If you’re new to Yamaha golf carts, you may be wondering “Do Yamaha Golf Carts Have Oil Filters?” The simple answer is no, most Yamaha golf carts do not have oil filters included in their engines.

Much like cars and other motor vehicles, golf carts all have slightly different needs, so it makes sense that one would expect an oil filter.

It can be difficult to figure out what components are included in your golf cart. For example, the engines of golf carts varies widely. It’s important to make sure you know the manufacturer/brand/model of the cart you will be working on.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Yamaha golf car and their differences are related to the oil and gas components. Specifically, we get asked about oil filters, especially whether certain golf cart models have oil filters.

In this article, we will be exploring one brand of a golf cart in particular – the Yamaha. We will examine whether they use oil filters. If you’re looking for information on an EZGO golf cart or Club Car models, check out our golf carts section as this article only focuses on Yamahas.

Do Yamaha golf carts have oil filters?

Do Yamaha Golf Carts Have Oil Filters

No. Most Yamaha golf cart models do not have oil filters included in their engines. The reason for this is because of the system used within the engine.

The system on most Yamaha carts eliminates the need for an oil filter. This is because Yamaha golf carts often use a ‘splash style’ positive lubrication system. This means that there is no need for removable engine oil filters.

The fact that Yamaha golf carts do not have any oil filters can be very confusing to those who are new to golf cart maintenance. This becomes especially confusing when they go to change the oil for the first time. It takes some people hours to realize there is no oil filter to be replaced.

That being said, while most Yamaha golf carts may not currently have oil filters, we always encourage you to research your particular model and call your Yamaha dealer first. The reason for this is two-fold.

First and foremost, brands and manufacturers of constantly work on their products. This work sometimes results in improvements and changes along the way. As such, it may be the case that Yamaha decides to put in an oil filter at some point if they change their engine.

The second reason is that sometimes people decide to switch out the engines on their golf carts. This means you could have a Yamaha golf cart with a different engine than the original. As such, this engine may well use an oil filter.

If you bought your golf cart secondhand, double-check to make sure that it has the original engine (or ask the previous owner).

What kind of oil do I put in my Yamaha Golf Cart?

To be sure of what kind of oil you should put in your Yamaha golf cart you should check your owner’s manual or call your local Yamaha dealer. The Yamaha drive manual will contain all of the specific information you need regarding the type of oil that you should use in your golf cart. It will also help you with other information such as air filter and fuel filter replacements.

That being said, most golf carts have the same oil requirement. We recommend that you use 10w-30 non synthetic oil (10w-40 may be used depending on where you live). Specifically, you should choose to use Yamaha’s own brand of oil. This is called YamaLube and is designed especially for their golf carts. This ensures that you have the best replacement parts and fluids.

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You should also keep in mind that different models may have slightly different specifications. The oil needed for one type of Yamaha golf cart may be different from the oil needed for another.

Check regularly for oil leaks and use the dipstick to monitor engine oil level in your gas golf cart. If more oil is needed, remove the oil cap and add what is needed. To replace all of the oil in your engine, set up a collection pan and remove the drain plug. When all of the old oil is done draining, replace the drain plug and fill to Yamaha’s specifications.

How do I know what Yamaha Golf Cart I have?

The best and easiest way of checking what type of Yamaha golf cart you have is to check the whole golf cart for the serial number.

Now, the serial number on your Yamaha golf cart could be in a number of different places. As such, you will need to check each of these places carefully in order to locate it.

First and foremost, check under the driver’s side glove box – they often hide the serial number there.

If you cannot find it there, then it may be worth checking on the frame of the golf cart under the rear bumper.

Alternatively, it is also a good idea to check underneath the seat. More specifically, it is likely that the serial number will be on the floor board where it meets the golf cart motor.

It could be in any of these places (or even all three!). This will give you answers as to what Yamaha golf cart you have. You could also check your owner’s manual if you have that on hand.

Don’t just guess–make sure you know what model you are working with before tackling any maintenance.

How often should you change the oil in a golf cart?

How often you change the oil in your golf cart will depend on a number of different factors. Each model may have slightly different requirements. As a safe rule, you should change the oil on a Yamaha golf cart after 150-250 hours of use. If you use your cart regularly, every 6 months of driving will put you in that range.

Again, the guidelines may be different for your specific cart, so it is always wise to check out your owner’s manual. These boring books provide key information on how often to change the oil and many other specifications.

You can also use some common sense when making your decision. Consider issues such as how often you use the golf cart, the terrain you are driving on, the age of the golf cart, the condition of the cart, and even the type of oil you use.

While you’re changing the oil, you may want to purchase a Yamaha golf cart tune-up kit to tackle other key items. These golf cart parts are readily available through many online retailers.

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