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Who Makes [Insert Brand Name] Golf Balls?

I’ll be honest. This isn’t the most exciting post I’ve ever put together.

But as I’ve learned in life, sometimes “ya gotta do what ya gotta do.”

There are tons of queries out there for who makes [insert brand name] golf balls? The goal of this post is to answer every question that I’ve come across during my decade of work in the golf industry.

This is essentially your quick reference guide to each golf ball manufacturer.

So here we go…(listed alphabetically so I can’t be accused of playing favorites).

Bridgestone Golf Logo

Where are Bridgestone Golf Balls Made?

Bridgestone golf balls are made by Bridgestone at their Covington, Georgia manufacturing facility.

As one of the major US-based manufacturers, Bridgestone golf balls have a long track record of success with legends like Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, Lexi Thompson and others.

Learn more about the specific Bridgestone ball that Tiger Woods uses.

Callaway Golf Logo

Who Makes Callaway Golf Balls?

Callaway golf balls are made by Callaway at their Chicopee, Massachusetts golf ball plant.

Callaway is uniquely poised as the fastest-growing golf ball manufacturer of the last decade and they claim to own the most modern ball facility in the world.

There’s a cool 20 minute video on YouTube that highlights Callaway’s golf ball plant.

Cut Logo

Who Makes Cut Golf Balls?

Cut Golf Balls are made at factories in Taiwan and Vietnam. These production facilities produce consistent quality golf balls.

Sam Uisprapassorn is the founder of Cut Golf Co, a company seeks to offer “The Best Damn Golf Balls Under $20.”

Costco Logo

Who Makes Costco Golf Balls?

Costco golf balls are made by Qingdao SM Parker in China. This golf-centric factory manufactures balls for several well-known brands.

2023 Update: More recent versions of the golf balls appear to be made in Vietnam.

Earlier versions of the Costco golf balls were manufactured by Nassau Golf out of South Korea.

Kirkland Signature Logo

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland golf balls are made by Qingdao SM Parker in China. This golf-centric factory manufactures balls for several well-known brands.

Earlier versions of the Kirkland golf balls were manufactured by Nassau Golf in South Korea.

The Kirkland Signature Performance+ balls are made in Vietnam.

Read our Kirkland Signature golf balls review if you’re interested in our thoughts on this brand.

Maxfli Logo

Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls?

Maxfli golf balls are made by Foremost in Taiwan. This production facility is considered to be one of the best Asian golf ball factories and several other brands partner with Foremost for their golf balls (namely: OnCore, Vice and Wilson).

Maxfli has a long history in the golf industry, as it was previous owned by the Dunlop Slazenger Group LTD before being acquired by TaylorMade Golf. Dick’s Sporting Goods is the current owner of Maxfli (as of 2008).

MG Golf Logo

Who Makes MG Golf Balls?

I did some real journalistic work to try and determine where MG golf balls are made. Unfortunately, I’m not a real journalist, so I eventually hit a dead end. The only response that the company would offer is the MG golf balls’ manufacturing location is “proprietary information that will not be released.”

A safe guess would be that MG Golf Balls are made somewhere in Asia.

Nike Golf

Who Makes Nike Mojo Golf Balls?

Unfortunately, nobody makes Nike Mojo golf balls anymore, as Nike closed down the hard-goods portion of its golf business back in 2016.

However, I still have a handful of Nike golf balls. I’m selling them for $100/piece, so feel free to reach out if you’re interested 😉

Does Nike still make golf balls?

Unfortunately, Nike no longer makes golf balls. Golfers found out that Bridgestone played a large part in Nike’s golf ball manufacturing, so if you’re looking for an alternative, you may want to look into a Bridgestone golf ball.

Nitro Golf Logo

Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls?

Nitro golf balls are made in a Chinese production facility, though the company itself (Nitro Golf LLC) is based in Stuart, Florida.

Chinese-based manufacturing helps Nitro to offer high performing golf equipment at a super-competitive price.

If you’re considering a budget-friendly offering from Nitro, be sure to check out our post: Are Nitro Balls Any Good?

Noodle Logo

Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls?

