In the market for a red golf cart? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This gallery features the Hottest Red Golf Carts I could find.

My Favorite Red Golf Carts

When choosing which carts to feature, I look for:

  1. A clean or unique paint job
  2. Clever accessory pairings
  3. Added comfort or luxury options

I don’t feature golf carts with special body kits or anything like that (I’ll cover those later). Instead, this post highlights a normal dealer’s inventory with fun improvements.

Did You Know?

Red is such a powerful color that just seeing it can make your heart beat faster. If you have a heart condition, I guess that means you should scroll through the gallery with caution.

The Black and Red Deadpool Golf Cart

Red Golf Cart

Overall Thoughts
When I first came across this black and red golf car, my brain went straight to Deadpool (this is what happens when you grow up with comic books). Red is actually the accent color on this build, but the accents are so classy and distinct that the red is the color that stands out.

Special Highlights
I love the matte finish on the body of this cart. The muted finish makes the red brush guard and seats really pop.

Credit goes to: North Florida Golf Carts of Lake City, Florida


The Clean Machine

The Clean Machine Red Golf Car

Overall Thoughts
This refinished Club Car is clean through and through. Not overstated, not understated — just right in my opinion. A 6″ lift kit and all terrain tires make this build an ATV (or close to one). At the same time, the upgraded wheels, front/back LED lights and speed adjustments make it road ready as well.

Special Highlights
The rear flip seat matches the front seat and ties everything together nicely.

Credit goes to: Performance Plus Carts of Auburndale, Florida


The Cornhusker

The Cornhusker Golf Cart

Overall Thoughts
This showroom quality custom golf cart was made for the football field instead of the golf course. Built specifically for the Nebraska Cornhusker football program, this project started out as a 2 seater, but now it seats 6. The white/red wheels make a bold statement.

Special Highlights
This cart is on brand with Nebraska logos on the seats, decals on the side of the cart, and a consistent red/white color scheme.

Credit goes to: Balls Out Motors of Blair, Nebraska


The Fade to Red Golf Cart

Fade to Red Golf Cart

Overall Thoughts
Some carts scream red, but this Yamaha golf cart screams style. From the tinted windshield to the graphite wheel choice, I love how this design manages both a muted and a bold look at the same time.

The custom unit has all the functionality you could hope for with new parts and accessories throughout (including new Genesis rear seat, brake light / turn signal setup and more). The designer even did a motor leakdown test!

Special Highlights
The professionally painted body is what stands out the most. I love the subtle gradient from black to red to black…not something you see very often in custom builds.

Credit goes to: BA Carts of Van Wert, OH


Go Big or Go Home Extreme Red

Go Big or Go Home Photo Day Go Big or Go Home Photo Night

Overall Thoughts
This Club Car Golf Cart is about as red as it gets. Red body, red nerf bar steps, red steering wheel…you get the idea. I could put together a 5 paragraph list of all the incredible features, but who has time for that? Take me at my word when I say that no detail is missed.

Special Highlights
This is a striking custom cart to see during the day, but the experience is just as incredible at night. An underglow LED light system brings all the red into the evening hours. See photos here.

Credit goes to: BA Carts of Van Wert, OH (their second feature here, because they are that good at what they do).


The Elegant Red / Maroon Golf Cart

Maroon Golf Cart

Overall Thoughts
Elegance is the name of the game here. This maroon golf cart has a classy feel to it, but 23″ tires and 14″ wheels make it clear that this machine is ready to perform.

Special Highlights
The inclusion of the brown bucket seats with tufted stitching creates an elegant vibe that pairs really well with the maroon/burgundy finish.

Credit goes to: Charleston Custom Carts of South Carolina


Ferrari Golf Cart

Ferrari Golf Cart

Overall Thoughts
I saved this cart for last, and I think you can see why. With a Ferrari red color scheme and endless upgrades, this build is over-the-top awesome. You may never get the chance to own a Ferrari, but if you plan wisely, the Ferrari Golf Cart is a great second option.

Special Highlights
The details are perfect. When you pair Ferrari red with the Ferrari emblem and every luxury consideration you can find, you end up with this gem.

Credit goes to: Excessive Carts of Prosper, TX


Red Golf Cart Steering Wheel Options

The steering wheel is one of the most used and most visible parts of a golf cart. Make yours stand out from the crowd with one of these options.

Red Golf Cart Rims

If you want to take your project to the next level, the stock wheels and rims have to go. Here’s some options that pair nicely with red golf carts.

If you’re keeping your existing wheels and tires, you can upgrade your look on the cheap with wheel covers.

Have a New or Used Golf Cart We Should Feature?

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