The Best Golf Themed Party Ideas

Nothing rocks like an epic party — especially a golf themed party.

Themed parties have been around for hundreds of years. Name a theme and rest assured, someone has built a party around that theme somewhere.

Golf themed parties aren’t a new idea, but a golf parties are often executed poorly. To fix that trend, we’ve highlighted a number of creative ways to throw a golf themed party to remember.

Pick a golf theme below and make it your own! These golf party ideas are perfect for almost any occasion, whether it is a golf birthday party, retirement, kid’s party, victory celebrations, or a family affair.

Here are four new ideas for your next event:

#1 – The Mini Golf Party

It’s easy enough to find a local mini golf course and host your party there, but for those who want to keep the fun at home, this is a great alternative.

An at-home mini golf course party sounds extravagant, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. We’ve outlined some great ideas for the birthday boy or girl. Our suggestions are kid-themed, but there are easy ways to turn this into an adult party as well.

As the organizer, your job is to set up 9 “holes” of classic party games. Even with limited yard space, there are ways to get nine holes/games stationed all around. We think it’s a great idea to keep a video camera or phone on hand to film the unexpected; you just might end up with an AFV moment!

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Mini Golf Par – Tee Invitation

There are cute invitations on Amazon designed by Amanda Creation. They come in pink or blue and are perfect for the occasion. The people you invite will be curious about the mini-golf course at your house! Remember to keep score for the prizes.

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“Holes” for the Golf Themed Birthday Party

Hole 1 – Pin the Ball on the Hole / Closest to the Pin Challenge

Use a green poster board to create a hole with a flagstick. Each guest is blindfolded as they attempt to place their golf ball sticker closest to the pin.

Hole 2 – Golf Toss

Toss rings onto a golf club wedged into the ground. Working with skilled athletes? Up the challenge by using smaller rings.

Hole 3 – Balloon Darts

Balloons that look like golf balls and a couple of darts are all you need. If this party is for smaller kids, you may want to swap activities for this hole or provide direct supervision.

Hole 4 – FootGolf

Use a soccer ball and make a hole in the ground (you can fill it up later). The golfer attempts to kick the ball into the hole using the least number of kicks. Extra points can be earned for a hole-in-one.

Hole 5 – Obstacle Shot

Create a hole and a funny obstacle (driveways or sidewalk would work here) that golfers need to hit out of. If you’re a complete lunatic, you could create a sand trap that guests must hit out of. Filling a kiddie pool with sand is one non-destructive option.

Hole 6 – Which cup is the golf ball under?

Hide a golf ball under a party cup and let the guessing begin.

Hole 7 – Find the Golf Ball Markers

Hide 100 golf markers around the party area and let the hunt begin (you could also use a golf tee for the same activity). Great for keeping the kids busy while parents enjoy an Arnold Palmer.

Hole 8 – Golf Corn Hole

Perfect for outdoors and a cross between golf and corn hole. Great gift for the birthday celebrant to keep after the party.

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Hole 9 – Piñata Time

Nothing is more fun than a golf piñata on the final hole! Use a golf club as the tool for swinging.

At the end of the “round,” hand out prizes for the best scores. Don’t forget the treat bags!

End the party with a golf cake and ice cream golf balls, or create an epic dessert table complete with golf ball cake pops. Stick to the theme with golf party supplies. This party is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and let kids burn off some energy.

#2 – The Balls and Clubs Party

There’s nothing like a good BBQ. Celebrate a retirement, a championship, a birthday, or a bachelor party with an over-the-top golf theme party. Go crazy with the streamers, balloons, and banners. Balls everywhere…buckets of balls for decorations, clubs for decorations, and food to match. In other words, embrace all-things golf and pair the decor with some great food.

Invitation Options

The golf ball is the star here, so let the invites do the talking. Let invitees know a BBQ is included!

