Are Nitro Golf Balls Any Good?

When you’re relatively new to the game of golf (or when your handicap’s so high that you can’t even track it), there are two things that are key to your progress — distance and accuracy.

Choosing the right golf ball for your swing is really important. In fact, we’ve even written articles highlighting the best golf balls for slow swing speeds and the best golf balls for a slice. Your golf ball choice matters almost as much as your golf clubs.

This article will help answer the question: Are Nitro golf balls any good? The simple answer is yes, depending on your goals and objectives.

So back to the original scenario. A new golfer (or an average golfer) needs to focus on distance and accuracy.

Why distance?

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyhow. Distance matters.

The more ground you can cover with each shot, the more likely you are to finish a hole under or close to par. A golf ball that helps you achieve maximum distance can be a game-changer.

Why accuracy?

It doesn’t matter how far you hit the ball if it ends up in a bunker, water, the trees or in the rough. Each of these scenarios equals more strokes and less success. An inexperienced golfer can only overcome so much.

Nitro is a company that delivers highly-playable golf balls at pocket-friendly prices. A Nitro golf ball may help increase the distance and accuracy of your shots, so we’ll take an in-depth look at two Nitro balls worth considering.

Let’s examine the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball and the Nitro Maximum Distance to see what makes the distance-makers tick.

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls Review

Let’s face it — the excellent pricing and easy availability of the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls make them an appealing option — but can they hold their own on the course?

Let’s break down some of the engineering behind this Nitro offering. Key features include:

  • A solid two piece titanium core
  • Aerodynamic dimple design to increase lift and decrease drag
  • Soft feel (85 compression)
  • A durable Dupont Lithium Surlyn® cut proof cover
Great Distance Off the Tee
Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack)
  • Multiple colors available
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03/07/2024 06:54 am GMT

Some might be surprised to learn that this is only a two-piece ball. Usually, this reality would fly in the face of perceived wisdom about which golf balls get more distance, but Nitro takes the “less is more” approach here. Their golf ball engineers make great strides in distance performance while keeping materials (and costs) to a minimum.

The Lithium Surlyn cover of the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls promotes a greater durability with still maintaining a soft feel. Golfers should be able to get a few good few rounds out of each Nitro ball before the ball needs to be retired.

Thanks to a solid titanium core and a symmetrical dimple setup, golfers will see the force of their swing transferred and magnified off the tee. This ball offers good ball speed performance, but don’t expect straighter shots. The ball needs to be hit squarely to make the most of its features.

Distance vs. Accuracy with Nitro Golf Balls

There is a caveat that comes with improved distance, and that caveat is average ball control.

To get the best distance and control, you’ll need to spend a bit more on a premium golf ball or be sure that you hit the ball straight.

With the Nitro Ultimate balls, you may need to fight your way out of some unusual lies or give up some greenside spin, but if you’re struggling most in the distance department, the trade-off may be worth it.

Cha-ching! Nitro Golf Ball Pricing

It’s hard to argue with the pricing of the Nitro Ultimate when you compare them with other distance golf balls.

Prices fluctuate, but generally speaking you can buy fifteen of the Nitro Ultimate for the same price as dozen of other distance golf balls from other brands. If you lose balls regularly, this should come as great news.

Normally, for a cheaper price tag, you’d expect to make some compromises on pure distance, but the Nitro Ultimate’s don’t cower towards the back of the pack – they’re right up there in the distance charts.

Playing with Nitros will save you money. Your golf buddies may be spending $3.50 per ball, but you’ll be able to smile knowing that you’re playing with golf balls that cost less than $1 each. For the recreational golfer, that’s a small victory worth noting.

So what that’s the catch?

There’s a chance that some golfers will look at the Nitro Ultimate and argue that the cost is too good to be true. I mean, after all, if a thing looks too good to be true, it usually is.

That’s a reasonable precaution, but ultimately, Nitro just understands its market and goals clearly. It’s not trying to compete with Titleist golf balls or be the ball of choice for those on tour.

For high-handicappers who want to hit the ball farther and creep closer to shooting par, the Nitro Ultimate may be just the friend they need. In terms of a pure distance ball that doesn’t break the bank, these golf balls deliver.

Some control is sacrificed, but one could make the case that the pros outweigh the cons.

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls Review

If the Nitro Ultimate is the brand’s leading solo artist when it comes to delivering empowering distance for beginners and high-handicappers, the Nitro Maximum is it’s highly-competent backup singer.

Golfers can expect a:

  • Solid two piece titanium core
  • Symmetrical dimple pattern to increase lift and decrease drag
  • Soft feel (85 compression)
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn® cover for long term durability
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03/07/2024 07:14 am GMT

The titanium core transfers impact energy into explosive distance, while the strategic dimple pattern contributes to longer shots overall. Again, extra distance matters, but this ball isn’t a Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x.

Price-wise, these golf balls are on par with the Nitro Ultimate.

Golfers can expect improved ball flight with this Nitro offering, but in terms of shot-shaping or precise placement, golf players need to manage their expectations.

Nitro Maximum Distance Short Game Performance

The Maximum delivers reasonable short game performance and decent behavior when chipped around the green, but greenside spin is not its strong suit. If this feature matters to you, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, A TaylorMade option or one of the well-known Titleist golf balls might be a better choice.

That can be an issue with affordable distance balls – they rarely excel around the green. I know of a senior golfer who likes to hit Nitros off the tee and then switch to another ball for his approach shots. To each his own…

The Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls are not by any means immune to an over-eagerness to bounce on the green and then run from one side of it to the other when chipped, but at least you know you’re working with limited backspin. You can compensate for this issue with a slow swing speed or another clever adjustment.

Nitro Maximum Golf Ball Durability Issues

Don’t expect the Nitro Maximum to last forever. Golfers notice that the surlyn cover on these balls tends tend chip and scratch relatively quickly. There are even reports of the golf balls cracking during a round. Golfers with slower swing speeds probably don’t need to worry about that happening, but it’s worth noting.

You can’t argue with a price point of less than $1 per ball, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

So are Nitro Golf Balls Any Good?

Yes, if you’re a beginning golfer or high handicapper. These golf balls can save you money and increase your distance off the tee.

However, as you seek to take your game to the next level, you may need to graduate to a soft golf ball that utilizes better technology. Our most forgiving golf ball write-up offers some great low spin, low compression options that perform better than the Nitros in the short game.

With the Maximum and the Ultimate, Nitro scores a one-two punch in the long distance golf ball market, serving up some solid performance at a great price point.


  1. I am a 72 year old golfer who plays almost every day. I am an old college athlete playing two sports, baseball (pitcher) and soccer. I am still pretty athletic for my age and having spinal fusion and a new hip (thank God for the hip).
    I found a Nitro Ultimate Distance ball and thought I would do a little experiment. I hit three balls for every shot over six holes. Every time I drove up to the balls I would find the Nitro as much as 15 yards ahead of Titleist and Calaway Soft. It might be my swing speed that happens to match the ideal for the Nitro ball because Titleist and Callaway make fine balls. I was shocked so I went out to buy some and found out they were $8.99/doz. Nuff said?

    1. Hey Robert,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Nitro balls. If they’re improving your distance and cost less than “premium” golf balls, I’d say you’re the lucky winner!

  2. Just bought some white out balls. Playing tomorrow for my birthday. I’ll check back in and post how they went!!

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