The Best Commercial Golf Ball Washer Options

Several years ago, I logged a ridiculous amount of research in preparation for a driving range construction project.

As part of that research, I needed to familiarize myself with all of the commercial golf ball washer options that were available on the market. My partners and I wanted a ball washing solution that was cost-effective and durable.

With a par 3 golf course that also needed to be mowed, we didn’t want to waste any time fixing an unreliable machine.

I read up on almost every ball washer on the market, and since I’m such a nice guy, I’m sharing my work with you here.

Please note: Pricing and other details are from October 2023. Prices/details/specs may change from year-to-year (thanks inflation!).

The Best Commercial Golf Ball Washer Options

As you can imagine, folks don’t just go out and buy a commercial ball washer every day.

Designed to withstand dirt, soap and water, these specialty machines are only built by a handful of companies and they aren’t purchased very often. That means there are only a few competitors in the space, all of which are vying for the loyalty of your local driving range or golf club.

Here are the key players:

Range Servant

Range Servant is probably the biggest name in the golf industry’s ball washing space. I’ve visited at driving ranges and golf courses throughout the United States. I see their machines most often.

This brand currently offers 3 lines (and 5 models) to choose from. Here are the options.

RS Revolution / Revolution XL

Range Servant Revolution Commercial Golf Ball Washer

This machine…

  • Holds 1,000/3,000 (XL) balls
  • Cleans 30,000 balls per hour
  • Includes a 3/4 hp motor
  • Is self-cleaning and virtually jam free
  • Designed for busy ranges

The company advertises 100% brush coverage, and once you see how the machine is designed, you’ll understand what they’re talking about.

  • Revolution Price: $4,295
  • Revolution XL Price: $4,695
See the Revolution in Action

RS 38k

Range Servant 38k

This machine…

  • Holds 1,000 balls
  • Cleans 38,000 balls per hour
  • Features the largest brush in golf
  • Cleans every side of the ball

The company advertises a lifetime warranty on the tub (in case of rust) and a reversible brush that is easily removed for cleaning. A company representative also let me know that 30,000 golf balls per hour is fast enough for the busiest of ranges.

Price: $3,750

See the RS 38k in Action

RS Twist / Twist XL

Range Servant Twist

This machine…

  • Holds 500-800 balls
  • Cleans 15,000-25,000 balls per hour
  • Features a reusuable water tank system
  • Heavy duty bristles (nylon)

This is Range Servant’s budget-friendly option. It’s a great solution for smaller driving ranges and spaces where drainage may be an issue.

  • Twist Price: $1,695
  • Twist XL Price: $2,995

RS Range Ball Pre-Soaker 4000

Range Servant Pre-Soaker

For facilities where heavy grass, mud or sand can be an issue, Range Servant offers the Range Ball Pre-Soaker. This machine holds up to 4,000 golf balls and can be connected with both the RS Revolution and the RS 38k for the cleanest golf ball results imagineable.

My Verdict on Range Servant

Range Servant offers great service and support. I sent their team an email with some questions and I had a reply in less than 10 minutes. That’s a good indicator what their customers can expect.

This is a time-tested company with a golf ball washer to fit nearly every budget. The Revolution Series washers have the most power of any of the options we cover in this post.

Range Servant’s decades of experience have produced industry-leading solutions. Shop with confidence.

Visit to learn more.

P2 Golf Products

P2 Golf Products built its first golf ball washer back in 1983 (I wasn’t even born yet), so it’s safe to say they have some experience in this space.

This company manufacturers 3 different types of commercial ball washers and sells direct to consumers. Each washer is made in the United States and carries a 1 year warranty.

P2 Pro Washer

P2 Pro Loader Washer

The P2 Pro Washer is the company’s newest offering. This unit has two main selling points:

  1. It will save you time.
  2. It will save you money.

Who can argue with that?

All of the ball washers on this list are capable, but The P2 Pro Washer is unique because it moves each cleaned golf ball directly into a range ball dispenser. At many facilities, this is done by hand (which is time-consuming) or using a fancy golf ball elevator (which is another up-front cost, plus a potential maintenance headache).

Those time and cost concerns are eliminated with the P2 Pro Washer.

This machine…

  • Holds 1,200 balls
  • Cleans 30,000 balls per hour
  • Elevates balls and drops them into a range dispenser

P2 Pro Commercial Golf Ball Washer

Range owners just need to attach 2″ ABS or any flexible tubing to the ball washer. Once that tubing is routed to the top of the golf ball dispenser, the P2 Pro Washer utilizes an innovative elevator wheel to propel the golf balls directly into the dispenser.