Noodle golf balls are made in South Korea at the TaylorMade adidas Golf facility. These distance-friendly golf balls are popular for their added yards and their reasonable price. Having TaylorMade as the parent company ensures a certain level of quality for each Noodle ball.

MyGolfSpy has a good write-up with testing specs for these balls.

Who owns Noodle golf balls?

The Noodle brand was once part of Maxfli, but when Maxfli was sold to Dick’s Sporting Goods, TaylorMade retained control of the Noodle brand. All that to say, TaylorMade owns Noodle golf balls.

Pinnacle Logo

Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls?

Pinnacle golf balls are made by Acushnet Company, the same company that owns Titleist, Footjoy, Scotty Cameron and Vokey.

Since the 1970s, Pinnacle has maintained a reputation for affordable distance golf balls. Pinnacle’s current lineup includes the Rush ball (focused on distance) and the Soft ball (focused on feel).

Precept Logo

Who Makes Precept Golf Balls?

Precept golf balls are made by Bridgestone. Bridgestone’s golf balls are produced at the company’s Covington, Georgia manufacturing facility.

PXG Logo

Where are PXG Golf Balls Made?

PXG golf balls are made in Vietnam. These golf balls are relatively new to the market, so no specific information about who manaufactures PXG golf balls in available. However, it’s worth noting that their 338 dimple pattern is the same as the Kirkland Signature Performance+, which is also produced in Vietnam.

This doesn’t mean that PXG’s technology is the same. This ball clearly has its under proprietary technology under the cover, but its more than likely produced in the same manufacturing facility as the Kirkland ball.

RAM Golf Balls Logo

RAM Golf is based in Henderson, NV, but their golf balls appear to be made by Nassau Golf Co. Ltd. out of South Korea. TaylorMade acquired Nassau sometime in late 2021, but it is unclear if these golf balls are still made at that facility. [Thanks to Jake from New Hampshire for the info!]

As of 2023, RAM has a unique direct-to-consumer approach. They sell their golf balls in bags (instead of boxes) and in larger quantities (3 dozen at a time) to keep costs down.

Slazenger Logo

Who Makes Slazenger Golf Balls?

Slazenger golf balls are made by Frasers Group plc, a British retail company.

This is a brand with a long and storied history. Slazenger was first established as a sporting goods shop in 1881 by Ralph and Albert Slazenger in London.

Today the company offers the V100 and V300 golf balls, along with several practice options.

What animal is on the Slazenger logo?

A black panther is the animal on the Slazenger logo.

Snell Golf

Where are Snell Golf Balls Made?

Snell Golf Balls are made at three different factories depending on the golf ball. As of October 2023, here are the locations:

  • MTB Prime: China
  • MTB Prime X: Taiwan
  • Other Snell Balls: South Korea

In the past, Snell Golf Balls were manufactured in the Nassau factory that TaylorMade acquired. During the COVID pandemic, Snell had a difficult time meeting consumer demand, so that forced them to make a shift in where and how their golf balls were produced.

MyGolfSpy has a good write-up about Snell Golf that’s worth a read.


Who Makes Spalding Golf Balls?

Spalding golf balls are currently made in Vietnam. It appears that Nitro Golf LLC is responsible for production and distribution, but if you know otherwise, feel free to post in the comments below.

It’s hard to believe, but at one point Spalding golf balls went head-to-head with Titleist for market domination.


Who Makes Srixon Golf Balls?

Srixon golf balls are made by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. Most Srixon golf balls are manufactured in Japan, but certain lines are produced in Indonesia.

Strata Logo

Who Makes Strata Golf Balls?

Strata golf balls are made by their parent company, Callaway Golf.

TaylorMade Logo

Who Makes TaylorMade Golf Balls?

TaylorMade golf ball cores are made in various parts of Asia (typically South Korea) and their covers are applied at TaylorMade’s golf ball plant in Liberty, S.C.

Back in 2021, TaylorMade acquired Nassau Golf Co. Ltd. This move gave them more control over the golf ball manufacturing process.


Who Makes Titleist Golf Balls?

Titleist golf balls are made by the Acushnet Company at their three Massachusetts plants or at their golf ball plant in Thailand.

