Funny Golf Videos

Golfing Fails: 10 Funny Golf Videos You Should Watch Now

If you’re an athlete who didn’t grow up playing golf, you know that it can be one of the most frustrating sports in the world.

At the same time, when a golfing goes bad, it can be downright hilarious. Lots can go wrong when you combine a lack of skill, a solid projectile, a bit of alcohol, and/or a motorized vehicle.

Since few of us will ever attain PGA tour status, the best you can do is see the humor in the game, and that’s where these funny golf videos come in.

A few disclaimers:

  • There’s colorful language in some of this golf content
  • For your own safety: do not attempt to recreate any of these bad decisions
  • We tried to give credit where credit is due, but let us know if we missed someone

I promise at least one of these funny golf videos will make you laugh, so let’s get the humor train rolling!

Funny Golf Videos

Listed in no particular order…

#1 – Never Trust the Practice Swing Net

Not sure what this dude was thinking when he oriented the swing net directly across from the picture window, but you can probably guess how this played out.

To his credit, nice swing! Rick Shiels would be proud.

Credit: Instagram user _roryinman_

#2 – The Innocent Bystander

A new law of physics: Any time a golf ball is hit in the direction of a stationery object, one should expect the golf ball to hit that stationery object and immediately fly back in the opposite direction.

Case in point:

Credit: Instagram user browncardigan

#3 – A True Captain Goes Down with His Cart

The phrase “abandon ship” is the first thing that comes to mind here, but when you’re playing the round of your life, it can be hard to walk away.

Loved the giant tree rolling by…

Credit: Instagram user ryanhiraperkins

#4 – Amateur Hour

An aspiring young golfer. A harmless backyard swing. What could go wrong?

Credit: Unknown

#5 – The Toyota Highlander

The most important question here: Does the owner of this Toyota Highlander have insurance?

Credit: Twitter user ziregolf

#6 – Timing is Everything

I have a personal rule: if a car is driving by the tee area, I don’t tee off.

Here’s why:

Credit: Instagram user ripperz28

#7 – From Bad to Worse

Hitting a golf ball into a pond is one thing – driving your golf cart into a water hazard is another. What a disaster!

Side note: did you see the pond scum on that guy’s leg?

Credit: Unknown

#8 – What Was He Thinking?

Let’s review the situation here.

  • Ball is teed up maybe a foot or two from a concrete wall
  • Driver shots have a lower trajectory
  • Car is parked directly behind poorly-selected tee area

And we’re off!

Credit: Unknown

#9 – You Just Lost Your Summer Job

To the driver of this golf cart: If you hope to work at a golf course anytime in the future, make sure this video disappears from the internet.

Credit: Instagram user dangercats69

#10 – Can’t Recreate This Golf Swing

There’s plenty of things that can go wrong off the tee. Hitting a hotel 100 yards to the right is one of them.

Credit: Instagram users robjones8595 and ryan_dennis30

Did these funny golf videos make you laugh?

I know at least one of these had you in stitches. Let us know which funny golf video was your favorite in the comments below.

Whenever you watch a funny golf video, it’s a good reminder that your golf game could always be worse!

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