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Golf cart pranks are hard to resist. The satisfaction of pulling off an epic trick on a golf partner is heightened by the fun that golf carts introduce to the equation.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we’ve rounded up some common golf cart pranks and practical jokes for your enjoyment. These are a step up from our collection of golf knock knock jokes, so please read the following disclaimers.

Disclaimer #1 – We do not endorse any of these pranks. This list is for your amusement only.

Disclaimer #2 (in case the first disclaimer wasn’t clear enough) – Anytime you’re messing around with a heavy piece of moving machinery, there is serious risk involved. If you decide to prank a friend, you should think carefully about the risks of your decision. Avoid putting yourself or others in danger.

List of Golf Cart Pranks (from least to most risky)

Cart Prank #1 – Turn Off the Ignition

Risk Level: Low
Annoyance Level: Low

Summary: You don’t need an advanced degree to pull off this practical joke.

When your buddy isn’t looking, sneak over to his/her cart and turn the key to the off position. Unless they’re a really observant person, it’s going to take them a few seconds to notice the cart is off (and if they have a few drinks in their system, it may take more than a few seconds). Have a good laugh at their expense.

You can also just put the cart in neutral, but the key trick is usually more satisfying.

You can add to this prank by pretending that they lost the key somehow. Give them a few minutes to look around and blame others before you magically place the key somewhere for them to see.

Cart Prank #2 – Let Loose!

Risk Level: Low
Annoyance Level: Medium

Golf Cart Pranks
Be subtle with this particular prank. When your buddy isn’t looking, loosen that strap and walk away from the cart.

Summary: This is another easy joke to set the tone for the day.

When your buddy isn’t looking, sneak over to his/her cart and loosen the bag strap that keeps his/her set of clubs in place. The next time they put the pedal to the medal, those clubs will go flying off. You can sit back and record them picking up the aftermath.

The only risk to this prank is that somebody’s favorite club may get damaged. The prankster should be ready to compensate appropriately.

Cart Prank #3 – Jake the Snake

Risk Level: Low

Annoyance Level: High

Summary: Let’s face it, a close encounter with a rattle snake can scare even the toughest golfer in your group.

This prank is so easy to pull off. All you need is a fake snake (see the best option below). When your intended target is getting ready to tee off, you place this rubber snake in some convenient location near the cart (usually near the golf bag area or on the ground where they will walk to re-enter the cart).

Even Tony Romo has fallen victim to this instant classic.

Most Realistic
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Fake Snake)
  • Used most often for this prank
  • Ultra-realistic looking
  • Can be used over and over again
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02/21/2024 09:05 am GMT

Your golf buddies will love recording the victim’s reaction, so here’s a fun compilation to get you inspired (Warning: explicit language).

Cart Prank #4 – Entrapment

Risk Level: Medium

Annoyance Level: Medium

Summary: At some point during the day, one of your fellow golfers will have to use the bathroom. If the golf course has a single stall or port-o-potty system, it can be fun to trap a close friend or one of your teammates in the stall.

All you need to do here is wait for them to use the bathroom and then slowly roll the cart up to the door. When they try to open the door, they’ll be surprised (or angry) to find that they’re stuck in there.

Enjoy some laughter. Let the poor guy (or gal) out at some point. Be ready in case they try to take a swing at you.

Note: To avoid any real damage or consequences, be sure that you don’t knock over the port-o-potty or drive into any buildings.

Not Recommended: The Drive By

Risk Level: High, Actually Dangerous

Annoyance Level: Very High

Summary: The opportunity for this prank usually presents itself when someone hits a tee shot way off the fairway. As they go to hit the golf ball near the edge of some hazard (bunker or water, but usually water), you roll up on them quickly and kick or push them into the hazard. You use the cart to get you there, but you don’t hit them with the cart, you just push them from inside the cart.

Since they’re so focused on their second shot, it’s fairly easy to catch them off guard and off balance. However, the possibility for anger and injury is pretty high so this option is a risky one.

Not Recommended: The Hit and Run

Risk Level: Very High, Actually Dangerous

Annoyance Level: Very High

Summary: Before we start, it should be noted that this prank goes beyond just a prank — it’s a downright stupid idea that picked up some steam during the last few years.

We’re mentioning it here because you probably know that it exists, so we’re not going to act like it doesn’t.

The basic idea is that you hit an unsuspecting friend with a golf cart.

What could go wrong, you ask? Umm…let’s see. Broken bones, medical bills and lost friendships seem like realistic possibilities.

Someone took the time to put together a “Golf Carts Attack” compilation that covers this move pretty well.

Do these videos look dangerous? Yes.

Can somebody really get hurt? Double yes.

Again, don’t be stupid. Other people have already done that for you.

Share Your Golf Cart Pranks with Us

Do you know of a joke that we’ve missed? Share it in the comments below.

If you’re a prankster in general, you may want to swing on over to our Best Trick Golf Balls post for some extra goodies.

4 Trick Balls
  • Includes 4 trick balls, one of each variation
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