Want to become a Titleist golf ball expert? Check out our write-ups on Titleist golf balls including:

Top Flite Logo

Who Makes Top Flite Golf Balls?

Top Flite golf balls are made by Dick’s Sporting Goods, who acquired the brand from Callaway back in 2012.

Most Top Flite boxes have a “made in Taiwan” label, which leads me to believe that Top-Flite balls are produced by Foremost in Taiwan. Foremost produces the Maxfli line (also owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods), so it would make sense that they are the partner for Top-Flite as well.


Who Makes Uther Golf Balls?

Uther golf balls are made by Uther Supply. These golf balls are imported.

This company is best known for its custom towels and gloves, but Uther’s golf balls stand out for their unique personality.

Vice Golf

Who Makes Vice Golf Balls?

Vice Golf balls are made by Foremost in Taiwan. This production facility is considered to be one of the best Asian golf ball factories.

Vice is one of the best examples of the DTC (direct to consumer) golf ball market. These balls are designed and engineered in Germany, but production in Asia helps keep the cost low while still producing a great golf ball.

Volvik Logo

Who Makes Volvik Golf Balls?

Volvik golf balls are made in South Korea, where the company was founded in 1980.

Volvik’s claim-to-fame is the popularization of premium colored golf balls.

Wilson Staff Logo

Who Makes Wilson Golf Balls?

Wilson golf balls are made by Foremost in Taiwan. This Asian golf ball company produces balls for other well-known brands including Maxfli, Oncore, Top-Flite and Vice. All that to say, they know what they’re doing.

Did I miss anyone?

Let me know if there’s a golf ball brand that I missed and I’ll get them added to the list.

[Bonus points if you tell me who makes them and where they’re made.]


  1. I have some pro only golf balls made in Japan there in a blue box with blue foil and a gold foil badge on each ball and wondered who and when they were made

    1. Hey Scott, thanks for the suggestion here. I added PXG to the article. It looks like PXG uses a manufacturing plant out of Vietnam. It is likely the same plant that manufactures the Kirkland Signature Performance+ balls, but PXG is using its own formulation for the ball itself (its not a white-labeled Kirkland ball).

  2. Josh,

    How about RAM golf balls? Some research I did indicated that they were made by Nassau Golf Co. Ltd. out of S. Korea. TaylorMade acquired Nassau sometime in late 2021. So, it would seem that RAM golf balls are produced in the same factory / on the same equipment used to produce TaylorMade golf balls (along with a bunch of other brands) and maybe that means that RAM golf balls aren’t half bad?

    Jake in NH

  3. I found a ball with Ampex printed on it as well as Made in Canada. I cant locate any info but has old dimple pattern like 1960′ or 70′ balls. Two piece construction as you can faintly see the join line.

  4. Hi Josh,
    According to Snell Golf, their new MTB Prime and MTB Prime X golf balls are manufactured at two different locations. They have not been willing to divulge that information since they stopped using Nassau after Taylormade bought the factory. Is it possible to find out? I’d like to compare them to Vice. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Frank,

      Thanks for bringing Snell Golf to my attention. I’ve added them to the write-up. I called Snell Golf to get more info. Their customer service rep shared the following:

      – MTB Prime: China
      – MTB Prime X: Taiwan
      – Other Snell Balls: South Korea

      MyGolfSpy has some info that may also be worth a read. There’s at least one hint in there that some of the balls may be produced in the same location as other DTC balls (like Vice), but I doubt we’ll get any more than that.

  5. Hi Josh. My wife got me 2 dozen Kirkland Signature + balls for Christmas. The box says they’re made in Vietnam. Do you know what company makes them, and do they make balls for other companies?

    1. Hi Rich – I’ve seen a few golfers comment about past Kirkland balls being made in China and some newer boxes indicating that they’re made in Vietnam. Costco does a good job of keeping their production info under wraps, but there are other golf balls being produced in Vietnam as well (Snell Golf). This may be a result of supply chain issues during COVID. Either way, it is possible that other companies are using the same production facility with different specs for their golf ball.

  6. Josh, I have a Yellow “Black Level” ball made by Black Level in South Korea, but cannot find them anywhere. Can you help?

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