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Who Makes the Best Golf Ball Picker? See Driving Range Options

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.

  • Do you run a large driving range or a small driving range? 
  • How often do you want to run the picker?
  • Will you need to make sharp turns to collect your range balls?
  • Are you in a region with consistently wet conditions?
  • Is your terrain flat or hilly?

These are all questions you should consider if you’re looking to purchase a golf ball picker.

To make your life easier, I’ve compiled a detailed list of the popular golf ball pickers on the market. I’ll highlight costs and other specifics so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Here are a few of the key players.

P2 Golf

Every driving range needs a reliable ball collector, and The P2 Picker fits the bill.

This range ball picker is one of the newest options on the market, but the P2 Golf team has worked in this space since 1980, so they have the track record to back up their work.

P2 Golf Ball Picker
The P2 Golf Ball Picker (5 Gang)

P2 Golf Ball Picker Highlights

  • Electroplated steel offers added protection against tough weather
  • Design allows for sharp turns without damaging grass (no front wheel like many other units)
  • Polycarbonate discs offer strength and flexibility 
  • Picker can go in reverse without the gangs getting tangled
  • Made in the United States

A key selling point of the P2 Picker is its modular design. This setup helps eliminate costly repairs and downtime. There are no welds to repair. Golf course and range owners need only swap out simple parts instead of replacing (or re-welding) an entire unit.

And P2 didn’t skimp on the details. Each disc contains a special pigment that blocks UV rays and contributes to long-term strength and durability.

See the P2 Picker in Action

Since P2 Golf utilizes a direct-to-consumer business model, they carry a full line of replacement parts and ship those parts out on the same day. Quick customer service is a top priority.

In my limited interactions, the customer service team at P2 Golf was friendly and helpful. I got a quick reply for each email I sent.

Innovative product + superior customer service = great option for a range ball picker.

Picker Specs

  • 3 section: 1,800 balls, 9′ wide ($3,099)
  • 5 section: 3,000 balls, 15′ wide ($4,399)

Learn more about the P2 Picker.

Range Servant

If you’ve read my write-up on the Best Commercial Golf Ball Washers, then you’ve already heard the name Range Servant.

Range Servant is best known for their golf ball dispensers, but like all the companies on this list, they offer solutions in every driving range category (ball dispenser, washers, and golf ball pickers).

When it comes to pickers, Range Servant offers two different lines. I’ll take a moment to zoom in on each.

Range Servant Standard Duty 4 Gang Golf Ball Picker
Range Servant Standard Duty 4 Gang Golf Ball Picker

Standard Duty Picker Highlights

  • 2-5 gang options to choose from
  • Good for normal operating conditions (average terrain)
  • Complete rust resistance
  • Picker can go in reverse

Standard Duty Picker Specs

  • 2 gang: 1,600 balls, 5.5′ wide ($2,695)
  • 3 gang: 2,400 balls, 8.5′ wide ($3,595)
  • 4 gang: 3,200 balls, 11′ wide ($4,395)
  • 5 gang: 4,000 balls, 14′ wide ($4,995)

The standard pickers are great for regular use.

Heavy Duty Golf Ball Pickers

If your range has tough collecting conditions (bumpy, uneven, etc), Range Servant developed this category of pickers just for you.

3 and 5 gang options are available. Both include:

  • Thick galvanized steel
  • 360 degrees of maneuverability (going forward AND backward)
  • Multiflex discs with 2 year warranty

Range Servant’s pickers are unique in that they are one straight line instead of the typical “V” layout of other pickers. They are designed to withstand the outdoor elements and the most demanding layouts.

See Range Servant’s Heavy Duty Picker in Action

Heavy Duty Picker Specs

  • 3 gang: 2,400 balls, 8.5′ wide ($4,395)
  • 5 gang: 4,000 balls, 14′ wide ($6,295)

Learn more about the Range Servant picker options.

Wittek Golf

Wittek Golf is a staple in the golf range world. In fact, they have over 70 years of experience. That’s impressive!

You may have noticed the layout of each picker that I highlighted earlier in this article: P2 Golf features “V” shaped pickers, and Range Servant opts for straight line pickers.

Wittek Golf offers both. [mic drop]

In fact, Wittek Golf has 6 picker options to choose from!

I won’t cover them all here, but let’s zoom in on two of their popular offerings.

Range Rover Picker - 5 Gang with Black Discs
The Range Rover Picker (5 Gang with Black Discs)

Range Rover Golf Ball Picker Highlights

  • V-Style configuration
  • Superior maneuverability, great for hills
  • Easy to switch between layouts (3 gang to 5 gang picker) depending on need
  • Sleek looks, plus you can choose between black and white discs

You may never have the opportunity to own an actual Range Rover, but Wittek Golf’s Range Rover falls into a much better price range.