Price: $3,250

My Verdict on P2 Golf Products

P2 Golf Products isn’t a new company, but they are breathing some new life into a relatively predictable space. Their direct-to-consumer model cuts out the middleman and allows you to communicate directly with the company. This is a nice perk if you run into unexpected questions or need product support.

The P2 Pro Washer is unique in its class because it helps ranges automate golf ball cleaning and dispensing. In an era where staff shortages continue to abound, P2 Golf Products offers an option that streamlines operations.

The company offers two other ball washers as well.

Visit to learn more.

Hollrock Engineering

Hollrock Engineering has been involved with the golf industry since the 1970s. They operate their own driving range in Massachusetts which serves as convenient testing grounds for their newest innovations.

This company currently offers 3 models to choose from. Here are the options.

Hollrock Engineering 28k / 38k / 56k

Hollrock Engineering 28k, 38k, 56k

Each of these machines is named based on the number of golf balls they can clean each hour. I appreciate the simple straightforward naming.

These machines…

  • Have patented scrubbing tracks
  • Rotate the ball 3x during cleaning
  • Provide a thorough and gentle wash
  • Feature 1/4 or 1/2hp engines
  • Have a 20 gallon water capacity

A large 2″ drain allows the operator to clear out mud and grass quickly with easy draining.

See the 28k & 56k in Action

  • 28k Pricing – $3,895 (must be paired with ball shooter)
  • 38k Pricing – $3,895
  • 56k Pricing – $4,295

Hollrock Engineering 24k Country Club Washer

Hollrock Engineering 24K Country Club Washer

This washer is Hollrock’s budget-friendly option ($2,495), but it can still crank out 24,000 clean golf balls per hour.

This machine:

  • Holds 400 balls
  • Has a rustproof polypro basin
  • Rotates balls during cleaning
  • Offers easy brush removal
  • Includes wheels for mobility

With a 1/2 hp motor, the 24k Country Club Washer churns out a clean golf ball time and time again. Great for small to mid-size ranges.

See the 24k in Action

Hollrock Pre-Wash & Sorter

Golf Ball Pre-Wash & Sorter

This machine helps improve the washing process even further and can be paired with the 28k, 38k, and 56k washers. Golf balls are poured onto a sorting grate which allows grass and mud to fall through. From there they roll into the pre-soak area where a water pump agitates and loosens dirt.

Stainless sorting rails then carry the pre-washed golf balls directly into one of Hollrock Engineering’s commercial ball washers.

My Verdict on Hollrock Engineering

Family-owned doesn’t always mean better, but in the case of Hollrock Engineering, shopping does feel a bit more personal. After all, this company runs its own driving range in addition to building range solutions for customers throughout the United States. They can relate to whatever you’re working through.

Each ball washer includes a generous warranty and years of testing and innovation. Parts and manuals are readily available on the website.

Visit to learn more.

Wittek Golf

Another known quantity in the golf world, Wittek has been serving golf course needs since 1946. They offer several machines to help transform a dirty golf ball into a clean ball.

There are 3 models to choose from. I’ll highlight each option from most to least expensive.

Wittek Golf’s 50G Superwash

Wittek Golf 50G Superwash

This machine…

  • Holds 350 golf balls
  • Cleans 20,000 balls per hour
  • Includes a 1/2 hp motor
  • Features a soft touch brush

Price: $4,799

Wittek Golf’s 50G Junior

Wittek Golf 50G Junior

This machine…

  • Holds 350 golf balls
  • Includes a 1/4 hp motor
  • Features a soft touch brush

The 50G Junior is a slimmed-down version of the Superwash. Same technology, less output per hour.

Price: $3,799

Wittek Golf’s Twist Ball Washer

Wittek Golf Twist Ball Washer

This is Wittek’s budget-friendly option.

This machine…

  • Holds 500 balls
  • Cleans 15,000 balls per hour
  • Has a spiral steel track for gentle all-around cleaning

The Twist is a good solution for small ranges that need a cost-effective cleaner.

Price: $1,999

See Wittek’s Washers in Action

My Verdict on Wittek Golf

Each ball washer is made in the USA, so if you’re looking to support American manufacturing, you can start here.

