and one that can be easily negotiated with a simple marking. I know some folks who prefer to play with a colored ball to eliminate any possible confusion, but colored golf balls aren’t for everyone.

However, a golf ball marker isn’t just about making your ball stand out. Many pros will mark their ball to help with alignment and putting. This putting line is so common that some golf balls (like the Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track) now come with alignment aids built in. No permanent marker necessary, you just open the box and the work is already done for you.

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Gotta love the modern golf ball!

How to Mark Your Golf Ball

Assuming you don’t have a fancy ball with an alignment line pre-stamped, the most traditional way to mark a ball is with a permanent marker. All you need to do is take your ball and draw a line that faces outward and gives an indication of direction. Although many professional golfers will draw this line freehand with a permanent marker, the ball’s dimple pattern can make this tricky, so some pros use a plastic guide.

These guides are easy to use and they ensure that the line is straight. When you’re drawing an alignment line, accuracy is key. It’s easy to understand why a wonky mark isn’t very helpful.

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A pro will use this line for guidance on the tee, but not always on the green. While the alignment marking is useful, pros will have their own ways of determining direction. The marking can certainly help, but it probably has a greater use for amateur golfers.

Dots, circles, and other small indicators also help with setting up the shot. Pros will use these strategic marks to guide where they want the putt to start, focusing on that initial contact with the golf club.

Dots are also regularly combined with lines for different shots. Some pros will use the line on the tee, and the dot on the green. The dots and lines have a simple function, but they can also help a golfer identify their ball on the golf course.

Some PGA and LPGA pros have a bit more fun when making their mark. It’s not unusual to see a pro create their marks using colored pens (sometimes using multiple shades). The colors generally have a personal connection, and will often represent a sports team or university. The colors also help the ball stand out.

How Pros Mark their Golf Balls

Bubba Watson is known for using a pink pen to raise awareness for breast cancer initiatives. Other pros mark their balls for luck. The Chive put together a fun photo list highlighting how pros mark their golf balls.

A simple white ball isn’t very lucky, but add in some personalization and who knows? The initials of family members is a popular choice, along with references to a hometown or university for a personal connection.

Pros will often choose how to mark their ball near the start of their career, and then stick with it out of habit. Even when they no longer find a use from the marking line, it can be reassuring to see it there. For many, this becomes a superstition.

If you marked your ball with a green dot the day you won your first tournament, then that green dot feels like it should be there from that day forward. Some pros will keep the same marking out of habit, which goes with the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Since pros are on the golf course often, they need a quick way to identify their golf ball. Tiger Woods has often used a stamp of the word “TIGER”, so no one is likely to get their ball confused with his.

Some pros may even be a little sneaky with their markings – this can be a good way to bring attention to a sponsor. Marking your ball right near the branding is sure to go over well with key players like Titleist, Callaway and Srixon.

For some, the marking is only for identification. Lines, drawing, even dots can all be distracting when you’re in the zone. Some pros prefer the plain white face of the ball, with no distracting additions…it’s all a matter of preference really.

Pros use a range of ways to mark their balls. While for some it’s purely identification, and others use it as a guide for putting. One thing is for sure: once you’ve found a marking you like, stick with it. Anything else risks bringing bad luck.

Why do people mark their golf balls?

A golf ball is marked to make it easy to identify and to help with putting or alignment.

One of the most common ways to mark a ball is using a straight line. This is drawn across the face of the ball, and then lined up with the putter. This helps to direct the shot.

The “T” marking is another popular choice, and a good one for beginners. The putter is squared up with the horizontal marking, and the vertical line indicates the direction. It may take a bit of extra effort, but this “T” marking increases the potential for a more accurate shot.

Dots are also useful in directing the ball. The single dot indicates exactly where to put your power and aim. Concentrating on this sweet spot helps players to focus all the way through the swing.

There are numerous ways to mark a ball, and while some find the lines helpful, others feel they’re a distraction. It’s up to you to develop your own system.

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How do pros mark their balls on the green?

Marking the ball on the green is an important part of life on the golf course. Golfers need to putt the ball from the exact location where it stopped, so it’s important to put a ball marker in place.

That way, the ball can be picked up, cleaned, and put back down in the same place. Pros tend to use coins, typically quarters, or ball markers to show where their ball landed. Occasionally a poker chip will make an appearance.

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