What Ball Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods will be returning to competitive play this week in the 2021 PNC Championship, so it is no surprise that many are wondering:

What ball does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods hones his craft with the Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition golf ball. Tiger’s been playing with a Bridgestone golf ball since his Nike contract expired in 2016. You can play with the same golf balls (link below) if you’d like.

Tiger's Official Golf Ball
Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model

This ball was produced by a direct collaboration between Tiger and Bridgestone Golf. It is the actual ball that he plays with.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/21/2024 11:56 pm GMT

People might assume that the Tiger plays with a Titleist Pro V1x or Pro V1, but that’s a faulty assumption.

Having won 15 majors (and 106 worldwide wins) during his celebrated career, Tiger (Eldrick) Woods is without a doubt one of the world’s greatest golfers. In fact, his golfing skills are so revered that even those who don’t like golf know exactly who he is.

If you’re choosing a player to study or model your game after, Tiger Woods is a great choice (just stick to his on-course decisions). You can use the Internet to learn from the legend himself. There are countless interviews, videos and exercises that can help take you from a below average golfer to a force to be reckoned with.

While emulating Tiger’s playing style will take time and dedication, you can jump the gun a bit by using the exact ball Tiger uses. If you have extra cash on hand, you could go a step further and buy some of the other golf equipment that he’s been known to use as well.

Just keep in mind that without PGA tour level swing speed, you may not see the same results from your Bridgestone ball.

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What Ball Does Tiger Woods Use?

I thought Tiger used a Nike Golf Ball?

Yes, at one point in time Tiger did play with a Nike golf ball.

Back in 1996, Tiger was a young rising star. His skills caught the attention of many major brands, but Nike swooped in with an incredibly generous 40 million dollar offer and won his loyalty for years to come (they would’ve won my loyalty too).

As old contracts expired and new ones were drawn up, the offers only got bigger and bigger. In 2001, for instance, Nike’s contract promised Tiger a whopping 100 million dollars spread out over several years.

So, as a fully-fledged Nike man, why would Tiger ever transition to playing with a Bridgestone Tour B X (or XS)?

That’s a fair question, but the ball topic isn’t a straightforward as it seems.

Did the golf balls Tiger originally used feature Nike’s famous signature “Swoosh”? Yes they did. Visually, they appeared in every way to be a Nike product. No one would have any reason to doubt it.

However, the truth of the matter is that Tiger’s golf balls weren’t being manufactured by Nike (insert gasp here).

In reality, even though these balls had that iconic swoosh tatted across their dimples, they were being made by an industry stalwart, Bridgestone (mind blown yet?).

While it wasn’t uncommon for large sporting companies to outsource the production of golf balls or even golf club design, it still shocked the golf world when Tiger revealed the ball he used to win the U.S. Open by a monster 15 strokes, his ball of 18 years, wasn’t actually an exclusive Nike creation.

There were also discussions about the origins of Rory McIlroy’s equipment (he was also sponsored by Nike at the time).

Life After Nike

In 2016, Nike announced it was ceasing its golf operations (ironically this was just days after I bought a Nike driver and fairway wood). Everything from golf balls to club production was to be shut down.

Having been under Nike’s wing for the better part of two decades, it would appear that Tiger was faced with a major equipment problem.

Except he wasn’t.

Tiger knew that he’d been using a Bridgestone golf ball for most of his career, so the switch to Bridgestone was relatively seamless. They had collaborated in the past, and they were a perfect suitor.

The final result? The Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition.

Tiger prefers a cover with softer feel, as this is the key for his green side performance. If you’ve watched Tiger play, you know that he likes to hit a lower spin shot that comes to a rapid stop.

But that created a problem…how do you create premium golf balls that offer great distance and great spin? Bridgestone Sports Co Ltd solved that problem with the Tour B XS.

And thanks to Bridgestone, wanna-bees like me and you can now play with the exact golf ball Tiger uses.

However, you need to remember that PGA tour players are on the Tour for a reason. Playing with a Bryson DeChambeau ball won’t help you add 100 yards to your drive. You don’t turn into Jordan Spieth with a golf ball switch.

All that to say — go ahead and buy yourself Tiger’s Bridgestone golf ball, but remember that’s it’s designed for a player with swing speeds of 105+ mph.

Don’t expect a British Open or Ryder Cup invite after your first round.

Tiger’s Golf Ball: The Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition

Tiger's Official Golf Ball
Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model

This ball was produced by a direct collaboration between Tiger and Bridgestone Golf. It is the actual ball that he plays with.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/21/2024 11:56 pm GMT

The Tour B XS: Tiger Woods Edition utilizes Bridgestone’s proprietary REACTIV cover technology which maximizes distance while providing quality spin, two features that are normally at odds with one another.

In the past, golfers would have to sacrifice distance for spin and vice versa, so the Tour B XS was a huge leap forward for the modern game.

REACTIV technology produces a soft cover, offering a fantastic feel around the green, so this golf ball can be a great compliment to your short game, even if you don’t have the high swing speed needed to maximize distance off the tee.

The dual dimple technology reduces drag significantly and enhances ball trajectory, making it one of the most aerodynamic options on the market.

This golf ball is a masterpiece and it really shines on approach shots. Competent golfers benefit from superior greenside control. Land and stop the ball on the green. Wrap things up with an easy putt.

Tip your Tiger Woods hat to the crowd, proceed to the next hole.

Should You Try Tiger Wood’s Golf Ball?

So, the truth is out: Tiger Woods uses Bridgestone golf balls, the Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition, to be precise.

But should you play with them?

Thousands of positive customer reviews seem to indicate that these premium golf balls are helping all sorts of golfers invigorate their game and take their skills to the next level.

It could just be positive psychological effect (nothing like seeing TIGER stamped on the side of your ball), but either way, the Tour B XS is a great golf ball. For less than $50/dozen, it’s worth investing in a box to try them out.

Just remember: this ball was designed from the ground up to suit an individual’s style of play, so don’t be surprised if it takes some getting used to.

If you struggle with a premium golf ball, you should consider a more forgiving golf ball or read my article on used vs new golf balls.

Have you played with this Bridgestone ball? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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