Why are MG Senior Golf Balls Illegal?

Why are MG Senior Golf Balls Illegal?

Because the USGA doesn’t want you to have any fun.

[I’m kidding.]

So why are MG Senior Golf Balls Illegal?

MG Senior Golf Balls are illegal because they are a non conforming golf ball. 

What does that mean, you ask?

The United States Golf Association and The R&A maintain a list of golf balls (and golf clubs) that are legal for worldwide tournament play. Each golf ball on thier list must meet a strict set of criteria in order to be a legal golf ball.

If a manufacturer like MG deviates too far for these international standards, they end up with an illegal golf ball.

MG Senior Golf Balls
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So what makes MG Golf Balls Illegal?

According the the MG website, MG Golf Balls are Illegal due to their initial ball velocity. In other words, the ball comes off the clubface faster than the USGA/R&A will allow.

The MG Senior Golf Ball checks all of the other criteria set forth by these governing bodies (see chart below), but they fall outside of the initial velocity range.

USGA StandardMG Senior Golf Ball
Overall Distance Standard (ODS)Conforms
Initial VelocityNon conforming ball

The MG Senior ball is super-close to hitting all of the criteria for golf tournament play, but unfortunately it is not one of the legal balls on the USGA list.

However, that doesn’t mean these balls should be dismissed altogether. If you play in a casual golf group, it may be fun to find the best illegal golf ball for your game.

Should I play with an MG Golf Ball?

That depends. There are two groups of golfers that benefit from the added ball speed and carry distance of these balls.

Group 1 – Senior Golfers

If you’re a senior golfer, it’s likely that your swing speed has decreased over time.

You may have all of the wisdom a golfer could hope for, but unfortunately, you no longer have the power to capitalize on that knowledge.

If you’re looking for the longest golf ball for your swing speed, the MG Senior Golf Ball was designed just for you. The ball flight of the MG ball is higher and longer than a traditional golf ball.

As a result, you can expect to see an extra 10-15 yards added to each shot.

However, these are considered an illegal ball, so if you’re hoping to use them in a golf tournament, you should check out the best golf balls for seniors or the best golf balls for slow swing speeds instead.

Group 2 – A Recreational Golfer with Slow Swing Speeds (and Shorter Drives)

If you’re a recreational golfer who doesn’t drive the ball very far (less than 250 yards) and has a slower swing speed, you may want to suck up your pride and give the MG Ball a try.

I can’t say for sure that the MG offers the longest illegal golf ball, but you should notice the extra distance on each shot.

If your problem isn’t swing speed, but you tend to hook or slice, you should read my Polara golf balls review. Polara makes a self correcting golf ball (also non-conforming) that will help you achieve maximum distance.

You may also want to investigate golf equipment that minimizes your weaknesses (like more forgiving irons).

MG Senior Golf Balls in White and Yellow
The MG Senior Golf Balls are offered in white and yellow.
Image credit: MGgolf.com

My MG Senior Golf Ball Review

As I referenced above, the MG Senior Golf Ball is great for a specific type of golfer. If you’re wondering whether or not this ball is right for you, here is a checklist you need to consider:

  1. Are my drives typically 250 yards or less?
  2. Do I have a slower swing speed?
  3. Am I willing to play with a non-conforming ball?

If you answered “yes” to all three of those questions, then I think you’ll like the MG golf balls.

These golf balls make an awesome sound when you hit the sweet spot of the club, and they fly higher and further than many of the golf balls I typically play with.

I haven’t used these golf balls long enough to comment on durability, but after a few rounds they seem to hold up well.

Here are a few comments from other golfers who played the MG Golf Balls Senior:

“Took 6 strokes off my game.”

“Added 12-18 yards on each drive.”

“I love these golf balls.”

If you’ve played with the MG Senior, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Your insights will benefit the community.

MG Golf Ball FAQ

What is the compression of the MG Senior Golf Ball?

The MG Senior Golf Ball has a compression of 80.

Are MG Senior Golf Balls illegal?

Yes, MG Senior Golf Balls are illegal. They are considered to be non-conforming golf balls, which makes them illegal for use in most tournaments. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use an MG ball at your local golf course. These balls are great for recreational play and for golfers with a slower swing speed.

Who makes MG Senior Golf Balls?

I reached out to MG to determine who makes their senior golf balls. Unfortunately, I was told that MG golf balls’ manufacturing location is…

proprietary information that will not be released.

Sorry I couldn’t churn up more detailed information. I tried.

On a related note, I wrote an entire article highlighting who makes golf balls for the world’s most popular brands. Give it a read if you’re curious about other brands.

Where to Buy MG Senior Golf Balls

The best places to buy the MG Senior Golf Balls are on Amazon (if you’re a prime member) or through the MGgolf website.

MG Senior Golf Balls
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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
02/22/2024 12:12 am GMT

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