The Most Expensive Golf Balls in the World

Go big or go home — that’s what you must be thinking if you’re looking for the world’s most expensive golf balls.

Whether you’re looking to improve your golf game or just find the right premium golf balls, this article highlights several expensive ball options for you to choose from.

Find the right high-end golf ball for your game today!

Most Expensive Golf Balls, Ranked by Price

So you’ve already spent money on expensive golf clubs, now it’s time to find an expensive golf ball manufacturer.

An experienced golfer can benefit from the performance of a premium ball, but if you’re an average or below average golfer, you may want to check out the Most Forgiving Golf Balls or consider high-end used golf balls. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

#1 – Dixon Fire Golf Ball

Manufacturer’s Price: $74.99/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $6.25/ball

Golfers with a swing speed of over 100mph will benefit most from the Dixon Fire Golf Ball. These golf balls have a medium trajectory and a firm compression. A 318 dimple pattern results in great aerodynamics and good ball control.

The Fire are high spin golf balls with superior stopping power.

Why is this golf ball so expensive?
Dixon makes plenty of affordable golf balls (see the Earth, Wind or Spirit series), but the Fire is uniquely positioned as the World’s First Pro Performance 100% Eco-Friendly golf ball.

Simply put, making an eco-friendly ball of this quality doesn’t come cheap.

Learn more about Dixon’s greenovations.


Dixon Fire Golf Balls

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#2 – Titleist Pro V1 / Pro V1x

Manufacturer’s Price: $50/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $4.17/ball

If you’ve been a golfer for more than a day, you’ve probably heard of these famous Titleist golf balls. With a registered tagline of the #1 ball in golf, it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most expensive golf balls on the list.

Golfers can expect maximum distance, low spin on longer shots, and superior greenside spin control. A softer cast urethane cover system gives the ball a softer feel.

#3 – Titleist AVX

Manufacturer’s Price: $50/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $4.17/ball

You shouldn’t be surprised to see another Titleist ball in the rankings. The AVX distinguishes itself from the Pro V1 family with a very soft feel and a unique 352 dimple design.

Golfers can expect low ball flight and longer distance on their tee shots.

If you’re considering an expensive ball from Titleist, they offer a virtual golf ball fitting that you can sign up for online.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

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Why is a Titleist golf ball so expensive?

Titleist’s reputation is no joke. This brand features the tour ball of choice. It’s safe to say that performance is a top priority in a world where costs are not.

Titleist built an entire testing facility from the ground up (see the YouTube video) to ensure the quality and performance of their premium ball. When you add up the cost of premium materials plus extensive research and development, you end up with an expensive product.

#4 – Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold

Manufacturer’s Price: $49.99/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $4.16/ball

Saintnine’s most expensive offering boasts the highest spin rate of any tour level ball. These 4 piece balls feature a urethane cover with 336 dimples that reduce air resistance while promoting stability.

These balls are ideal for low to mid handicap golfers. Backspin is plentiful for those who want the ability to spin and stop their ball on the green (sounds good to me!).

Why is this golf ball so expensive?

Saintnine’s goal with this ball was to set “the gold standard for premium urethane balls.” As a relatively new player in the golf ball arena (Saintnine launched in 2012), it takes a significant investment to develop a ball worthy of that claim.

Check out this video to see their golf ball manufacturing in action.

SAINTNINE Extreme Soft Gold

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#5 – XXIO Eleven Golf Balls

Manufacturer’s Price: $49.99/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $4.16/ball

I haven’t tried the XXIO Eleven Golf Balls yet, but the reviews are positive and they are on my radar.

Never heard of XXIO? I hadn’t either, but they are in the golf club market as well, so this an established brand selling golf balls at a premium price. Srixon, Cleveland and XXIO are all owned by the same parent company.

The XXIO Eleven are best suited for golfers with a swing speed below 90mph. This is a 3 piece distance ball with a very soft feel.

XXIO Eleven

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#6 – Polara Ultimate Straight XS

Manufacturer’s Price: $49.95/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $4.16/ball

The Polara Ultimate Straight XS are expensive 3 piece golf balls that will reduce hooks and slices up to 75%.

These 386 dimple golf balls aren’t the prettiest, but if utility is what you’re looking for, Polara has that figured out. Each ball has an arrow marking that’s used to line up every shot and maximize Polara’s trademarked self-correcting technology.

Why is this golf ball so expensive?

Polara worked diligently to develop their own unique technology. As a result, they charge a higher price than most of the other manufacturers. You can justify the extra cost if it means you’re going to lose less balls at your local golf course.

Polara Ultimate Straight XS

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#7 – Callaway Chrome Soft / Chome Soft X

Manufacturer’s Price: $47.99/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $4/ball

The Callaway Chrome soft are both popular and proven. Golfers can expect superior ball speed off the tee and longer distance in general. Low long game spin and high short game spin characterize both the Soft and the Soft X. I love hitting these balls on a wedge shot.

If you’re not a great golfer but you want to look good at your golf course, choose the Chrome Soft for the best forgiveness (or check out the Best Golf Balls for an Average Golfer). Callaway also has an online golf ball selector tool that can help guide your decision making.

Why is this golf ball so expensive?

A graphene reinforced outer core, a resilient urethane cover and a few thousand hours of research and development don’t come cheap.

Read the reviews. This ball performs and Callaway prices it accordingly.

Callaway Chrome Soft

See the Chrome Soft See the Chrome Soft X
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#8 – Volvik S3

Manufacturer’s Price: $44.99/dozen
Cost Per Ball: $3.75/ball

These 3 piece golf balls from Volvik are designed for golfers with swing speeds of 85-105mph. Available in white or orange, the S3 balls have low driver spin and higher wedge spin. A 4 piece option is available in the s4 balls.

Why is this golf ball so expensive?

Volvik makes a number of unique moves in the construction of the S3. One of the key features is Volvik’s patented mixed bismuth rubber core. Bismuth is a rare heavy metal, and Volvik incorporates it to enhance energy transfer.

Volvik S3

See the S3 See the S4
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Quite Possibly the MOST Expensive Golf Balls

These golf balls take the cake for the most expensive golf balls in the world.

However, they aren’t really designed for everyday play. They are mostly for gift or display purposes.

If these become lake balls, that’s on you.

Crystamas Swarovski Golf Ball of Bling

Not a playable golf ball, but I had to include this offering from NeimanMarcus. Features include:

  • Hand-set Swarovski┬« crystals (in place of traditional dimples)
  • Gold stand, platinum tee (included at no extra cost)

If you decide to play with this ball, please record a video for my enjoyment.

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VERTINI 24K Gold PT. Premium Golf Balls

To play or not to play? That is the question.

These 24k gold plated golf balls are mostly designed as a gift for display purposes, but technically, they are playable.

  • Cost: $15/ball
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover for durability
  • High visibility (yes, 24k gold is bright)
  • Comes in a black gift box
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02/24/2024 11:54 am GMT

Watch as a popular YouTuber Hits One of these 24k Gold Golf Balls

Premium Golf Balls – Questions & Answers

What is the most expensive golf ball brand?

Dixon makes the most expensive golf ball option, but Titleist has the most expensive golf balls on average.

What is the rarest golf ball?

The Gutta Percha ball is one of the rarest golf balls in the world. They date back to the mid 1800s and are worth thousands of dollars. Back in 2012, a diving team searched a Donegal Ireland lake hoping to recover more of these balls, originally played by golfing legend Tom Morris.

Ok folks, it’s a wrap. I hope you find the right golf ball amongst all of these pricey options.

If you find another high-end golf ball that should be added to the list, please post it in the comments below.

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