Wittek Golf is a great one-stop shop for everything you’re going to need for a successful practice range (including the golf ball soap!). Their machines and the capacity of those machines isn’t quite as high as some of the other options I’ve highlighted, but these are reliable washers that get the job done.

Visit to learn more.

Thrasher Golf

The story behind this company is pretty cool. The Thrasher family started in the golf ball recovery business after the Vietnam War (think diving in ponds and lakes to recover golf balls).

As you could imagine, recovered lake balls can be time consuming to clean on a large scale, so Derone Thrasher developed a commercial golf ball washer (now called the Twister 1) to solve that problem.

There are 4 Twister models to choose from. Let’s take a look at each.

Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer

Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer

This machine…

  • Holds 1,200 golf balls
  • Cleans 30,000 balls per hour
  • Lets debris fall into the bottom of the water tank
  • Includes a 1/2 hp motor.

This is a great machine for busy ranges and it DOES NOT require a golf ball elevator like some of the solutions from other companies. Balls can be automatically delivered to a dispenser after cleaning.

Price: $3,600

Twister 3 Golf Ball Washer

Twister 3 Golf Ball Washer

This machine…

  • Holds 800 golf balls
  • Cleans 30,000 balls per hour
  • Lets debris fall into the bottom of the water tank
  • Includes a 1/2 hp motor

The Twister 3 is similar to the Twister 4, but it doesn’t readily connect with a golf ball dispenser solution.

Price: $2,950

Twister H20 Golf Ball Washer

Twister H2O Golf Ball Washer

This washer is specifically designed for courses where dirt, sand and grass clippings may be an issue.

The H20…

  • Holds 500 golf balls
  • Cleans 22,000 balls per hour
  • Includes an enhanced brush for superior debris removal
  • Includes 1/2 hp motor

Price: $2,150

Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer

Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer

This machine…

  • Is based on Thrasher Golf’s original design
  • Holds 500 golf balls
  • Cleans 15,000 balls per hour
  • Includes 1/3 hp motor

The Twister 1 is a good cost-effective cleaner for a small to medium-sized range.

Price: $1,700

My Verdict on Thrasher Golf

Thrasher Golf is another family-owned business with a long history focused on golf ball cleaning and driving range solutions. Their original ball cleaner was designed out of necessity and has been constantly improved over the last 35+ years.

Customers benefit from all the lessons Thrasher Golf has learned along the way.

Visit to learn more.

So who makes the best commercial golf washer?

If you talk to range owners across the United States, Range Servant is going to be the name you hear again and again. The Range Servant Revolution XL is one of the more expensive ball washers on the list, but it also has the strongest engine and the highest ball capacity.

That being said, all of the companies I highlighted have a proven track record. I’ll include some of the newer players below, but all of the companies listed above all build solid machines that will serve you well.

If you’re in the market for a high impact ball washer, I would take the time to call at least 10 different ranges to find out what they’re using and how happy they are with their current machine.

I don’t think you’ll regret a little due diligence on a $1,500-$5,000 investment…

Commercial Ball Washer Research (In Table Form)

Brand/ModelBall CapacityCleans (Per Hour)MotorPrice (2023)
Range Servant Revolution1,00030,0003/4 hp$4,295
Range Servant Revolution XL3,00030,0003/4 hp$4,695
Range Servant 38k1,00038,0001/4 hp$3,750
Range Servant Twist50015,0001/3 hp$1,695
Range Servant Twist XL80025,0001/2 hp$2,995
P2 Pro Washer1,20030,0001/2 hp$3,250
Hollrock Engineering 28k1,00028,0001/4 hp$3,895
Hollrock Engineering 38k1,00038,0001/4 hp$3,895
Hollrock Engineering 56k1,00056,0001/2 hp$4,295
Hollrock Engineering 24k Country Club40024,0001/2 hp$2,495
Wittek Golf 50G Superwash60020,0001/2 hp$4,799
Wittek Golf 50G Junior60010,0001/4 hp$3,799
Wittek Golf Twist50015,0001/3 hp$1,999
Thrasher Golf Twister 41,20030,0001/2 hp$3,600
Thrasher Golf Twister 380030,0001/2 hp$2,950
Thrasher Golf Twister H2050022,0001/2 hp$2,150
Thrasher Golf Twister 150015,0001/3 hp$1,700

Have you worked with any of these commercial ball washers?

Please share your insights in the comments below.

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