Why Won’t My Golf Cart Reverse? Find out how to reverse a gas golf cart today!

There is nothing worse than getting into your golf cart after a lovely shot, getting ready to set off for the next hole, only to find that the golf cart won’t reverse. Try as you might; your gas golf cart will not go backward. You try everything that you can think of, even enlist the help of others, but that cart is only going forward. 

Before you know it, you have brought the whole green to a standstill. No one can progress, and everyone’s Sunday afternoon 18 course is ruined by you. It’s far from ideal, isn’t it? And we bet if your situation wasn’t as extreme, it still left you red-faced. 

Well, no more! We are here today to tell you what to do when your gas golf cart doesn’t reverse. That’s right, all the answers you ever wanted are right here, ready for the taking! So the next time your gas golf cart won’t reverse, follow our steps and see success!

Why won’t my gas golf cart reverse?

When your gas golf cart doesn’t reverse, there are a few reasons why. Thankfully most of these are fairly simple to rectify. So let’s take a look at these now and how to fix them!

F&R Switch Not Working 

The most common cause of your golf cart not reversing is your F&R switch malfunctioning! But don’t worry, this is an easy fix! The switch stands for forward and reverse commonly used in golf carts and makes them move easily without complex machinery or levers. 

Your switch can get worn over time and no longer activate the interior buttons, causing it to fail. In other more serious cases, the wiring can be old and struggle to go forward or reverse.

How to fix F&R Switch

Often, you can replace the F&R switch without any professional help, making it even easier for you! To find out whether you need to replace the button or the wiring, find the F&R switch and trace the wiring back to its housing. 

In most carts, the wiring can be traced to underneath your seat, usually cased in black housing. This isn’t always the case, but tracing it back is quite easy to do. The housing is usually black, and it will be very obvious that it is the housing. 

Once found, you can try swapping the blue and black wire to see any change. If the cart doesn’t move, then something might be wrong with the ire. Switching the wire this way switches the direction of the controls and can show you easily if there is a wiring issue!

You can replace the normal reverse wire and see if there is a change. If there is, then your cart is ready to go! But if not, then there could be a more serious issue. Keep reading for some more advice on what could be wrong with your gas golf cart.

Controller issues 

Another common fault could be with your controller. Controllers for direction have two varieties: forward and reverse. If there are issues here, the cart will go forward but not reverse if the controller for reverse needs to be fixed or repaired. 

Typically the controller is a complex part of your golf cart, and it’s best to enlist some professional help here to fix it! Many different wiring elements make up the controller that could malfunction, making the task tricky and complex. 

You can test your controller easily. For example, you can do the wire swapping method we did earlier with your F&R switch, or you can get into the cart’s motor to see what’s going on. 

You should notice the controller in the motor, which is split into two parts and connected to the F&R switch. In addition, there will be two wires connected to the forward and reverse controllers. 

Switch your cart on and place it forward and reverse. Pay attention to any noises as you change. There should be some noise as they change; if there is none, your controller probably needs replacing. 

Fixing the controller 

To fix the controller, we think the best and cheapest option is to have a specialist replace the controller for you! It saves you fussing with complex wiring and ensures that your cart is safe to use. 

Thankfully, having it replaced is fairly inexpensive too! But if this does not resolve the issue, it’s likely to be an accelerator or wiring problem. 

Accelerator issues 

The accelerator on your gas golf cart is an important element of the cart, and if it’s malfunctioning, it can impact your cart’s ability to reverse. It won’t go forwards or backward very well and often leaves you needing to update the accelerator. 

You can check if it’s your accelerator easily. Turn the cart forward. If it struggles to speed up or feels jerky, then it’s likely the accelerator is malfunctioning. Next, switch the cart into reverse. If the same jerkiness or the cart doesn’t move or comes to a halt, then it’s a good chance your accelerator needs to be replaced!

How to fix an accelerator 

In most cases, your accelerator will need to be replaced. If you are well versed in mechanics, you can do this yourself. Often, it’s safer and easier to have a mechanic or gas golf cart specialist to carry out the work for you. It can be costly, but it offers you the peace of mind that it’s done correctly! 

Wires hooked up incorrectly. 

As with any engine or component, wires need to be properly connected; even in gas golf carts, it is likely that there are electrical wires used in your cart. As you did earlier, when checking the F&R switches wires, you can check your wiring across the whole golf cart. 

Your wires might have been installed incorrectly during an upgrade or have become worn and damaged, impacting their performance. Thankfully, you can check this and replace the wires easily! 

How to fix incorrect wiring 

To fix the wiring, you can use the switch test that we did earlier. It will show you any wire damage and allow you to swap out the wires for new ones. However, if the wiring does not look as it should or seems too complex a job, it’s best to get a professional to help! 

Pay attention to the quality of the wiring; if there are any frayed or damaged wires, they need to be replaced as they pose a safety risk. You can follow the steps we laid out earlier to check your wiring and ensure it is correct!

Final thoughts

And just like that, we have come to the end of our journey today. As you can see, there are a few reasons why your gas golf cart won’t start and a few solutions you can try to get your golf cart reversing again! 

Remember to take care when following these procedures and consult a professional if none of these methods work to ensure there is nothing seriously wrong with your gas golf cart. 


  1. Thank you for this information but my cart is electric. This might be different from your information for gas carts. What can you advise me for my electric cart ?
    Thank you

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