Range Rover Picker Specs

  • 3 gang: 1,800 balls, 9′ wide ($4,499)
  • 5 gang: 3,000 balls, 15′ wide ($6,299)

See the Range Rover Picker in Action

The SL Senior and SL Junior Golf Ball Pickers 

If you manage a mostly-flat driving range, the SL (straight-line) series is the best Wittek Golf option. Highlights include:

  • Lightweight frame
  • 360 degree turning radius
  • All nylon disks
  • Made in the USA

SL Picker Specs

  • SL90 Super Picker: 3,000 balls, 18′ wide ($6,499)
  • SL90 Senior Picker: 1,800 balls, 10.7′ wide ($4,299)
  • SL90 Junior Picker: 1,200 balls, 7′ wide ($3,699)

Side note: I tested Wittek Golf’s online chat during regular business hours. I received a virtually instant response and helpful information from the customer service rep. That’s a good sign.

See the Wittek Golf picker lineup.


If you’re looking for the most unique golf ball retriever on the market, Bag-a-Nut gets the trophy.

All of the pickers I’ve highlighted have two things in common:

  • Straight line or V design
  • Rotating polycarbonate or nylon disks

Bag-a-Nut’s line of pickers looks a bit different, and that’s because their original purpose was to pick up other stuff (think walnuts, acorns, pine cones, etc).

Bag a Nut Pro Golf Ball Picker
Bag-a-Nut Pro Golf Ball Picker

Though the company’s offerings aren’t great for a large operation (the biggest unit is just 42″ wide), there are several push golf ball pickers and two tow behind units to choose from.

So why go this route?

  • Budget friendly options
  • Good warranty (2 years on plastic, 3 years on steel frame and powder coat)
  • Multi-purpose (can be used to pick up nuts, pine cones, etc)
  • Better for sensitive turf areas (see below)

Because these units are lighter and use a system of tines instead of discs, they are better suited for areas where heavy weight might have a negative impact on turf conditions.

Customer reviews noted that a Bag-a-Nut unit was “perfect for short game areas” and “left no marks on the green.”

Bag-a-Nut Golf Ball Picker Specs

  • 18″ Push Golf Ball Picker: Approx. 480 balls, 18″ wide ($520)
  • 36″ Pull-Behind Golf Ball Picker: Approx. 960 balls, 36″ wide ($730)
  • 42″ Pro Golf Ball Picker: Approx. 1,200 balls, 83″ wide ($3,999)

Visit the Bag-a-Nut website.

Side note: I called Bag-a-Nut to learn more about golf ball capacity. They didn’t have an exact number, but the customer service representative told me that an 18″ picker holds about 1.5 five gallon bucket’s worth of material. 

Back in 2022, I wasted an hour (or more) of my life calculating how many golf balls fit in a 5 gallon bucket, and today I got to put that knowledge to use.

Since I know that a five gallon bucket holds about 320 balls on average, I determined that 1.5 buckets would be about 480 golf balls.

I did this complicated math because I care about you, the reader. ❤️

So who makes the best golf ball picker?

As I indicated from the start, that depends on your specific needs.

I know that sounds like a cop out, so I built this table to let you wrestle with the data.

Brand/ModelBall CapacityWidthStylePrice
P2 Picker (3 gang)1,8009'V$3,099
P2 Picker (5 gang)3,00015'V$4,399
Range Servant SD (2 gang)1,6005.5'Straight$2,695
Range Servant SD (3 gang)2,4008.5'Straight$3,595
Range Servant SD (4 gang)3,20011'Straight$4,395
Range Servant SD (5 gang)4,00014'Straight$4,995
Range Servant HD (3 gang)2,4008.5'Straight$4,395
Range Servant HD (5 gang)4,00014'Straight$6,295
Wittek Golf Range Rover (3 gang)1,8009'V$4,499
Wittek Golf Range Rover (5 gang)3,00015'V$6,299
Wittek Golf SL90 Super3,00018'Straight$6,499
Wittek Golf SL90 Senior1,80010.7'Straight$4,299
Wittek Golf SL90 Junior1,2007'Straight$3,699
Bag-a-Nut 18" Push Picker480*18"Straight$520
Bag-a-Nut 36" Pull Behind Picker960*43"Straight$730
Bag-a-Nut 42" Pro Picker1,200*83"Straight$3,999

*estimated amount

If you’re going to make a large purchase like a driving range ball picker, I would talk to several ranges in your state. See what pickers and baskets they’re using. Find out if they are happy with their unit.

It’s the least you can do if you’re about to drop some major dough.

Other Reputable Manufacturers

Have you worked with any of these golf ball pickers?

Please share your insights in the comments below.

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