Golf Gift Bag Ideas

So you need some golf gift bag ideas?

Well you’ve come to the right place. I run a golf course in Virginia, so I have a few golf gift bag insights that you can steal for your next event.

See my golf goodie bag ideas below.

STEP 1 — Choose Your Golf Goodie Bag, Box or Tote

Let’s face it, the size of the bag you give golfers will make an instant psychological impression. You can build a golf gift package that costs $100, but if the bag is 4 inches by 4 inches, golfers may think they’re getting a cheap bag of trinkets.

If you’re hosting a golf event, you want to build a bag to impress. My suggestion is to choose a bag or a box that screams quality. Take a look at some sample bags and boxes from BagsandBowsOnline or another retailer (I recommend Bags and Bows because I’ve purchased from them before).

Golf Gift Bag Black Euro Shopper Golf Gift Bag Lime Green Tote Golf Gift Bag White Matte Shopper


  • Make sure your box or bag is at least 8″ wide so you have plenty of room to arrange your items.
  • You can have most of these bags hot stamped or imprinted. Explore customization options for an added touch of elegance.

STEP 2 — Decide What You Should Put in a Golf Gift Bag

My suggestion for most occasions is to either:

  • focus on items that all golfers need (tees, balls, etc.) OR
  • build a golf goodie bag that combines what golfers need along with a few golf novelty items

Golf Gift Bag Ideas — Option 1

In this bag, your goal is to give golfers some items that they can put to use. Here are some items to consider.

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03/07/2024 06:31 pm GMT

Pride Professional Golf Tees (a bag of 75 tees)

These are some of the best-reviewed golf tees on the web. This bag of tees is 8″ wide, so it will do a good job of filling your bag and leaving golfers with something they will definitely use. Every golfer needs tees.

If $7 a bag is too much money to invest in one golf gift bag, you could buy the larger bag of tees ($9 or so for 135 tees) and split those tees between three or four gift bags. This would help you cut costs while still filling a good chunk of space.

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03/07/2024 06:41 pm GMT

Greens Towel Duo Pack

I’ve personally used these in golf gift bags and they are a big hit. Package includes:

– 16″x16″ microfiber greens towel (carefully rolled and packaged)
– 2 sided golf club brush for cleaning the grooves of each club
– Carabiner clip for attaching to golf bag or belt loop

The towels themselves are available in many different colors, so you could choose to coordinate with your event or company colors as well. This duo does a great job filling space in each golf gift bag.

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03/07/2024 06:45 pm GMT

Practice Golf Balls

Serious golfers are always looking for opportunities to practice, and more casual golfers will benefit from a set of practice balls. This bag includes a dozen orange plastic balls that will simulate the flight of an actual golf ball. Perfect for practicing in the yard or other places where space is limited.

This is a nice cheap gift bag addition that will feel space in your bag and is backed by plenty of positive reviews.

CLIF BAR - Chocolate Chip
$15.17 ($0.53 / Ounce)
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03/07/2024 07:01 pm GMT

Chocolate Chip Cliff Energy Bar

Don’t underestimate the importance of a snack. Golfers spend time getting on/off the golf cart while stepping in/out of the sun.

Cliff Energy Bars are non-GMO, packed with protein, and made with organic oats. If there are health-conscious golfers in your group, they’ll be happy too. Chocolate chip cookie seems like a safe flavor for most audiences.

Other snack possibilities include a candy bar, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc…basically whatever you could imagine golfers snacking on.

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Wilson Staff FLI Golf Balls

What golf gift bag would be complete without some actual golf balls?

Some golfers are real particular about what type of ball they use, so my advice is to pick a less expensive golf ball (Wilson balls are usually nice and affordable) to include in the bag. If a golfer doesn’t “like” the balls you’ve included, they can always regift to a niece, nephew, or friend. Most picky golfers will save cheaper balls for shots with significant water hazards.

Stay away from refurbished balls only because they’ll make you look cheap. The quality of most refurbished golf balls is comparable to those of new balls, but it’s best to stick with new balls in a gift bag.

Total Cost of this Bag: $19-$30 (prices will vary over time)

Golf Goodie Bag Ideas — Option 2

In this bag, your goal is to give golfers some unique golf-related items. These are “fun” items that people will make people smile or set your bag apart from a typical golf gift bag.

4 Trick Balls
  • Includes 4 trick balls, one of each variation
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Trick Golf Balls, 4 Pack

Trick golf balls balls are one of the best golf gag gifts around. This package includes golf balls that explode, vaporize, transform into a streamer and behave erratically when putted. The possibilities are endless.

To save money, you could split the 4 pack and just put one exploding golf ball in each bag.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Stainless Steel Keychain Drinking Flask

Golf and alcohol go hand in hand for some, so this mini drinking flask will be well-received for both its functional and humorous value.

Worried about non-drinkers? They can use the flask to store an essential sip of water for those extra hot days. Who knows? A little sip of water could save their life.

This is a nice addition to a golfer’s accessory lineup, and it clips conveniently to a belt buckle or golf bag. Since it’s a 3 pack, you could divide the flasks and include one with each bag.

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Golf Games Book

Most golfers know a few wagering games that they play with friends on the course. However, those games can get old…especially if you’re always on the losing end of things.

This book helps expand a golfer’s creativity with new games and formats they can try with friends during their next round.

Golf Games is well-organized and offers suggestions for both large and small groups. With it’s 8 inch height, it will add a nice “backbone” to your golf gift bag.

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4 Yards More Golf Tee

Golfers use standard golf tees because they are cheap, not because they are the best.

The 4 Yards More Golf Tee goes way beyond the standard tee. This gift bag addition will set you apart from the crowd and pique the interest of some golfers because many haven’t tried this unconventional tee.

Since golfers are always looking for ways to hit the ball further, they’ll be excited to add these tees to their artillery and test the “4 Yards More” claim.

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LED Night Golf Balls (6 pack)

These golf balls are an awesome gift.

Each golf ball is impact activated, so if a golfer drops it on the ground or hits it with a club, the internal LED lights are activated, along with a 10 minute timer. These balls glow super-bright, allowing golfers to finish a round that’s gone later in the day than expected OR take to the course late at night.

We sell a TON of these golf balls at the par 3 course that I manage.

A big upgrade from the old glow stick night golf balls and a great novelty addition to your golf gift bag.

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03/07/2024 03:15 pm GMT


A nice filler for your golf gift bag.

Since most people enjoy Twizzlers, I think it’s a wise gift bag addition. You could buy a case of two and be set for the entire group.

With the 8″ height of these snacks, throw 4-5 in each bag and they’ll add more substance.

Total Cost of this Bag: $29-$38 (prices will vary over time)

STEP 3 — Check a Few Additional Retailers for Closeout Golf Goodie Bag Ideas

Here are my favorite places to look for good closeout or clearance deals for your golf goodie bag. These are also great places to find tournament prizes.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried to give you a good starting point for golf gift bag ideas. Please share your golf gift bag ideas in the comments section below.

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