Where are Golf Pride grips made?

Where are Golf Pride grips made?

Before you go any further, I must warn you — when you’re done reading this post, you’ll know more about Golf Pride grips than 99% of the world.

Are ready to level up your knowledge?

Great! Let’s start with two key facts:

  • Golf Pride grips are the #1 golf club grip in the world
  • Golf Pride grips the grip of choice for 80% of PGA Tour players

Feeling smarter? I bet you are.

File away those factoids in that beautiful mind of yours. They could come in handy if you make a Jeopardy appearance or during your next golf round. [Probably not though.]

Now let’s deal with another common question related to these popular grips.

Where are Golf Pride grips made?

Golf Pride grips are made in Taiwan and Thailand.

Some golfers have confusingly suggested that they are made elsewhere (like China), but that is not the case. All Golf Pride grips are manufactured in Thailand or Taiwan.

Are Golf Pride Grips good?

Golf Pride grips aren’t just good, they’re the top choice amongst PGA tour players. In 2021 alone, 91 worldwide tour victories were attributed to golfers who played using a Golf Pride grip.

If a Golf Pride option is good enough for a Tour pro, it’s safe to say that they are good enough for amateur golfers as well.

But before you go spend money on new grips, you should know that Golf Pride has been a target for counterfeiters. If you are the most popular shoe brand in the world (Nike) or the most popular golf grip in the world (Golf Pride), you can be sure that some shady characters will try to profit off your name.

All that to say, shop with caution.

Golf Pride has dedicated an entire page of their website to help golfers identify counterfeit products.

The best piece of advice they offer is to only purchase grips from Golf Pride’s website or one of their authorized retailers or distributors. Avoid online auction sites where fake grips abound.

Where to Buy Golf Pride Grips

In my opinion, the easiest place to buy Golf Pride grips is on Amazon (#affiliate). This assumes you are a Prime member which gets fast free shipping.

However, if you’d prefer to shop for your golf equipment elsewhere, here are some other good options:

  • The Golf Pride website
  • PGA Tour Superstore
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Golf Galaxy
  • Your local golf shop

Which Golf Pride Grip is the Best?

I wish there were a quick and easy answer for which Golf Pride grip is the best, but it really depends on your specific needs. Some factors you need to consider are:

  • The size of your hand
  • The climate you play in
  • What texture you prefer
  • How firm you want the grip to be

Let me break down each of their golf grip options so you can make an informed decision as to which Golf Pride grip is the best. This list is current as of October 2022.

You may also want to check out my write-up on the Best Golf Grips. That post covers options from other brands as well.

Golf Pride CPX Grips

Golf Pride CPX Grips

This soft grip features an EXO diamond quilted pattern and is available in undersize, standard, midsize and jumbo options.

This is a new grip offering from Golf Pride. Blue and white is the only color choice.

Some golfers love this new grip option, but others have complaints. The CPX currently have an 88% approval rating, so it’s worth reading the comments before you go all-in on the CPX grip.

Golf Pride CP2

Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

The CPS are available in two options, the CP2 Wrap and the CP2 Pro. Both options feature an inner core stabilizer along with a soft, tacky feel and a reduced taper. Undersize, standard, midsize and jumbo options are available.

So what’s the difference between the two?

The CP2 Wrap comes in black with blue accents. This grip has a wrapped style that some golfers prefer.

The CP2 Pro also comes in black, but it has red and gray accents instead.

Both the Pro and the Wrap have high approval ratings (98%+), so if you like a softer grip and a tacky grip, the CP2 are a great choice.

Golf Pride MCC

Golf Pride MCC

The MCC is the most popular hybrid grip on Tour, so this is a clear choice for many golfers.

The upper part of the grip has the features of a corded grip. This provides great control in all types of weather.

The lower part of the grip is a rubber material that provides a great feel and responsiveness. This grip has a 98% approval rating, but it is only offered in standard or midsize. This rules out juniors and those with larger hands.

Multiple color options are available including black, red, white, yellow and blue.

Other options in this series include:

  • Golf Pride MCC Plus4 (thicker grips with a larger lower hand)
  • MCC Align (helps with consistent hand placement)
  • MCC Team Colors (great options for golfer and fan loyalty)

If you like the ability to customize your color choices and you tend to play in varying climates, there is an MCC option that will suit you well.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet is the #1 grip played on Tour, so if you’re not going the hybrid route, this is a tried and true option.

This rubber grip appeals to the greatest number of players and in most places, it is the grip you’ll most commonly see on the golf course.

The Tour Velvet is a very affordable option for a grip replacement and its available in junior, undersize, standard, midsize and jumbo options.

Other options in this series include:

  • Tour Velvet Plus4 (thicker grips with a larger lower hand)
  • Tour Velvet Align (helps with consistent hand placement)
  • Tour Velvet Cord (#1 cord grip on tour)

Golf Pride Tour Wrap

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G in White

This grip is similar to the Tour Velvet, but the microsuede option has a softer feel and better traction while the 2G has more tackiness, softer feel and 4 color options.

Available in undersize, standard, midsize and jumbo options with a 94-97% approval rating.

Recommended Reading: How much does it cost to regrip golf clubs?

Golf Pride VDR

Where are Golf Pride Grips Made?
Golf Pride VDR

Of all the options I’ve highlighted so far, this modern design is my favorite. The VDR features three layers of surface texture, making it another ideal choice for golfers who play in a variety of weather conditions.

Shock-reducing rubber helps protect the wrist, so golfers with hand/joint/wrist pain may find additional relief by switching to the VDR.

The VDR currently have a 100% approval rating (how rare is that?) and are available in undersize, standard and midsize options. Black is the only color choice.

Golf Pride Z Grip

Golf Pride Z Grip Patriot
Golf Pride Z Grip Patriot

This tacky grip series is well-reviewed (99%-100% approval rating on the Golf Pride website), but is only available in standard and midsize options.

Options in this series include:

  • Z Grip Plus2 (slightly larger lower hand)
  • Z Grip Align (helps with consistent hand placement)
  • Z Grip Cord (for those who want a cord grip)
  • Z Grip Patriot (a portion of every purchase is donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation)

Golf Pride Grips Compared

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Get a Grip

If you made it this far the article, I’m impressed.

As a reminder, we covered:

  • Where are Golf Pride grips made? Taiwan and Thailand
  • Avoiding counterfeit grips
  • Where to purchase real Golf Pride grips
  • The entire swing grip lineup

Do you have a favorite Golf Pride grip? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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