If you are familiar with the noble game of golf, you might have already seen a few Japanese golf clubs and had your mind absolutely boggled by the price. What exactly is the reason that these golf clubs are so extortionate?

One of the reasons is that golf has become a very popular sport in Japan, enjoyed by the wealthy elites in various parts of the country. This is in contrast to America, where golf is enjoyed by the rich elites, but it can also be played by your average American.

One of the main reasons that there are more affordable clubs in America is because of this massive popularity. However, in Japan, the game is slightly more exclusive, meaning that the average price of a club is a lot cheaper.

Japanese Golf Clubs

Another reason that Japanese golf clubs are so expensive is that they use stricter guidelines when it comes to the manufacturer of their clubs. The process of making these golf clubs take a lot longer, but the craftsmanship involved is incredible.

One more reason for this additional cost is because of the shipping. If you are an American and you want to order a golf club from overseas, you’re going to have to pay quite a hefty cost to get your golf club shipped directly to your door.

But what might be the reason that someone in America might want to buy a Japanese golf club?

Quite simply, the prestige and the quality of the craftsmanship. A lot of elite golfers in America want to belong to an exclusive club (no pun intended) of golfers who own Japanese-made golf clubs.

Getting a Japanese golf club will be a welcome addition to your other American golf clubs and will certainly get tongues wagging at the clubhouse.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the reasons that someone might want to buy a Japanese golf club, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular Japanese clubs that you can currently buy on the market.

What Are Popular Japanese Clubs?

There are 3 big brands of Japanese golf clubs: Mizuno, Honma and Miura. These are some of the most premium clubs you can get on the market. You probably already recognize the name Mizuno, as they manufacture cars and stereo sound equipment.

But what do each of these manufacturers have to offer the average golfer? We’ll give you a brief overview of each one and what the pros and cons are for you and your golf game.


Mizuno is probably the most popular Japanese golf club that you can currently purchase on the American market. You can chat to most professional golfers and they’ll probably have at least one Mizuno club in their arsenal.

This is a good club for anyone starting out playing golf, with a lot of low-handicapper praising its performance on the putting green. They make really great blade irons, with a sleek and thin look, this is perfect for chipping your ball straight into the hole with control and precision.

Like a lot of the other Japanese golf brands, the Mizuno club is very expensive, although people who are new to golf but not new to money certainly don’t mind splashing out a few dollars on one of these.


Honma is less popular, but they do manufacture plenty of different types of clubs for all handicap levels. The shaft especially is made from very high-quality materials, giving you plenty of responsiveness and making for a great address from the tee to the green.

This company also makes drivers, irons, hybrids, irons and wedges. This is a great company to go for, although, as we have mentioned several times, you should be prepared to pay up to a thousand dollars for one of these clubs.


This final brand is probably the least popular of the three, although this is probably because they mainly focus on irons and wedges. But what clubs they do make! These have been rated very highly by professionals, giving you top-quality performances from the tee-off.

If you are a low- to mid-handicapper, then we would recommend that you pick up one of these cavity-back irons. They are designed to pick up a lot of the ball, giving you enough space on the wedge to chip your ball from a tricky bunker and onto the green.

This range of clubs has experienced a boom on the American market in recent years, probably because of the dexterity that they offer when you are up at the green.

If you take your golf game seriously, then we would recommend that you pick up a Miura club immediately (that’s if you have the cash, of course).

So there you have it, the three main Japanese golf club brands currently sweeping through the American market. But that begs the question: are they worth buying?

Should You Buy Japanese Golf Clubs?

If you demand a decent feel from your golf club, with the highest quality materials made to a high design spec and money is no issue, then we would certainly recommend filling out your golfing bag with at least one of these clubs.

They also have a unique fit that most other American brands have still failed to offer. You can have a really decent grip and a great swing with these clubs.

If you are struggling to find American clubs that perform well on your green or the fairway, then we would certainly recommend our Japanese cousins.

We hope that this guide has helped convince you of the worthiness of the Japanese golf club and that you might want to think twice about judging them too harshly the next time you are browsing for a new club.

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