5 Must-Have Trick Golf Balls


I know how it is. You have that one guy or gal in your group who’s just asking to be pranked. All you need is the right trick golf balls to enjoy a moment of satisfaction on the links.

That’s where this article comes in. I highlight all the prank golf balls that money can buy. Now it’s up to you to make the magic happen.

Types of Trick Golf Balls

There are basically 5 types of trick balls that you should be familiar with. I give a brief description of each as well as a link for some convenient buying options.

At the end, I include a video of these common golf gags in action. This video may spark your creativity or help you decide which option you want to add to your arsenal.

And if you don’t like reading, here’s a table that covers the most popular options:

Option 1 – The “Firecracker”

I discovered the Shock’d Golf Ball in 2023, and I promise you there is no better golf ball to add into your arsenal of pranks.

Dubbed “The World’s Loudest Golf Ball, these bad boys light up the tee box with an explosive sound that will remind you of a firecracker.

The videos don’t do it justice, but here’s a quick sample for inspiration:

Experienced golfers know about most of the other golf ball pranks on this list, but the Shock’d golf balls are a newer offering that will undoubtedly catch your buddies off guard.

My Favorite Prank Ball
The "Firecracker"

The world's loudest golf ball will not disappoint. Your golf buddies will be Shock'd.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Option 2 – The Exploding Golf Ball

Probably the most commonly used golf trick, the exploding ball does exactly what you’d think it does.

Here’s how this prank typically plays out.

Some unwitting friend steps up to the tee where you have graciously provided him/her with a golf ball. They take a swing for the ages, but the exploding golf ball vanishes into thin air (along with their hopes for par on that hole).

Exploding golf balls make a great gift and add some humor to a golf game whenever they appear.

Exploding Balls

Comes in a pack of 3

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/23/2024 12:49 am GMT

Option 3 – The Phantom Golf Ball

This option is similar to the exploding ball. When a player takes a swing and makes contact with their shot, the ball vanishes into a watery mist after connecting with the club face.

Your golf buddies will love this option since the friend being pranked with never reach the fairway with their ball intact.

Plus, you’re watering the grass with this novelty option, so the lost ball is for a good cause.

We call that a win-win (except for the person hitting the ball).

4 Trick Balls
  • Includes 4 trick balls, one of each variation
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/22/2024 08:24 pm GMT

Option 4 – The Jetstreamer or Transformer Ball

You don’t see this option quite as often. The transformer ball does just that, it transforms into something else.

The most common version I’ve seen is a ball that turns into a streamer (like a birthday party streamer) when its hit with a golf club.

This is a fun twist on the other options because you still get to see your friends slice their shot, but it doesn’t go nearly as far as a real golf ball.

A perfect opportunity for jokes about distance, ball speed or hand-eye coordination.

4 Trick Balls
  • Includes 4 trick balls, one of each variation
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/22/2024 08:24 pm GMT

Option 5 – The Unputtable Golf Ball

This golf course prank ball is a bit harder to pull off because a regular golfer often lines up his/her own ball when they are on the green.

You’ll need to use your clever personality to eliminate the obvious signs of a joke in motion and see if you can fool a playing partner into putting with this novelty golf ball.

The unputtable ball is weighted, so when your buddy tries to putt on the green, the ball jumps and rolls in a very unpredictable way. Chance of the ball reaching the cup = less than 1%.

Add some extra flavor to this prank by talking your golf partner into a putting bet.

Great for laughs, criticizing someone’s putting skill and posting on social media.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/23/2024 01:25 am GMT

See Some of these Golf Balls in Action

Trick Balls Aren’t Enough? Try the Broken Window Golf Ball Prank

If you have a friend who’s too smart to play with one of your novelty balls, you can just slap one of these cleverly designed window decals on their car.

As you’re leaving the course, you point out in surprise that it looks like one of their car windows was hit with a ball. If you play your cards right, you should get a good rise out of them.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/23/2024 04:15 am GMT

Whether you’re practicing at the driving range or playing the fanciest course on earth, these novelty balls should be in your golf bag.

Don’t spend money on another wedge or more boring golf equipment. Add some fun into the mix with one of these prank golf balls.

And if you need to inject more humor into your next round, check out my collection of golf knock knock jokes and golf cart pranks.

Humor makes the sport more fun!

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