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  • Streamers (or golf flags) let everyone know exactly where the party is
  • Banners let everyone know why you’re having the party
  • Golf themed paper goods for easier cleanup
  • Patio lights will add to the festive vibe
  • Fill golf ice buckets with chips and other snacks to make great centerpieces


  • Try making some of your favorites from your golf club
  • Check out the Top Golf menu for ideas
  • Etsy and Pinterest have great golf-themed food ideas
  • Fill metal buckets with ice and drinks along with bottle openers
  • Hidden Money Cake – Let the guest of honor be surprised with this!


  • Watch Holey Moley or YouTube Funniest Golf Moments on a big screen
  • Play some Golf Corn Hole
  • Try Golf on a Pool Table – Rules for this can be found here.
  • Set up a longest putt challenge.
  • If you have golf cart options on site, you could even set up a race. Keep the paramedics close by…
  • If you have access to a pool or pond, splurge on a floating green.
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This is a classic good-time party; just remember to make it your own and add some indulgence. If you have a pool, your company will love the floating green. The surprise cake will have people talking. Hand out foam or plastic golf ball or portable flask keychains for a souvenir. Keep things festive with plenty of decoration. Create a clever table runner using artificial turf.

When it’s all said and done, both you and your guests will smile from all the great memories.

#3 – The Golf-Themed Scavenger Hunt Party

A golf-themed scavenger hunt can be done in several different ways, depending on where you live, the budget, the weather, and so on. Plan on a prize or two for the participants. This kind of party can be done in pairs, singles, or even teams. There is plenty of room for ingenuity here, so be flexible and get creative. A couple of tried-and-true ideas are listed below.

Invitation Options

Etsy has a lovely one-size-fits-all invite. These invites can be edited and are printed by you.

Types of Scavenger Hunts

The Classic Riddle

  • Search for ordinary golf type items around a designated area
  • Write riddles for each item. Example: I’m cute with dimples (a golf ball)
  • Hide things such as balls, tees, Gatorades, golf pencils, golf markers…
  • Make the last clue lead to pizza and drinks

The Photo Search

  • Players will need a phone for photos
  • Have players find unique golf items or places in the area (make a list on funny paper)
  • Items could be size 11 Golf shoes or hole 1 at the local course
  • The last item on the list can be a prize for whoever finds it first (see Golf Gifts Under $50)

The Virtual Adventure (COVID-friendly)

  • Computers required
  • Send your friends and family on a golf adventure
  • Have challenges that educate too (longest hole, oldest course)
  • Share a virtual meal together (burgers and fries)

This event takes some time to plan, but once you’ve done the legwork, you’ll get to sit back and let the guests entertain themselves.

#4 – Tees and Greens – A Women’s Golf Party

This is a lovely luncheon idea for a ladies’ golf league gathering, a baby shower or to wrap-up a golf tournament. The tees and greens are a play on words. You’ll plan a tea party worthy of Downton Abbey, Escape to the Chateau, or the Great British Bake Off. Picture peaceful shades of green embellished with tea party accents everywhere; it’s a party you want to be invited to.

Invitation Options

There are great options for invites on Etsy and Amazon. I think this particular event would do well with handmade invites. Get creative with cardstock, stickers, and embellishments!

The Greens

  • Salads using only green veggies (Green Goddess or Wedge)
  • Centerpieces (fresh or pretend) of nothing-but-green greenery with spiky colorful golf tees added by you
  • Plates, napkins and ‘tee’ cups

The Tees

  • Cupcakes or tea cakes – make them yourself or order them from a local bakery
  • Teaspoons – Every tea party needs the proper spoons
  • Small gifts or party favor bags filled with teabags and golf tees (see our Golf Gift Bags post or Golf Gifts Under $10 ideas)

Special touches

  • Linen napkins you can embroider names on them and make a great keepsake. I’ve done this — it’s easier than you think, relaxing and rewarding.
  • Fancy gloves- Throw off the golf gloves for this special event and have a little fun.

The tees and greens golf luncheon is my favorite because almost everything is done beforehand, and you can just sit back and enjoy the luncheon, tea, and golf league memories.

Life is busy these days, so it’s nice to take some time and celebrate things we love (such as golf) with people we care about. We hope our golf themed party ideas inspire you to have fun and plan an event to remember.

Do you have other golf themed party ideas?

Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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