Volvik Vivid Review

Golf is often thought of as an old-fashioned game. A game for business people, politicians and retirees. A game of dress codes, etiquette and behavior reminiscent of yesteryear.

That’s why I’m writing a Volvik Vivid review.

At some point, the team at Volvik decided that it was time to punk it up a little. More power to them.

The Volvik Vivid Golf Ball makes a real statement on the course, so let’s take a few moments to examine it’s merits.

Are Volvik Golf Balls any good?

Fair question. The answer is yes, Volkvik Golf balls are good.

I hope you’ll keep reading to understand why, but I know some of you are too lazy to read 1,500 words. Here’s the quick answer:

  • If you want some style and flair to pair with your game, you’re gonna love a colorful Volvik golf ball.
  • If you are looking for tour performance, this ball hits the mark. Several LPGA tour golfers use a Volvik ball in tournament play.
  • These aren’t Pro V level golf balls, but they’re no joke either.

There are cheap colored golf balls out there, but the Vivid line is used by professionals around the world. In fact, Justin James uses the Vivid XT in the World Long Drive competition.

Vibrant Colors with a Matte Finish!
Volvik Vivid Golf Balls
  • Low driver spin
  • High launch = greater distance
  • Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core
  • 8 unique colors
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
03/17/2024 03:40 pm GMT

Looking for a Vivid Golf Ball?

Literally and figuratively, Volvik delivers a vivid golf ball.

Volvik Vivid golf balls have real science at their core, making them more than just a statement piece. There’s no mistaking it however — the most distinguishing feature of these colored golf balls is, of course, the colors.

Golf traditionalists better run and hide, there’s a new generation in town.

With bright hues perfect for the modern golfer, and eight colors to choose from (green, red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, purple and white), golfers can match their ball choice to their mood or personal preferences.

However, the bright fluorescent colors are about more than just self-expression on the fairway.

“Vivid” literally means “eye-catching.” A Volvik golf balls review would be incomplete without mentioning that these balls are easier to track in the air and easier to find in the rough. Though some senior golfers may be less likely to go bold, these golf balls would actually be a better choice for those with declining vision.

More on the Matte

But there’s more to the Vivids’ exterior than just the bold colors.

A beautiful matte finish continues adding to the style points, but using a matte finish rather than a glossy one also eliminates some of the glare that golfers typically experience in sunny conditions.

If you listen to the Volvik sales pitch, the matte coating helps promote better concentration and leads to better ball striking.

So you can look cool and expect longer distance? That’s right! Sounds like a win-win.

Is that a bit of a stretch? Yes and no. Its fair to say that when you play a round with a matte finish golf ball in the right golf course conditions, you will find you’re a little more keyed-in to your shots.

Just make sure you’re not too locked in. We wouldn’t want your pals to pull a golf cart prank while you’re honed in on your special golf ball.

The Core of the Matter

Let’s be honest — you don’t get very far in the world of golf balls if all you bring to the table is a cool colored ball. Golfers want:

  • Superior ball speed
  • Maximum distance
  • PGA tour quality
  • A competitive price

Low handicappers may look at a bright, fluorescent golf ball and say “Wow. Pretty. What else ya got?”

Well, Volvik isn’t ignoring the question, are Volvik golf balls good?

In fact, innovation has been a key part of their success. Do some digging on your own, the reviews speak for themselves.

With a Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core (and yes, the company insists on the capitals to mark out their high-concept design), golfers can expect a higher launch and significantly less spin than previous Volvik balls.

A 322-dimple pattern offers great distance, even for those with a slower swing speed.

I’m not about to tell you the extra distance or the extra launch is life-changing – there are balls that will deliver more distance, and there are balls that will deliver more loft.

However, the Pro V and other alternatives tend to be more exclusive balls, designed to help those with a faster swing speed or superior clubhead speed.

The Volvik Vivid is a great ball and comes in a variety of options to suit one’s game (see the Vivid Soft, Vivid Lite and Vivid XT golf ball). At its core, it delivers more than one might expect.

Style and substance

My Volvik Vivid review goes something like this:

  • Is this the best golf ball that was ever created? No.
  • Is this a great ball that looks cool and performs well? Yes.

The Volvik Vivids are the perfect combination of style and at least some substance.

If you’re a slower swing or a golfer with decent but not high swing speed (say between 70-90 mph), you can add this ball to your life and get decent results.

The Volvik Vivid Golf ball offers mid-level compression, which means they’re reasonably soft and forgiving.

Thanks to the unique, high visibility colors, you may be able to shave a few strokes from your game. Tracking the ball will be easier, which means less lost balls and less stroke penalties.

In addition to the design swagger, the new Volvik golf ball features less driver spin, which should equate to more distance and straighter shots (assuming you do your part).

Again, this ball offers both style and substance.

Who should buy the Volvik Vivid?

This wouldn’t be the first golf ball I would recommend to an absolute beginner. I’ve written a post that features the Most Forgiving Golf Balls.

This wouldn’t be the ball I would recommend to Bubba Watson either (he bailed on Volvik balls in late 2017).

But if you have a bit of golf experience and a mid-to-slow swing speed, you fall into the category of most recreational golfers. You are the target market.

This description encompasses a large portion of the golf market, so it makes sense that Volvik developed the non-traditional Vivids to set themselves apart from the crowd. The first time I saw a Vivid, I was intrigued.

That’s a win for Volvik (and for golfers who want some flash in their game).

Vibrant Colors with a Matte Finish!
Volvik Vivid Golf Balls
  • Low driver spin
  • High launch = greater distance
  • Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core
  • 8 unique colors
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase.
03/17/2024 03:40 pm GMT

Volvik Vivid Pricing

If you read this far, you already know that these balls look cool and perform well…but what’s the price point?

Well, you can certainly get cheaper golf balls (and more expensive ones, if that’s your thing), but these balls fall into the mid-range category.

An allegiance to the Volvik Vivid isn’t going to break the bank, so that makes a fairly compelling case for choosing them over some cheaper, less effective and less-memorable balls.

Remember: they’re not just bright colors…they’re your bright colors. Your statement of individuality on any given round. Your tiny act of rebellion against a traditionalist’s sport.

They may not be the Lamborghini you envisioned owning when you were 15, but they live in and speak to the same part of your soul.

What’s more fun? Hitting a standard cheap white ball down the fairway or blasting a bright green golf ball into the group ahead of you?

Individuality, energy and vibe…the vibrant colors of the Volvik Vivids are part of a marketing strategy, but golfers get the best of both worlds. In the end, the Vivid are a modern golf ball option with great feel and solid performance.

Volvik isn’t a new kid on the block. They know what golfers want and they’ve innovated to create a unique product that delivers.

If you make cold, calculating purchases, find the longest golf balls and add them to your cart. But if you’re a player who makes both rational and emotional purchases, the Vivid balls will make some part of your soul sing.

Volvik Vivid Questions

Who makes Volvik Vivid golf balls?

Volvik golf balls are made in South Korea, where the company was founded in 1980. See our write-up covering where different golf balls are made.

What is the compression of Volvik Vivid golf balls?

Volvik Vivid golf balls have a compression of 80.

Are Volvik Vivid golf balls soft?

Volvik Vivid golf balls claim to be soft, but they have a slightly firmer feel than one might be looking for in a soft golf ball.

Are Volvik Vivid golf balls legal?

Yes, the Volvik Vivid are legal golf balls. See our write-up on the Best Illegal Golf Balls if you want to go rogue.

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